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I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Psychoanalysis in 1995 and for the last twenty years I have been successfully helping adults and children with many problems including Depression, weight loss Smoking, Insomnia, and Stress. My career has been extremely varied, working with Health and Business Professionals, The Metropolitan Police, clients in Hospital and many Children from the age of six.

There is nothing magical or mystical about hypnosis as stage hypnotists would have us believe, and the idea of mind control is absurd. People who are wary of hypnosis do not have a true understanding of it. Very simply, hypnosis works with the most powerful part of our mind, the subconscious, which may seem rather frightening, but not at all, hypnosis is like daydreaming, in fact each day we all drift in and out of hypnosis many times in a day. So, how does hypnosis feel? Well, most of my clients would tell you ‘It is a very calming and pleasant experience’, not what they had expected at all. So what does hypnosis have to do with our problems? The answer is everything! There are two parts to our mind, the conscious part and the subconscious part. The conscious part we use all day to communicate and learn through our senses, it has the ability to argue, doubt and criticise, it is the reasoning mind through which we make decisions and choices. In complete contrast the subconscious part says yes. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind which engages the unconscious, in fact we all drift in and out of hypnosis many times a day, for example, when we are totally engrossed in an interest or hobby, when we drive our car and daydream, anytime our mind wanders into worrying thoughts, when we experience shock or trauma, or that rather sleepy feeling we drift in and out of sleep, so the mind drifts in and out of hypnosis frequently, and in this state our unconscious is much more receptive to suggestion. Tests have shown that 75% of our thoughts are negative, so whenever we are daydreaming we are reinforcing and strengthening whatever our thoughts are on. to everything, it can’t argue and accepts and responds to all conscious thoughts and experiences. It’s where all our learning, beliefs, behaviours and problems take root, it’s a memory bank of our life’s experiences, and completely dominates our behaviour and actions, in spite of our conscious will to change. Unfortunately some of our perceptions and beliefs are false. For example a person who has low self esteem believes they are worthless, which of course is not the case, they are actually worth more than they think. A smoker may associate having a cigarette with relieving stress, smoking actually increases blood pressure. A person with poor eating habits may have experienced bullying as a child, and turned to food for comfort. A person with OCD will have experienced some sort of trauma and developed a compulsive habit to feel safe, and it is this kind poor matching of thoughts to situations that is at the heart of most psychological problems. We are all the result of our own life experiences, and we are all capable of achieving more than we can actually imagine. People who open their mind to new possibilities will always move ahead and be more successful than those who don’t. As we learn to understand ourselves and others better we can improve all areas of our life, including communication skills, confidence, health and happiness.

Sherwin Bodsworth Reviews

Sherwin Bodsworth Reviews

Review of Sherwin Bodsworth by jan cornwell
5 23/06/2018 jan cornwell

I went to see Sherwin on the recommendation of a friend, not entirely convinced he could help me, other Hypnotherapists I’d tried had failed, why would this be so different?

I’d been experiencing anger, anxiety, grief, panic, phobias and weight issues for years, since my childhood in fact. Long established behaviours that were impacting on my life, health and well being and I was tired, literally, of feeling this way, it was exhausting.

It sounds like a cliché to say this, but very quickly I felt that Sherwin would help me and he has. In just seven weeks I’m more calm, I’m sleeping well, the anger and defensiveness has gone and my relationship with my partner is as good as its been in a long time.

And the bonus to all this…? I’m finally loosing weight, I have energy and feel good..!!

I now have control over my life instead of the fears and phobias ruling me, its a great feeling, thank you Sherwin..!!!

Gemini53 - Surrey

Review of Sherwin Bodsworth by Patricia Cooper
5 23/03/2018 Patricia Cooper

Sherwin Bodsworth is an excellent hynotherapist, probably one of the best in the country I would say. He helped to get me off prescription drugs in 2017 by giving very good hypnotherapy sessions to help me to relax and focus my mind on getting off the drugs. Sherwin came round to my home and as soon as he started talking to me I felt better. His voice and his way of speaking is very calming. He even took me out walking to help my agoraphobia. He made me my own personal recordings to help with sleep and anxiety problems which helped lot. I am still using him as although I managed to get off prescription drugs, I suffered a corneal ulcer in January 2018 which has affected my vision and I need ongoing councelling. I would thoroughly recommend Sherwin Bodsworth to anyone looking for help with mental problems of any kind. He really walks the extra mile to help you overcome your emotional/anxiety/stress/panic disorder problems. Book him with confidence.

