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Dakini Alexandra Isenegger

17 August 2018

Healing, heavenly touch


Maik Mönninghoff

17 August 2018

Hola ! I had an amazing healing massage with Lila Purani! I feel that I am more myself. Lila is doing her job with passion and love. I heartly can recommand it. Thank you very much Lila More...


Jo Tabor

17 August 2018

Lila is an amazing healer and masseuse! So very in tune with your individual needs. I had a massage and energy healing and felt completely relaxed and light as a feather when I left. Highly highly recommend! �


Talitha Colchester

17 August 2018

Lila is a strong, talented and intuitive therapist who's method of massage works on the physical as well as emotional and energetic body. Sensitive to your needs and how they might change throughout the session Lila will give you the treatment that you want as well as what you need but might not have known that you needed! Surrender into Lila's loving arms. More...


Ellen de Dreu

17 August 2018

I went to Lila last week and had an amazing experience. It feels like a light was off and she turned it on again. Afterwards I felt, well, so much lighter! With Lila I immediately felt comfortable and I could surrender to her treatment easily. You know that she knows what she is doing and the results were great. I can recommend everyone to go to Lila. Enjoy! More...


Amanda Brault

17 August 2018

I came to Lila a few days ago because of acute back pain (a stabbing pain which occurred the day before in my neck) and her treatment helped me a lot. The tensions got a lot better due to her skills to sense the source of the pain and working on leading it out of your body.
It is also very easy to relax in her presence she has a very good vibe and knows what she is doing.
Lila is a kind and sensitive healer. I really liked that.
Thank you.


Noå VandeVelde

17 August 2018

Thankful for a great massage the other day with Lila, at her beautiful place surrounded by the breath of nature. Very happy and pleased with her timeless attention, the effort she took to relax the body at start, strong massaging where needed and a tasteful tea afterwards. With some extra attention to tensions in my shoulders and stiff hamstrings, I directly noticed more freedom and ease in my shoulder-girdle and since long time I could stretch my legs completely in certain yoga exercises the day after! More...


Ra Lalita Dasi

17 August 2018

Lila ia genuine, a beautiful soul and i trust her capacity to support other's healing process because she embodies the practices, the knowledge and wisdom.

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