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I am Paul, an SEO expert. My agency was born with a simple vision: To give everything for my clients!

Paul Hoda is a SEO specialist that is offering SEO services in London and throughout the United Kingdom. can be contacted for tailored SEO services that will get your website to show up in the searches that potential customers make on Google.



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A website is a window into any business. A peak or a glimpse into the heart of it. If the website looks good people naturaly assume the business is also trustworthy. And then there is Google. Google is obviously the most important factor to consider in the UK when optimising a website. If you can't be found, it does not matter what content is on the website!

We strive to understand a client's vision. We want to ensure this is mirrored throughout the website, because customers want to see a business that has a modern website.

We love achieving great results for our clients by applying a tried and tested SEO strategy. People love us because we do everything and more to increases each business that we work with.

I had spent 14 years as an SEO Specialist working on brands such as Yahoo, Scichart, TOTAL K9®, Medspa and a lot more. I have a passion for small businesses and wanted to transfer my expertise and SEO knowledge to working with business owners that need someone like me, to help them in their journey of online marketing.

I like to play fair: Less fancy words or fancy reports and more actual work and results.
I'm one of the SEO pioneers of Google.co.uk: When I started doing SEO in the UK we were about 5 SEO specialists doing SEO for Google.co.uk. But nowadays the market is crowded with many local SEO companies and so-called 'SEO experts' full of fancy words and poor work.
I am not limiting the work that I provide to "this" or "that": There are hundreds of things that can be done to improve a website and if I spot an issue I just fix it, no questions asked. Time is short so I like to improve as many things that I can. After all, you're hiring me to offer my best results, so that is what I will do.


SEO (On Page Optimisation) - Basically it means I will optimise your website pages for a better chance to rank on Google's top pages.

SEO (Off Page optimisation) - I will optimise and promote your website domain name and link throughout the web by getting citations of your website domain name. It also consists of creating an continually increasing a strong authority link-building foundation.