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Heating Engineers, a family business, founded in 1947.

We work with traditional fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) as well as renewables (biomass, solar thermal, heat pumps)
We combine sound academic knowledge, with many years of practical experience and are strong on cogent unbiased advice.


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Jowillards Willards

21 October 2019

I love my Thornhill cooker. Jo


john tierney

23 August 2019



Silviu Chifu

1 June 2019

Superb product, service is second to none and everything was executed within the lead time given. Well done, Graham.


Nancy Norton

16 September 2018

Our cooker arrived in late April of 2018, so we have only used it for a few days in May and a few days in September, but each of those days have been lovely! It holds the heat so much better than our last two wood stoves. Not having grown up with a wood-fired range cooker - just with a standard gas stovetop and oven, I'm really pleased with the many options the stove offers - the oven doesn't need any preheating, the pans can easily be moved between locations on the stovetop and to the ovens to control the cooking. I'm so eager for cold weather to finally arrive so I can make full use of the cooker! And it is beautiful and makes our kitchen an even more appealing place to relax together! More...


Lizzie Wingfield

22 November 2016

My eco-range is completely amazing – looks fabulous and cooks like a dream – everything I have cooked in it has worked brilliantly, and I have been cooking non-stop! It is so easy to get it up to temperature and keep it there. Having grown up with an Aga, I think it cooks better, and is easier to live with, because it doesn’t lose heat at crucial moments. Although I work from home I realise that it would be easy to run even if I didn’t – it lights so easily, and there’s no question of it going out or smouldering. and as for fuel consumption – it uses 9 or 10 logs every 24 hours to heat a 10.5 x 4.5 m kitchen, keep it at 200 degrees or above all day and still be just above 100 degrees in the morning. The person who supplies my logs may go bankrupt. I also got two Burley wood burning stoves, which are astonishing – minutes after lighting they are throwing out masses of heat. The 12 kw heats a huge room (10.5 x 5.5) – which has a high ceiling and 3 outside walls and 3 huge french windows. It warms the sofas several metres away, as well as the room. It is the first time I have ever used the room during the winter in 26 years! The 8kw heats not only the sitting room but also the rooms off the passage. It is incredibly easy to light, and rather than needing to be fed little and often, I feed it little and hardly ever! Last night I put a biggish log on it, sat and watched the mesmerising flames for an hour and a half, then went to bed. I didn’t look at it again till about 2.00pm today, and the stove was still warm and there were embers – and the room was still warm. So 14 hours with one log … Thank you from one very, very delighted customer. More...


Mary Denise Rees

10 November 2015

We have had our wood fired range cooker for a year now and absolutely love it. The best for making bread and all other cooking and has transformed our draught chilly kitchen into the best room in the house.


Robin Den Dekker

26 August 2015

Best way to cook EVER on our wood burning eco range. Also: Best service!!


Paul Shrives

29 January 2015

This year I'm planning to install a wood burning stove designed by Graham Thornhill a burley hollywell 5kw and then as soon as I can I'm looking to get a eco range cooker 3 overn running on log wood can't wait


Lynne Manns

20 December 2014

We love our wood burning range..its a fabulous addition to our home. Not only looks beautiful but works beautifully too. We cannot believe how little wood we are burning, & the house is toastie warm. Thoroughly recommended 5 *. More...


Meeting people and solving problems that others have said are unsolvable.

I trained as a scientist and ran projects for the Governments Energy Saving Trust. I was appalled at very poor quality of the heating installations that I came across in my work. Eventually I took over Sterland & Elgar, a small family heating engineering business that we had used as sub contractors on some of the projects.

It is very difficult to get good advise on heating systems in the UK.
The industry has become dominated by the builders & developers demanding that low capital outlay and small physical size are prioritized over fuel consumption and life expectancy (they don't pay the running costs).

At Sterland & Elgar we combine a sound academic knowledge of the technologies with many years of practical experience. We are able to guide you through the half truths and miss-information put out by both the industry and Government.
Talk to an engineer and not a call center!