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Sheps Dog Training Centre is a well established dog training place that is proud of its reputation for getting results.
95% of our business is by referral.

We offer training to an excellent standard, and also specialize in helping dogs with aggression problems.

We have outstanding results with dogs who come to our residential training courses.

We also offer training classes or one 2 one training depending on the needs of you and your dog.

Our price structure is affordable and flexible.

We are based here on our family farm in Edwintowe, where we have 10 acres dedicated to "all things dog..".

We are professional dog trainers and capable of training dogs to an excellent standard for obedience and for those with cuddly pets, we are currently expanding the business and the building of new kennel block and possibly the development of an exclusive 10* hotel and spa for doggy fitness and pampering of your furry family member.

No matter what your needs we will help if we can.

Distance is no problem, we have clients from all over the country , either we come to you or you are welcome to come to us and enjoy our wonderful facilities.
Pick up the phone and have a chat, come along and meet our team of dedicated trainers and staff , and our beautiful dogs, all rescues and all with some kind of job helping others in a variety of ways from rehabilitating dogs with problems to teaching children to love dogs.

We are always there for you and the kettle is always on.

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Sheps Dog Training Centre,  Reviews


Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Maynard hunter
5 16/08/2018 Maynard hunter

Very helpful the lady has put us on the right track for training our dogs

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Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Mrs S Cluley
3 14/06/2018 Mrs S Cluley

Received an email and a phone call from a very nice lady who was interested in my dogs, their issues and clearly had a lot of professional experience. However she lived halfway across the country and her fee just for a couple of hours was huge. So I wasn't able to go ahead with it sadly.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Mike Cook
5 15/05/2018 Mike Cook

Highly recommended. They took my two rescue dogs who were scared, aggressive and unsocial and made a huge difference to them on a month's residential course. I can now take them out and have people round without worrying

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Yoana
5 06/03/2018 Yoana

We took our Great Dane for 4 weeks residential training with Shep's Dog Training, she was very consistent with giving us updates, photos and videos of our dog nearly every day of how he's improving. He went to her with issues whilst on lead, he would lunge and bark like crazy with most dogs especially large males. After the first day he had already improved and she showed us a video of him walking calmly past a bunch of dogs that on the day of his drop off he pulled me across the space with lunging and barking uncontrollably. Although he isn't perfect yet, he has improved so much, after all that was years of bad behavior we are working on erasing and he's come a long way. Definitely walks calmly now, much more obedient with commands outdoors(which he used to be horrible with before), still has his moments with some dogs if they are across the street and he didn't get a chance to meet them, but he is a different dog now. We will be attending more classes with Janie as she was ever so kind and professional and hopefully with every class we will be a step closer to a much calmer and happier dog. His behavior was breaking my heart as he never gave any dog a chance to meet him and become friends, where as now he is much more social. Would always recommend Janie and her team's work.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Joanne Mckee
5 15/02/2018 Joanne Mckee

Very understanding, amazing with my dog. Only after one session we saw a improvement in him. I would high recommend this lady to help you with your dog. I certainly will keep using them till we manage to put right my previous mistakes.

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Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Steph
5 24/01/2018 Steph

I gave you 5 star because our dogs were completely different just after a few days they listen and a lot more obedient. Thank you so much and because of you and the training we get to keep our lovely family pets.

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Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by barbara hurst
2 01/11/2017 barbara hurst

Really can't comment,it was to far away for me to contact them, but thank you for responding.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Pauline Watt
5 16/09/2017 Pauline Watt

Janie and team had our 2 girls islay a golden doodle and Cleo a German shepherd for 5 weeks to get them to walk together on the lead without playing up and to take simple instructions. We had constant videos of them, texts, showing them working and playing, so we knew they were happy. You cannot teach a dog to wag it's tail. They are home now. Still the same dogs but walking lovely together and taking instructions. Still a work in progress but the hard work has been done. Thank you Janie. Great decision to send them to you and we know you are there if we need you.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Trevor & Nicky
5 06/09/2017 Trevor & Nicky

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Janie and her team and here’s why… We had been Great Dane owners for nearly twelve years when our eldest bitch developed a tumour and sadly had to be put to sleep. We then rehomed a six-month old bitch to be company for our other male Dane. We were Lana’s third rehome. Initially she proved to be an ideal companion for Devin and a fine addition to the family. But over time she started to become difficult to handle and control. She would bark and rear in a quite alarming and seemingly aggressive fashion, whenever she saw another dog when out walking. She would bark and lunge at joggers and passing cyclists. In the house she would rush to the front door or lounge window barking furiously whenever anyone or anything approached or passed the house. It reached appoint where we were reluctant to take her out for a walk anywhere that there may be people or other dogs. The situation was made more difficult as the other Dane – being much older – was very calm and placid.

