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SKY Positive Minds empowers women and children to become more confident and emotionally resilient by teaching innovative tools which bring about significant improvements in a short space of time.
We have 100% positive feedback with many of our clients noticing improvements from from the very first session.


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Sanjay Makwana

1 June 2019

Champs AcademySKY Positive Minds has absolutely no affiliation with Champs Academy and has no interest in using any of their material.


Zainab Daji

14 March 2019

Really helpful advice and Shaffia helped me to work through alot of hurt that i had buried for so many years. amazing coping strategies given and she really made me realise my potential. Standing up for our rights is not the same as answering back, something alot of people confuse. More...


Mona Lott

21 February 2019

Excellent workshop. I attended their emotional resilience workshop and it was a real eye opener. Made me realise how my thinking was limiting my career prospects. Confident trainers. Would definitely recommend. Excellent value for money. Thank you so much for everything I learnt. More...


Ruqaiyah Abid Diwan

16 December 2018

I attended the bullying workshop and it was a great session, delivered in a easy to understand manner. All aspects were explained and discussed clearly, with lots of audience participation. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend to anyone More...


Sana Ghazanfar

24 November 2018

Very helpfull and setup was very ideal for toddlers as well allover very good experiance


Habiba Mayat

23 November 2018

Overall an amazing time at the Bully buster workshop with lots of ideas n tips . Loved the fact that we could write our opinions on the tree. Would luv to attend one again as I think itโ€™s very useful for many parents More...


Aisha Kola

10 November 2018

excellent sessions - thanks


Ayesha Shabir

23 July 2018

Very professional, thorough service. Would definitely recommend to all


Fazila Varachhia

23 July 2018

Attended the bullying workshop with my son. Was very useful and learnt alot from it.


Umm Zarah

23 July 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed attending workshops with my children today, we learnt positive tools to help in situations which may feel uncomfortable with bullys/generally. Tutor was friendly, confident and had good knowledge in answering questions we had. Thank you I would definitely attend again More...


Hana Mulla

23 July 2018

Had great fun at the bully buster workshop with my son..we loved the practical fun & the worksheets too. It was lovely meeting Shaffia, she was very welcoming. Would definitely love to go to other workshops in future. More...


Sis Feride

23 July 2018

Attended an anti bullying session with my girls and it was very interactive, educational and enjoyable. Varied activities to gauge all the different levels of interest. Jzk



31 March 2018

Excellent Coach. I had an over the phone session regarding my little boy . She listened so attentively with out second guessing or pre judging (some do) . I left filled with motivation and confidence !! Thank you x More...



28 March 2018

I have had 4 sessions with shaffia and i cannnot believe the change I feel in myself. Shaffia has enabled me to open up my mind and see through the difficulties. I have been strggling with depression, anxiety and troubled relationships and although it is a long road but i feel i can see light and feel through using more sessions i can overcome these difficulties.
I cant thank shaffia enough for her efforts and for making me feel important.


Asif Zamir

28 March 2018

Very professionally led. Assisted me greatly to become more confident. It's affected my personal life and work life so positively. Thank you!



28 March 2018

I can't thank SKY Positive Minds enough. I needed help with my confidence and self-esteem after a bout of depression. SKY provided a great programme that put me at the centre. I noticed a difference after the first session. More...



28 March 2018

An absolutely wonderful and professional service. Staff who truly care and show empathy for what you're going through. They've helped me so much by advising and assisting me with my anger.My anger was turning my loved ones away and affecting my work ethic. Truly appreciate all their help.Thank you!Highly recommended More...


Zoe Wagstaff

20 March 2018

I can't thank SKY Positive Minds enough. I needed help with my confidence and self-esteem after a bout of depression. SKY provided a great programme that put me at the centre. I noticed a difference after the first session. Shaffia provided a safe space to talk, and I never felt judged. More...


Anisah Ali-Khan

11 February 2018

Thank you to Shaffia who has helped me with my depression as well as my partners. We were having serious problems and Shaffia has enabled me to realise what I need to do in order to get our lives back on track again. Through Shaffia' good advice we are now okay. I would definately recommend this company if you have any issues, BARK is the company that will give you their 100% attention to your needs.
Thank you Shaffia. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you so much for your wonderful review. It was a pleasure working with you Anisah. All the best x SKY Positive Minds

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