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I am Catherine a Spiritual Healer who reads Tarot and Oracle cards to view current internal energy for those seeking guidance and the energies surrounding the current situation to help the person move forward in their life. I am a fully qualified HR professional working on a daily basis to resolve disputes, align energies and work with people to achieve the best outcome for all involved.


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Jackie Cummins

1 May 2019

Cath is amazing I was so happy that she read the cards and fit perfect with me...and made me change the way I do things ...actually changed my life...amazing


Rachel Davenport

1 May 2019

Cath comes with my highest recommendation. It is very rare that you find such a genuine, grounded and special individual that can help you heal. I suffer from anxiety and Cath has helped centre my thoughts and concentrate on what is important to MY well being. Readings are done from the heart and WILL make you feel lighter and in control again. Please don’t pass Cath by as she can help you x More...

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My Gift
I knew of my gift at the age of 13 years old and have felt spirit with me through my life, always intuitively guided and being aware of the corrective actions to take to achieve the outcome I foresee from each and every situation I have faced. I feel very blessed for the gift I have and my ability to channel messages from spirit to those who are seeking guidance as they continue on their life path. Many people turn to me at times of darkness and I feel divinely guided to lift the light on the path ahead for them, helping them understand what they are facing, providing clarity and direction through the messages lighting the way forward. I feel blessed to be a part of the beauty of sharing healing energy and having the honour of being a part of aiding a person to move forward on their correct life path to live their best life.

A Most Memorable Reading
Working with a beautiful lady who had experienced great sadness in her life through a past relationship and also other great losses that had a negative effect on her. She had been holding onto this great sadness for a long time and felt unable to move forward. From our reading together we shone the light on the darkness she was feeling and focused on how she was stuck on her life path. Through the reading we released this energy and guided her back on her life journey to grow and live her best life without the pain in her heart.

I have worked with many clients, all very special to me, and I feel honoured to work with each and every one as we understand the energies that may be blocking them on their true life path. Being able to use my gift on a full time basis through Soul Siren Tarot is a dream come true.