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Sloane Avenue Spa is a scintillating beauty & aesthetic salon situated in the heart of Chelsea, by Brompton Cross. A highly trained team with reputable international experience provide the utmost in attentiveness to specialising in a series of face and body treatments, encompassing massage, manicures, pedicures and in addition to a diversity of bespoke beauty remedies for both women and men. A sense of bliss & exhilaration is promised after each visit. Vivify Beauty offers an additional array of expert treatments in an ambience of a unique contemporary style & design. The highly trained therapists are on hand to consult & advise on most treatment and beauty needs. A detailed index of unique Vivify courses is outlined herewith… eye treatments – facial treatments – full body treatments – massage – waxing


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Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Ari Sovijärvi
2 months ago

Witnessed two very different experiences in this place. Me and my parents both booked a room through a booking site. The front desk staff told me to go the letting office instead, where the service was friendly and I got my room keys in no time. My parents again were also told to go there, but apparently their booking wasn't with that place. After a lot of confusion they were told to go back to the front desk, where they refused to service and told to contact the letting office instead. After going back and forth enough the letting office and front desk staff concluded that their keys were at the front desk after all.

The building is apparently split into smaller companies, ranging from a hotel to longer term housing, but it's not very clear which one is which, as they all call themselves "Chelsea Cloisters".

The room we got was decent, but naturally not what the official pictures had. The place was clean, although you could see wear and tear everywhere, the bathroom was the worst.

The location was pretty good, but the whole experience left room for some improvement.

Ari Sovijärvi
1 month ago

In serious need of renovation. The plush entrance hall and reception belies what waits inside the rooms! Would not stay here again. Clean enough, but I was in no hurry to use the kitchen area! We were only there one night and it is in a great location so it wasn't too bad. Room supposed to be ready at 2pm. We arrived a little early and told to come back. Returned after 5 and still had to wait in reception until a key was "found" for us, which is unacceptable considering patrons are required to vacate at 10 am.

2 months ago

Upon arrival the place looked promising, based on the entrance and lobby.
The room was decent in size, but lacked in a few aspects. The kitchen, while stocked with appliances, had no coffee or tea, but did provide washing up liquid for dishes. The dining/living room area had a dining table, a coffee table and a TV, but no sofa, even though there was plenty of room for one, so resting one’s feet required you sit or lay down on the bed. The windows, which I am guessing were originals, showed bad wear and tear, especially in the bathroom where the water from the shower hit the window and had rusted the window frame. The room/apartment was clean, though, and the bed was comfortable.
Staff was okay, although nobody acknowledged any resident entering the lobby unless they approached the desk and spoke to staff first. Letting office staff was far more friendly and helpful.

Pilvi S
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Michael Salmony
2 months ago

Great location. Good view over London (Harrods lit up at night) - if you get that direction. Simple rooms. Friendly staff. Pity there’s no WiFi included

Michael Salmony
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by martin cox
5 months ago

This is a really well located accommodation. The reception staff are very friendly, however strangely they can't take a payment any you then have to go to an accounts office. I was upgraded from a studio room toast two bedroom apartment. The apartment was large, bright, well equipped and clean. Downside the double glazing is poor so traffic noise is intrusive and some small areas were decoration is disappointing. I will stay there again, for the price great value.

martin cox
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Maryanne Domm
4 months ago

Good location. Easy walking distance to two underground stations, a couple museums, good restaurants and shopping. Chelsea Clusters is a pretty calm place and in a quiet neighborhood. We stayed in one of the recently renovated 1 bedroom apartments (with living room and kitchen). It was fairly nice and decently sized for London. Staff was generally friendly and helpful. The hall carpets could use replacing and the elevators could use a little maintenance. All in all, it's a nice place and we'd stay there again.

Maryanne Domm
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by saurabh sharma
2 months ago

Not Recommended.. room was like a small birdhouse , broken walls looked like no one pays attention for repairs.
Over all not a good place. There is nothing good except nice location

saurabh sharma
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Lance Puckett
2 months ago

We had a studio apt we rented through HomeAway. Units are crowded but nice. Location is perfect for visitors as you're just a couple blocks from the underground and groceries. Museums are on walking distance.

