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My name is Joe Astre and I have a lifelong involvement with dogs. I have bred dogs, shown dogs in the breed ring and trained dogs to competition standard . I am a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers and I'm qualified in Advanced Canine Psychology and Behaviour with the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. I am also qualified in Canine Care and Behaviour, Dog Aggression, Advanced Behavioural Problems, Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression and Advanced Dog on Human Aggression. with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training and Middlesex University. At the school I offer foundation classes for pups up to 16 weeks of age. There are 6 levels of companion dog obedience courses for dogs of any age and any breed. I offer Tracking Courses, Canine Search and Rescue courses and Scent Discrimination courses. I also offer one to one training, and structured behaviour modification programmes for all behavioural issues that your dog may display. My school runs on Sunday mornings and I only train dogs outdoors, I believe that this teaches a dog that he/she must comply to all requests both inside and more importantly outdoors.

St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour Reviews


Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Collette Mitchell
5 Collette Mitchell

We have been going to joe for 4 weeks now and we have seen such a difference in Alfie. Joe listens and offers straight talking advice that really works well and helps us to be engaging with our dog. He is such a happy puppy and is loving the training. We didn't want the go to the cliché dog obedience school and we find that Alfie really does react well to joe's method and helps us understand the behaviours and the mind of our dog. Thanks joe

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Lisa Booth
5 Lisa Booth

Since finding Joe, life with my border collie Savvi has completely changed. We have a much better relationship and she is a calmer and happier dog. No matter what the problem is, Joe always has advice and training solutions (and a sarcastic remark ;) ) and they always work!! I am so grateful for his help and the support of everyone who attends the classes... Sav and I will be attending for many years to come :)

For anyone who isn't convinced - check out the videos on Savvi's story and then come and meet us and see for yourselves!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Lisa Cain
5 Lisa Cain

We have tired several dog classes that haven't worked to our standard, we searched the Internet and came across Joe- he was the only trainer we were fully confident in and fully trusted. After attending several Sunday's he gave us lots of advice on training our Cavapoo and were we were going wrong. Well worth getting up early on a Sunday, we can now walk around the park without having to walk the other way if a dog is in sight. Well recommended!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Christine Brennan
5 Christine Brennan

I have had the pleasure of joining Joe's dog training classes with my eight month old cocker spaniel jasper. Joe is one of the best trainers I have come across he not only tells you where you and your dog are going wrong but shows you how to correct the behavior. And more often than not it is not the dogs fault it is mine because of not knowing how to handle the situation. I have had dogs all my life and always done the training with them but Joe is the first trainer that explains why and how I am going wrong everything he tells you works if you just keep practicing we have a long way to go but I feel that I one day will have a well adjusted dog who I can be proud of. As Jasper is my best mate and I just want the best for him

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Sharon Bailey
5 Sharon Bailey

Joe came to do a home assessment of our two spoilt cockers, we have listened to his advice and have calmness already. Looking forward to starting in the classes in two week time

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Lynne Ellison
5 Lynne Ellison

Joe has been great. He has helped me understand my dog and her issues. I have been attending Joe's classes each weekend since February and my dog Lucy has improved a huge amount. I will continue to attend his classes until I'm 100% confident I can deal with any situation with her. I have been recommending Joe's classes to a number of people and will continue to do so. Thanks Joe for all your help.

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Natalie Harper
5 Natalie Harper

My rescue cocker, Alfie, and I have been coming to Joe for 2 & a half years due to his issues with just about everything and everyone. Joe has helped me build a stronger relationship with Alfie. It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and most importantly, patience. There have been a lot of ups and downs but I am so grateful Joe is always there to give honest supportive advice, even if it is 10pm on a Saturday evening! Being around other owners at the classes and hearing their stories helps to appreciate that we are not alone. I know that we will be attending for years to come (or at least until Joe retires !) as there is always weeerrrkkk to be done! Thanks Joe x

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Michelle Tilley
5 Michelle Tilley

