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Here at seeChange, we see health as something that should be, and not something that needs to be constantly achieved. We believe that everyone has the ability to achieve optimum health. This is what seeChange is all about, working with you to create a truly sustainable approach to living a healthy, happy lifestyle without the struggle to maintain endless diet plans.



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A healthy diet is essential to a persons health & wellbeing. Everything you eat is what powers you, drives all the cells in your body to produce energy and keeps everything going. Each system of the body has its own individual requirements to work optimally from specific vitamins needed to maintain healthy function or support immunity through the intake of antioxidants.

Not only does a healthy diet support our entire body to run efficiently, it also has a major impact on mental state, energy levels, sleep, exercise and much more!

I love engaging with people who are passionate about their health and love the food they eat, and inspiring people to really embrace a healthy lifestyle. Being a support to them is really rewarding and helping them achieve their goals whether that is lose weight, increase energy or simply to just eat healthier is a great feeling.

I love being creative with the food and being able to share my recipes and ideas with people to encourage them to cook more and enjoy the food they cook, as well as it being nutritionally balanced.

I wanted to create something I was really passionate about, I wanted to work in an industry I have had an interest in my whole life as well as having the freedom to manage my own time and do the things I really love from life such as travel.

I wanted to utilise my creative mind in a way that inspired others and allowed me to work in an environment which I can continue to grow and learn everyday. Adding something to someones life and improving the way that someone lived through the food they eat and the way they think about lifestyle rally drives me to create a business I can be proud.

I am a normal person, down to earth, love a good chat and love to talk about nutrition and food all the time.

My aim is to create real change in your life, where you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle without having to continuously work for it. I want to educate you in your own health and ensure that you are understanding everything we do together so that you can consciously begin to see what you need to do to maintain optimal health.

There is no cutting out foods, banning treats or strict regimes to follow, we work together, as slow or fast as you need to introduce new ways in which you can achieve optimal health, so you walk away from our sessions inspired, educated, excited to improve yourself and also your loved ones around you.