Lance Puckett
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by gaynor leggett
3 months ago

Lovely building from outside. Lovely lobby. Staff on the desk were not very helpful. Was given key to apartment and we went up expecting to see a room like the ones on their website. We were very disappointed. Tatty laminate floor. Bathroom tiles on floor side really badly damaged. Looked terrible. Bathroom light didn't work only the shaving light. For the price we paid it was terrible. There wasn't any tea coffee or milk which is the least they could of provided. There was no paperwork to say about what to do in case of a fire. Didn't see any fire exits marked.

The apartment was clean though that's one good thing

gaynor leggett
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by avi war
2 months ago

The worst hotel I have been to. Reception and the customer service was really bad. And random fire alarm going off many times throughout the night without any warning or notice. Also no hot water!!!

avi war
9 months ago

Ideally located on Sloane Avenue and close to amenities and events in West London. This hotel offers self contained rooms that would allow visitors to enjoy London like a local. Be able to cook and wash for themselves in charming 1920s surroundings. This by no means is an upmarket hotel but an old style of bedsits offered on a premium price for long term travellers. It has all the old decor and fittings - even the windows haven't been replaced.

Ben Adelie
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Byron Davies
3 months ago

Nice place with nice rooms, I had a nice time there

Byron Davies
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Jocelyne Secander
3 months ago

Cleanliness none existend, decor poor, facilities poor, WiFi to be paid for. Pictures are misleading. Great location though.

Jocelyne Secander
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Robert Kocur
4 months ago

Claustrophobic and labyrinth like corridors - I really don't want to imagine how the evacuation in case of emergency looks like there! The elevators are very small which makes transporting of bigger items tough. No security/guards on the doors which allows literally anyone to walk in and go straight to the rooms. Prices for rooms are expensive but the standards of the rooms are pretty low. The windows are old and not noise proof - yet the building is located in the heart of Chelsea.

Robert Kocur
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Sandra Deckinger
7 months ago

A comfortable place to stay. I had two rooms. The furniture was functional. Everything was clean. There is a grocery store a block away and lots of eating places within a few blocks. I would stay here again.

Sandra Deckinger
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by kate bowler
4 months ago

Awful room which the water leaked into (no joke I was rained on in the bath). Broken heater, broken tap, broken television, mould and damp on the walls. Very unhelpful and rude staff and the rooms are incredibly overpriced for what they are. Unclean and dire building. I stayed here for 3 weeks with work and the issues weren't even attempted to be fixed. Don't do it.

kate bowler
4 months ago

Great Location with most convenient place to be in heart of London, very supported reception team. And Good value of money.

Fadhil S
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Callum Bailey
6 months ago

We stayed here for 2 nights. The room was clean and a good size. The house keeping staff were quite rude though. On the first morning they must have knocked on the door on 5 separate occasions, after me politely asking them to leave it for today each time, as I was trying to sleep. This put a disappointing edge on an otherwise nice trip which will make me think twice about returning.

Callum Bailey
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Apollon Arrow
6 months ago

Central Location. I wrote them and asked for a room at the back of the hotel in order to avoid traffic noise. They gave a very nice room. Rather tired bathrooms.

Apollon Arrow
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Filip Skarp
6 months ago

Horrible place, the apartments are really worn down and the service is terrible. The windows are single glass so every sound from the street is heard inside the room and the rooms are very draughty. I reported my bedside light right after check in but it was never fixed during my two night stay.

If possible avoid this place or make sure you get a refurbished room away from the street. The location is the only good thing about this place.

Filip Skarp
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Philip purvis
5 months ago

Very tired needs updating price reflects this. clean with pleasant staff, great location discount on parking when staying here, £30 for 24hrs👍

Philip purvis
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Luke Callaghan
7 months ago

Good location. Short walk to the Tube. Close enough to the tourist stuff to walk if you want. The room was compact but still enough space to fit all the luggage and two people.

Luke Callaghan
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by MrSomeDinosaur
9 months ago

Very close to South Kensington underground in a very nice area. Rooms are s little small but not too bad. It is to be expected within London. Our room didn't have air conditioning and it can get quite warm. Otherwise it was good.

Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Michael Holt
7 months ago

Really struggled to put 1 star....apartment was something from only fool's and horses...cracked tiles in bathroom....had not seen any fresh paint for a decade...Windows rusty with cracked pains...found a lift that had the interior carpeted on the walls which has clearly been bought from a squatters bedsit. Kitchen sink wasn't accessable were anorexic....bed very uncomfortable...bathroom was filthy with mould and silicon hanging off....pretty close to resembling a swingers hotel in Blackpool I would say...luckily it was for only 1 night. Thought I would add a bit of class and left my Harrods carrier bag

Michael Holt
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Heather Knight
7 months ago

Convenient to metro. Nice clean apartment. Only problem was the smell of cigarettes from people smoking in other apts coming into ours.

Heather Knight
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Davie Winters
7 months ago

It's not bad but there are a few issues with these apartments: for a starter there is no free wifi, the rooms are older than my gran and the kitchen and bathrooms were so tiny I needed a microscope to find the sink. Best parts about it is the location (close to a sainsbury's ayyyyy), the bar downstairs and the staff are extremely helpful and polite. Not a bad stay but it could have been improved.

Davie Winters
9 months ago

Phone number does not work, all of the staff that we encountered were rude and unhelpful, reception was rude argumentative and unhelpful and the room had stained walls, broken plaster and various other issues. Good location but not worth staying here given all the negatives!

Ian Hills
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Margaret Avery
7 months ago

Very poor value for money. I think thos would go close to being the worst place I have ever stayed.

Margaret Avery
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Dave Roberson
7 months ago

I will never stay here again. It took 4 days to get a plug for the kitchen sink. Reception couldn't advise us on how to find our way around London. Advised us that catching a bus to Paddington was too difficult but we subsequenty found out it was quite easy. The room was
excessively hot due to the washer dryer which didn't work very well. Furniture too big for such a small space.

Dave Roberson
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Emma Hegarty
8 months ago

Stayed here via Air BnB, reasonably priced and good location

Emma Hegarty
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Cécile Pallut
1 year ago

If you're lucky enough to get one of the real "luxury suites" you will like your stay. They decided to give us the worst suite in t he hotel. No well maintained, very small and just as good as any 2 star hotel around King's Cross. We insisted to change the suite and had a better one, spacious, more space and even a living room which should have been the case since the beginning. Ask for the nice one straight away and don't waste your time. Cleaning is fine anyway. But standards are definitely not luxury

Cécile Pallut
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by olivia grace
1 year ago

How disappointing. On arrival and during stay when there were any problems with our 'apartment' staff response was singularly unhelpful, with the exception of one of the security staff. Example, only one key issued and refusal to provide a second key for second guest in the apartment.

'Apartment' was tiny and could barely accomodate our few possessions. Booked for over a week, and we were told that we would have to pay for fresh linen. Oh, yes, and when we did get fresh towels, one had a giant tear in it. No replenishment of toiletries during the entire stay. Corridors are smelly and need renovations. The appliances in the room were faulty, and we were given no instruction on how to use the ceramic stove top or washing machine.

The 'apartments' are advertised as luxury, which must have an alternate meaning to my understanding of the word. One star is given to the location of the property, which was great.

olivia grace
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Leah Janssen
1 year ago

The place was definitely not as shown online. It was a lot smaller than expected, had a filthy sofa/sleeper, our room phone didn't work, and we have NO TOILET because they couldn't fix it. We waited 3.5 hours (until 11pm!) to have them fix it, when they couldn't in the end. They had no empty/emergency rooms available, so we were forced to use the facilities in the a large old building that didn't seem that safe/secure. We were grateful for the night security guard, who was the most helpful and responsive staff member, all the others seemed to not care enough to help us. We have booked another hotel for the rest of our stay and will try to get a refund, so needless to say I do NOT recommend this place!

Leah Janssen
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Julie Jones
1 year ago

Apartment building that is dated and staff not helpful. The apartment itself was clean and very spacious. It had a washing machine. No free wifi. Check out time is 10am. We extended ours until 11 but received a very rude phone call a little after 10 telling us we had to leave within 10 minutes. Good location. For the price, I prefer a proper hotel.

Julie Jones
Review of SLOANE AVENUE MEMBERS SPA by Zoran Balic
1 year ago

It was a pleasent and comfortable stay. Got the apartment but no proper heating. Next day moved to another, nice and warm, clean and tidy. If anything goes wrong with equipment, stay away from reception and contact letting office or japan desk. There you can get things done.

Zoran Balic

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