Some friends, who had sent their dog to Janie, had made us aware of Sheps Dog Training. We took Lana to several one-to-one sessions and each time the resulting change in her behaviour – whilst with Janie – was remarkable. Unfortunately Lana appeared unable to understand that the good behaviour demonstrated whilst at Sheps had to continue whilst at home or in the street. It was almost a Jekyl and Hyde situation!

Things came to a head when our holiday in our motorhome was cut short within 24 hours due to her bad behaviour towards another dog and we had to return home. We had some serious decisions to make because we could not have a 50 kilo out-of-control dog.

We contacted Janie and she suggested we left Lana with her for a month – ‘Doggie Borstal’- which we did. During that time Janie informed us of the progress being made with and by Lana. Eventually we went to collect her and bring her home. There was a degree of trepidation – what if Lana returned to her old ways when we got home?

The Lana we brought home was not the Lana we had left four weeks earlier. After the initial excitement of being home she is behaving impeccably. Her overall demeanour is much calmer and she ignores noises from the street. But the major change is when walking her. Using the special lead and collar developed by Janie, Lana is now a most obedient dog. Although still interested in other dogs when she sees one, there is no pulling, leaping, barking or any signs of aggression. She will stand or sit patiently if we stop to talk to someone and ignores joggers and cyclists. Everyone who knew the old Lana has been amazed at the change in her personality. We are aware that WE have to continue the good work but can only offer a huge THANK YOU to Janie and her team at Sheps for the way in which they have transformed her.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Debbie Halls
5 24/07/2017 Debbie Halls

Janie and the sheps team had both our dogs in residential training after 1 month we can now walk them on there leads without pulling and meet other dogs with out any aggression at all extremely greatfull to janie we can at last enjoy our belgian shepherd and border collie thank you janie and your team

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by debbie Halls
5 24/07/2017 debbie Halls

Excellent service janie had our 2 dogs for residential training they are both very sociable now and walk lovely on the leads we can now enjoy walking them without fear she is always at the end of the phone when needed would highly recommend sheps dog training thank you janie and your team

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Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Jeny Best
1 19/07/2017 Jeny Best

0 star if have, so rude just tell you need to be a honey people.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Sally Smith
5 19/07/2017 Sally Smith

My first night tonight with my dog Charlie who is a cruelty case I rescued from RSPCA. Me and Charlie both enjoyed it and he made massive improvements even on the first class. Brilliant!

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Mandy Major
5 16/07/2017 Mandy Major

Janie & her team helped our two baby staffies to become well behaved and sociable with other dogs. We found it more difficult than expected to try and train a brother & sister at the same time so had no alternative than to turn to a professional who could provide residential training. My two dogs after one month where transformed into well behaved young dogs, they are a pleasure to walk and do not react when they see other dogs. I am eternally grateful and would recommend Sheps Training to anyone. A massive thankyou from Ruby & Gerrard....M. Major.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Joanne Denby
5 14/07/2017 Joanne Denby

Took my German shepard as he pulled and shown aggression towards other dogs he had 121 for a hour by the end of the hour wow he was a different dog he was walking by your side an was sat at the side of other dogs showing no aggression would recommend them to every 1 who as problems with there dog

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Miss M and JJ
5 11/07/2017 Miss M and JJ

This woman is amazing!!! a true dog whisperer, I watched my previously unruly aggressive juvenile delinquent melt before my eyes....Dog Aggression?? What dog aggression, he was introduced by Janie to several German Shepherds and although he went to bark she made a funny noise and my dog looked up and then a few seconds later wagged his tail at three big dogs!!!!
The secret please???? I didnt believe in magic but Im a believer

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by J 110
5 04/06/2017 J 110

We bought our dog to Sheps with problems of aggression towards other dogs.
The sight of another dog at a distance would make her react.
After our first 1-2-1 lesson we saw an improvement and were able to walk her more calmly straight away.
We have been going to classes now for four weeks and today was the first time our dog struck up a friendship and played with another dog!
To see her so happy (and non reactive!) is testament to the hard work and care we've been shown at Sheps.
At the start of training I didn't think we'd ever achieve this with how reactive our dog was.
At Sheps they understand how stressful and upsetting it is to have a reactive dog.
They care about how you feel and take time to help you individually in classes.
The classes are friendly and we always feel welcome.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Jennie Guest
5 02/06/2017 Jennie Guest