Review of Sherwin Bodsworth by Sophy H
5 14/06/2017 Sophy H

I started my course of Hypnotherapy with Sherwin after finding myself unable to sleep after a lifetime of having no problem whatsoever in nodding off. I had never had hypnotherapy before and wasn't sure about it. But Sherwin was highly recommended to me so I gave it a go and now I would like to highly recommend him. After a short series of visits I am now able to sleep, and find I feel calmer generally. Sherwin has been great, supportive, professional and genuinely cares about the well being of his clients. I couldn't sleep and now I can, I think that says it all really!

Review of Sherwin Bodsworth by Carol Lee
5 04/06/2017 Carol Lee

Seven years ago we took our son Ben who was six years old at the time to see Sherwin. He was having problems with bed wetting and holding himself from going to the toilet, which was causing him a lot of pain anger and worry. We knew at the time if this was not addressed he would most probably suffer humiliation and teasing at school if and when he soiled his trousers, and were worried this may have a long term effect on him. Thankfully Sherwin was able to resolve these problems completely with kindness and sensitivity. Ben has continued to be free of those problems and has enjoyed a happy life since.
A few months ago he began showing sings of anxiety and stress, which started to affect his confidence and sleep. We thought they were most probably being caused by pressures at school, I.e. Exams and expectations. So we didn' hesitate in contacting Sherwin. After four sessions and a personal recording , which Ben listened to each night for about a month, he is now once again a happy confident young teenager. He is sleeping well and taking things in his stride. Ben enjoyed seeing Sherwin again and he was given new mental skills and tools to help him through his adolescent years and on into higher education.
This therapy is so beneficial and effective for children, I think everyone should know about it. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sherwin to anyone.

Review of Sherwin Bodsworth by Heather Ghinn
5 22/05/2017 Heather Ghinn

I went to see Sherwin as I felt I was in a fog in my mind and needed clarity. He has been really helpful in clearing this fog and getting me to having clarity in my mind, I cannot speak too highly of his skills. In a few short weeks he has brought me to a place of confidence, clarity and empowerment. I phoned him when I was feeling something keenly, and needed clarification as to what it was that was troubling me, and in a few short minutes he enabled me to have clear insight into what it was all about! This speaks very clearly of his skill in helping to guide people to come to their own resolution as to what is troubling them. This empowers the person. My confidence has grown significantly and I now understand and trust myself much more, also I have learnt to validate myself instead of wanting others to validate me, and am now much kinder to myself. Thank you Sherwin for helping me to this calmer and stronger place in my mind, heart, spirit and soul.

Review of Sherwin Bodsworth by Sherwin Bodsworth
5 27/11/2016 Sherwin Bodsworth

I am a 23 year old woman who before seeing Sherwin was just a little lost about who I was. I felt unhappy, anxious and confused as to why I was feeling this way. I went to Sherwin unsure of why I was actually going but in hope that he would be able to help me find the reason as to why I was feeling this way.
We went back to my childhood and looked Into certain memories and Sherwin helped me understand why certain events happened and why people react to things differently and why I react to things In certain ways.
Since seeing Sherwin I feel that I was looking back at life very negatively and blaming myself for a lot of things, and now I can look back and smile because I have learnt that it's not something to put a blame on.
I am now living life in the moment.
Sherwin is very kind, gentle and professional. I felt very at ease in my appointments. I work shifts and my hours can be very last minute. Sherwin was very accommodating with this and worked around my hours.
Not only does he listen when in appointments but he also spends time outside of these making at home exercises. For example I had a week of very important exams. I had a session specifically to relax myself ready for these exams, allowing my brain to be much clearer and ready for revising and accessing the information. He made a recording for me to listen to at home the week Before my exams. When it came to the exams I have never been so calm and positive - I could even make others around me feel positive. It was such an incredible change in myself. I also passed with flying colours.
Seeing Sherwin was one of the best decisions I could of made for myself and I am now at a completely different place to a few months ago. He is also making exercises for me at home to continue feeling this way and has ensured me that if I ever need to see him again that I am always welcome and can Also have the odd session.
Can't recommend this form of treatment enough and you couldn't ask for a better therapist.

Sherwin Bodsworth

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Sherwin Bodsworth Q&A

Sherwin Bodsworth Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

My aim is to help as many people as possible to lead healthy fulfilled lives, become more mindful of themselves and the world they inhabit, and reach their true potential.

Why should our clients choose you?

I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology and Psychoanalysis in 1995 and for almost twenty years I have been successfully treating people with a variety of problems listed below. My career has been extremely varied, working with Health and Business Professionals, The Metropolitan Police, clients in Hospital and Children from the age of six. My skills are not only helping people with distressing problems, they are having positive results inspiring and motivating people to achieve great success in their chosen fields, such as Health, Sport, Entertainment and in the Business world.

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