Joe was recommended to us as our 4 year old Bichon (Milo) was becoming increasingly aggressive to people coming into our home. He had bitten several family members and friends and we couldn't control his behaviour. We knew that we needed to do something. Joe came out to us and conducted a thorough assessment of Milo's behaviour, routine and environment. He taught us how to control his overall behaviour and how to engage meaningfully with him. The techniques that Joe has taught us mean that we no longer panic when someone knocks at the door. We now understand that Milo just isn't the type of dog who likes people coming into his space, but we're now able to keep him calm and under control when we have people over. We've also been attending the Saturday morning class to maintain Milo's training and to improve the relationship we have with him. We couldn't recommend Joe highly enough, he really knows his stuff and the improvement in Milo is remarkable. Thanks Joe!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Andy Syres
5 Andy Syres

We have just completed the 6 week associated course designed by Joe to help your dog achieve more exposure with other dogs and people. This course has been a huuuuuuge help!Joe has helped transform Apollo from a dog who didn't listen and would pull massively on a walk into a calm, attentive boy who no longer pulls and handles situations much better than when we adopted him 8 weeks ago. I can't recommend this course enough for anyone who has any problems with their dog. Joe gives you the tools to take away from the class and use at home. Plus he's a lovely bloke too! Cheers for everything Joe! Andy, Emma, Apollo

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Gwen Ogden
5 Gwen Ogden

We had our first lesson with Joe this morning.We have a seven year old schnauzer , he is very reactive to other dogs.After halfhour with Joe we were amazed,it went very well.We are looking forward to working with Joe, even if it was has cold as a Mother-in-laws kiss this morning.THANK YOU JOE.

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Janet Worrall
5 Janet Worrall

What this guy doesn't know is not worth knowing. Watching Joe with the dogs is an amazing experience

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Gill Bell
5 Gill Bell

Into our third week at Joe's class with our mini schnauzer who is a nightmare to walk. Joe is training us as much as the dog, thoroughly enjoying the sessions and starting to feel more in control of Millie. Great trainer, very practical with his advice and always gives us a bit of 'homework' for the week!!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Sally Green
5 Sally Green

Luna, our 5 month old cocker spaniel puppy, has just graduated from her 6 week foundation class with flying colours.

Having not had a puppy in the household for a long time we had been looking for local training classes to start her off on the right track and we could not be happier with her progress.

If you’re looking for someone to teach your dog how to shake paws with people in a dusty village hall somewhere, Joe’s sessions are probably not for you. If, however, you want your dog to be well-adjusted with real-world useable skills and to actually listen to what you tell them, this is definitely the place to come!

Joe is a straight talker and you might not always like what he tells you to start with, but he knows dogs and there is just no arguing with that! We went from week one where Luna wouldn’t even walk round the field without being semi- dragged to now, where we can happily visit the beach, the forest or the park with her walking by our sides off-lead and be confident that she will come back when we ask her to.

Thank you very much for all your help Joe, we look forward to the next set of training in the new year.

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Kerry Vose Hughes
5 Kerry Vose Hughes

We have been working with joe for 8 weeks now with Shadow. To say shadow was a nightmare was an understatement!! She has a long road ahead of her but in just 8 weeks she was able to walk side by side with two other dogs today, something we never thought we’d ever do. We can’t thank joe enough for everything so far, and what’s ahead in the future. We highly recommend joe and would 100%+ advise if you have a dog who’s just needs extra help to get sorted (and owners behaviour too) get to his classes. ��

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Julie Nixdorf
5 Julie Nixdorf

Joe is amazing!! My sister has signed up for the Saturday puppy class with her new dog Bruce and also had a home start - home visit this week to set you on the right track with your new puppy from day one. Joe has been really supportive and gives you loads of advice, tips and ideas how to build your relationship with your dog and enjoy it. The classes are outdoors and you learn how to handle situations when you are out and about on your own with your dog. The classes are for "real doggie walkers" no sit, stay give us your paw. Your own confidence builds with the classes too. I would highly recommend whether you have a puppy, a rescue or an older dog and need help or support. Thank you:)

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Alex Crane
5 Alex Crane

We can not recommend Joe highly enough. The improvement we have seen in our recently adopted spaniel has been extraordinary. Joe managed our expectations along the way as to what we could and couldn’t expect from our dog, and clearly showed us how to interact correctly with our dog. Our spaniel is much less reactive and we can more easily gain his attention. There is still work to be done, but during our time with Joe he gave us lots of very useful training and showed us what is possible to achieve when we get it right. A truly great trainer with a great understanding of the doggy mind and behaviours. Thank you Joe

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Nikki Harrison
5 Nikki Harrison