After adopting a 14 month old GSD X Newfoundland from a rescue centre, it became clear that he had received no lead or social training. We contacted Janie and went for our assessment. She saw within minutes of us being there what needed to be done and the options available to us. We chose the residential way, dropping him off in the morning and picking him up in the evening (quickly being dubbed "Doggy School") Bear loved going and the results of their hard work and dedication to teaching him life skills were apparent from very early on . At the end of the 4 week training we (Mum & Dad) went to school so we could also learn on how to handle him in situations we were apprehensive about. This is a great place, with friendly knowledgeable doggy teachers who are only too happy to help with any problem or questions you may have. I would highly recommend Sheps Dog training,

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Julie Dennison
5 13/05/2017 Julie Dennison

What a great place this is to take your dog training. Janie and her team do a great job helping dogs and their owners to bond and have a great time together and to have fun whilst training. I would recommend this training centre. Thanks Janie and

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Ash
5 01/12/2015 Ash

After one days training its amazing how much i learned about my dog definitely recommend to anyone looking for high class obedience training 5 *****

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Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Jasmine Jasmin
5 Jasmine Jasmin

Complete Change in our dog jess from the first session �

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Anne Simpson
5 Anne Simpson

Great dog trainer. Highly recommend.Wish I lived closer

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Caron Harrison
5 Caron Harrison

Great friendly atmosphere, good sound advice, very knowledgable. Taking our 2 dogs to obedience training and I can't believe the change in them already.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Kerry Smithson
5 Kerry Smithson

Great people and so much patience especially with our unruly springer who didn’t like to listen half the time � saying all that we have seen an improvement in her behaviour. Thank you �

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Edward Rostron
5 Edward Rostron

Excellent service. Always goes above and beyond for me. Would highly recommend any service with Janie.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Victoria Grayson
5 Victoria Grayson

Had our first training session with Janie today. WOW !! our little gsd girl is only 15 weeks but so responsive. We have both worked hard in lesson and learned a lot. Thanks Janie, looking forward to Sunday class �

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Katie Parkes
5 Katie Parkes

Amazing! Never thought I’d get my dog Lucy near another dog, as she’s usually so reactive, barking and lunging at dogs and pulling on the lead. First session in the field
With two different dogs, sat about 5 ft away, not reacting at all, sat calm and walking nicely on the lead! Incredible!

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Enid Bloom
5 Enid Bloom

Crazy Maisie had a one to one session with Janie yesterday, because she kept biting the lead, jumping up people, & trying to bite me. She did very well yesterday, but would it last?
On her walk this morning, I stopped to talk to someone & for the first 10 seconds she tried to jump up him, then, of her own accord, sat quietly for 5 minutes whilst we continued to talk. Previously unheard of.
She never pulled once on the lead, nor did she attempt to bite it. On our second walk, she completely ignored two passers by and did not try to jump up anyone on her final walk of the day.
She has had one or two very half hearted attempts to jump up at me and a feeble attempt to try to nip, but I am amazed at her progress in 24 hours. It was nice to have relaxed walks with her.
I fully intend to make sure that Maisie keeps up this good work so that she becomes a very sociable dog.
Thank you Janie, very much.

Review of Sheps Dog Training Centre,  by Amanda Scothern
5 Amanda Scothern

I had a reactive, lunging barking antisocial pup who wouldn't let any dogs anywhere near him. Other dog classes wouldn't entertain having him join and I was feeling like I'd completely failed him. I rang Sheps and instead of filling me with dread I was filled with confidence "we'll get him sorted" was their jolly response and I very hesitantly headed to his first group class 3 weeks ago. On the way there I got completely lost and Janie patiently talked me through to getting there. I arrived stressed, late and holding back my pup who as predicted was going nuts at everyone and everything. Janie came over, quickly checked him and he didn't utter a peep, I was stunned. Gradually over 3 short weeks I have seen huge changes in Blue. He is changing from a fearful, aggressive ball of barking and snot to a happy relaxed pup who is a joy to handle. I have realised through Sheps that the problem was my huge lack of confidence in myself handling Blue and guiding him through new experiences. He now trusts that I have got his back and already we have come a huge way together. Thank you Sheps, I never thought I would see this day but me and Blue are actually doing good and its all thanks to you and your confidence in us that we could do it.

Sheps Dog Training Centre,

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Sheps Dog Training Centre,  Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I am the luckiest person on the planet l work with dogs and other animals. I do what l love and l love what l do...dogs

What inspired you to start your own business?

Lifes too short to be miserable l decided at a very early age l wanted to work with animals and created my own business doing just that

Why should our clients choose you?

Because we will get great results and we will kèep going when others will give up...often dogs come to us that have been written off as impossible by other trainers...we keep going and the results speak for themselves.
That said not all dogs can be totally rehabilitated but many can be improved and a way found for the dog and his owner to enjoy a happy life together

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  • 1 hour average response time

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