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Spacia Systems provide bespoke Sound, Visual, Network & Security solutions for the home and commercial premises.

We've been installing CCTV and Security Systems, Home & Bussiness Networks and Home Theatre systems since 2012 all over West London, Surrey, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire with many satisfied customers over the years.


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Installing CCTV and Security Systems leave my customers with peace of mind that their properties are safeguarded and looked after. The satisfaction when an install is complete and my customer feels safe is second to none.

As with most things, it started from necessity. I saw the requirement to safeguard and improve my own home many years ago. From security and CCTV systems to full home automation and luxury items like cinema rooms with star lit infinity ceilings. We have the expertise and experience to truly deliver something special, whilst safeguarding it at the same time.

I believe we offer the best services and highest quality of workmanship for a very reasonable price. We have expert knowledge of multiple fields from electrical engineering to the construction trade that all compliment the services we provide.


Transformation of living spaces into bespoke and themed home and commercial cinemas. Installation of large HD & UHD projection screens and cinema surround sound systems.

Installation of hard wired Cat5 & Cat6 network cables for home and business networks. Extension of Wi-Fi services around the office and home. Installation of local or online private cloud storage (NAS) and virtual private networks ( VPN).

Supply & Installation of market leading IP and Analogue CCTV Systems for commercial and residential use.

Supply and Installation of market leading Wired and Wireless Smart Intruder Alarms for commercial and residential properties.