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SOL-IS Life Photography offers a variety of photography services. We cover family portraits, small weddings/events, and Photo Shoot Therapy (emotional & healing photography). In addition, we offer photography classes (traditional camera & iPhone) for ages 6 to adulthood for those who enjoy being behind the camera.



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In order to take a great photograph, you need patience, understanding and a hint of creativity.

The general questions we will ask a client is location, shooting, hours, number of people, and how soon they will need their images.

We enjoy capturing our client's important events, connecting during headshots or portraits or helping them emotionally through Photo Shoot Therapy.

SOL-IS Life Photography started in Miami, FL and is now located in Los Angeles, CA. The inspiration to get up and running was due to the high demand for photography services needed. It was time to make it official!

Hello future clients! I'd like to personally introduce myself, my name is Ruth Solis and I'm from Culver City, CA. I've been shooting for over 15 years and throughout that time I've learned the making my clients feel comfortable plays a key role on why I get hired. I listen to my client's needs, work as a team and deliver on their request. I offer fair pricing and have a quick turnaround time. I'm open to meet at a local coffee shop and have some "real" facetime to hear your thoughts on your upcoming project or event. Send me a quick message today and we can get started right away.