I’ve been attending Joe’s association class for a couple of months as my Cockapoo Harley had started to show some lead reactivity. This was quickly resolved during class but also highlighted that Harley was showing noise anxiety to certain types of sound. Joe is now working with Harley and myself to help overcome this. He’s made some fantastic suggestions of things I can do at home as well as creating a specific programme to work through. The progress from day 1 is amazing and I can’t recommend Joe enough!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Jon Dowling
5 Jon Dowling

Can’t recommend Joes classes enough. We had lost all confidence in walking our 3 year old Cocker Spaniel Hugo and dreaded coming across other dogs as Hugo had become very reactive. Joe invited us to a 6 week association class which we have just completed and Hugo’s development has been amazing. Joe had given lots of individual help and tips which is combined with the exposure to other similar dogs and Hugo is like a different dog already, and we can enjoy our walks again. The classes are not your usual “dog training” and are more about training the owners to do the right thing, which has worked a treat. We have been invited into the Foundation class now to take Hugo’s training further and we are very excited to give this a go in a few weeks time. Highly recommend The St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Natalie Dowling
5 Natalie Dowling

We can’t recommend Joe’s classes enough. Our mischievous cocker, Hugo, had started to misbehave on walks so gradually that we didn’t notice until one day when we wondered how we had let it get to this point. We had stopped enjoying walks and dreaded another dog passing by Hugo and we felt so out of control. Fast forward 6 weeks and we are back to loving our walks and now have the confidence and knowledge needed to control Hugo and his behaviour when we need it. Joe will not teach you how to make your dog look pretty and do cute tricks, however what he does teach you is exactly what dog owners need- how to control your dog’s behaviour and how, usually, it is your bad habits which trigger your dog’s negative behaviour. I really can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Hugo enjoys his sessions and we are excited to continue working with Joe and seeing how he progresses further. Thank you for all of your help!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Charlotte Eleanor
5 Charlotte Eleanor

We cannot speak more highly of Joe and The St Helen’s School of Dog Training. Not only is Joe an expert in canine behaviour management, he takes his time to ensure you (as the owner) understand why a certain technique is helpful for both you and your dog. Joe has gone out of his way to help us with our 7 mth old re-home German Shepherd and has given us a confidence boost that we can get there with him! If you’re in need of advice and/or training, Joe is your best option- we cannot recommend him highly enough!

Review of St Helens School of Dog Training and Behaviour by Kerry Taylor
2 Kerry Taylor

We initially asked for puppy classes but were put in intermediate classes by Joe. We walked around a field calling our dogs name and giving her treats, which we loved. Joe initially said we shouldn’t try to train the dog to walk nicely on the lead as she was too young, and told us to keep walking round the field calling her name and treating her for walking by our side and coming to the left side for treats, this in my opinion is trying to teach our dog to walk nicely on the lead. Our puppy sometimes responded to this but mostly was pulling and searching through the grass for treats missed by the other dogs, we mentioned this to Joe, because he said we weren’t engaging the pup, his reply was “that’s because she is too young, you shouldn’t expect her to engage and do as she’s told when she is getting used to the world around her” So why do this when she is in your words, too young, why put a puppy in an intermediary group with dogs training to walk nicely on a lead instead of a puppy group which we initially enquired about, when Joe insisted she was too young. The 2nd week, on Joes instruction, we put our puppy on long line (for an extra £5) which we had been told by Joe not to use as our puppy would be vulnerable, and shouldn’t be walking so far in front of us. Why tell us to put her on something that you are telling us we shouldn’t use? Then charge us for it? Im sorry but Joe contradicts himself at each session. I also find him arrogant and rude, he is lovely with the dogs but is s very rude man, especially to women. On Saturday he whistled and shouted Oi to attract the attention of a lady in the class. (I initially thought he was doing this to me and I was furious) the lady was really annoyed at this too. We will not be continuing with the classes and will be asking for a refund for the 4 sessions not being attended. I don’t see the point in trying to teach a puppy to do things that you have been told she is too young to do. We wanted to socialise our puppy and that was the reason for the classes however we were told off every time we got too close to other dogs, even though the owners were happy for the dogs to socialise. On the website Joe advertised puppy classes where there would be no more than 6 puppies at a time, yet we were in an intermediate group with 9 or 10 dogs in the group.

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