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Shorewood Photography

Minneapolis, MN, Hennepin

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Shorewood Photography

Minneapolis, MN, Hennepin


Shorewood Photography is a full-service provider of photography including event, travel, editorial, headshot, real estate, and aerial drone video photography (with FAA certified drone pilots). We pride ourselves with our professional approach that captures the unique and personal elements of your style, your event, or your property. Meticulous care is provided for each and every photograph we provide.


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A good photograph reflects one or more of several criteria:
• Capturing unique & rare moments in time
• Capturing unique, interesting, nuanced, and undiscovered perspectives of an otherwise commonplace subject
• Employing technical skills in such a way that every pixel is captured and processed to bring out the proper emotional impact

Great photographs represent a truly unique artistic medium where the eye is enticed to linger and wander on each element of the photo for as long as is desired. The image is static but the impact is dynamic across time and individuals.

It is essential to understand the ultimate goal of my client, so I need to know:
• What is the objective?
• What is meant to be communicated?
• What emotional impact is desired?
• What personality?
• Which unique aspects of a person or object?
• Which types of moments of an event are most important?

I thoroughly enjoy capturing the important aspects and moments of other people. Our lives are comprised of a series of continual moments that are often quickly forgotten, even when they are significant. I love the creativity of the medium and the opportunity to apply my talents in ways that help others document, communicate, and articulate what words often fail to convey.

I have been involved in photography since I was 16 years old when I purchased my first SLR camera and built a darkroom in the basement of my parent's home. This was the beginning of a lifelong passion that I have honed, mastered and expanded with the evolution of digital technologies. I love photography and also technology and business (I have a BS in electrical engineering and an MBA from the University of Minnesota). I have been an entrepreneur since 1995, creating and managing several technology consulting businesses that provided (and still provide) IT and software development services to hundreds of clients nationwide.

Shorewood Photography represents a unique culmination of my passions for photography, technology, successful business practices, and satisfied clients!

I work tirelessly to provide my clients' outstanding and highly personalized photography that brings out the most compelling aspects of events, people, products, and places. Each image is captured and processed with exceptional care and attention to detail.