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Jesse Hernandez

4 June 2019

SUPER GREAT ! Thank you so much ! My wife Melissa and I will be back monthly !!!


Andrea Luna

4 June 2019

She is s so awesome! Cares about everyone's health..a positive women! I make it a monthly massage cause after a massage from her I feel wonderful...I highly recommend her the best... More...


Kyung Yiokelly

4 June 2019

Mary's Healing Hands is both soothing and invigorating at the same time. She has a magical healing touch and presence, you will experience that special healing energy and welcoming atmosphere when you set your foot in her front door. Whether you need a relief from pain & stress or simply choose to treat yourself with the gift of Mary's Healing Hands, you will be glad that you did! More...


Alexia Lopez

4 June 2019

After struggling with stress and anxiety for two weeks, I went to my grandma for a natural remedy. After a massage and healing, I immediately noticed that my anxiety was becoming more controllable. She gave me essential oils that directly targeted my stress while I was on-the-go. More...


Victoria Sanchez

31 August 2018

You will leave feeling amazing!!!

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