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Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire

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SECO Security

Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire

1 hire on Bark


We are SECO Security
Modern, forward thinking and innovative security solutions...

We are a modern and motivated security solutions company who provide a range of bespoke services to our clients, such as but not limited to manned guarding, event security staff, CCTV and Alarm installation, remote veiwing and security response.



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We are passionate about providing a superb service to our clients, seeing how we are actively the iomage of security in our local area pleases us.

How we have built a company that will provide you with a superior service

Before forming our company we knew that there was no point in proceeding unless we were going to ensure we addressed the problems we are aware of within the industry.

So... with this in mind we sat down and looked at what works, what doesnt, the why's and why not's. We discussed our vision for the future and came up with the foundations for the development of this company.

The key components are flexibility, organisation, reliability and quality, or for short we call it (FORQ). by implementing a bunch of measures at the formation, we have already positioned SECO at the forefront of security provision throughout the Midlands.

What sets us apart

At SECO we are actively building a company that will provide the kind of service we believe security should be.

We believe our business should mantain fluidity, this means that each department and service can work seemlessly with each other and fuse together to ensure a complete service to our clients.
We also ensure as a company we are able at short notice to deploy security teams large and small with a mixed skill set, able to carry out all required security arrangements.

Our teams are carefully selected and vetted in accordance with BS7858:2012, additionaly they recieve further training beyond the SIA which prepares them for all situations, with particular care given to the key role they will have. SECO invest in training and are passionate about the benefits of a multi skilled work force.

SECO believe in working closely with our clients and building a long lasting relationship and providing you with a transparent security service.



Gone are the days of the so called "Bouncer", todays Door Supervisors are well trained and licenced professionals, who are not only there to protect but also to assist. They are the first point of contact that a customer will have with your venue, ​​ At SECO we take the role seriously and all our Door Supervisors recieve on going training with an annual refresher, our teams are carefully put together to ensure a broad range of skills such as first aid, handcuff trained and equiped and each DS is prepared in advance in conflict management, situation awareness, customer service, safe self defence and restraint techniques

It is now more important than ever to ensure that your event or festival has a robust and professional security presence, which is why we take great care in selecting our event staff, whether they be SIA licenced security CP,DS,Dog Handlers or ​​Stewards. Our staff are trained in all aspects of the role and our teams are assembled carefully, implementing a superb balance of skills and abilities. We work closely with all parties to ensure the good planning and management of any project, we want to get to know you and build long term trust and partnership. SECO Security ltd go to extensive lengths to plan and execute our events security. No matter what the event, those in charge of security have to plan for the worst of everything from a riot to a terrorist attack, while preparing for the ordinary and routine such as traffic jams, thieves, lost items, angry individuals, and the drunk and rowdy. All without infringing on anyone’s rights, interfering with anyone’s enjoyment or in any way impinging on the commercial success of the event itself. To accomplish all this, numerous groups such as private security companies, event employees and volunteers have to quickly merge together into a single effective team, with everyone in position and ready for action as the event begins.

Take no chances with your BIG day, make sure everything and everyone is safe and secure. ​ In the past few years it is becoming increasingly common to see some form of security arranged for weddings, this can be many things and every couple has their own requirements, however the most common are Door Supervisors to meet and greet as well as keep thing well at a reception, a security guard posted to protect a Marquee and the items stored within it, a secured area and safe removal of gifts by a professional security officer and also specialised security driver to transport the happy couple, wherever they wish. At SECO we provide you with your own specialist planner who will ensure that we are putting together the right the security package that will meet your exact requirements. All our staff are very professional,friendly and smart, they can be as overt or covert as you wish and will dress appropriate to your requirements.

It goes without saying that when it comes to getting married there is going to be a hen or a stag party, Its a time for having fun and letting your hair down. Sometimes however, things can get a ittle bit out of hand, people get may get to drunk and dissapear from the group, sometimes your friends may think its funny to tie you up and leave you, sometimes your unlucky enough to come across nasty individuals who are intent on ruining your night and as a result it will have an effect on your big day. This is where we come in, after years of working in security, we have witnessed many disastrous stag and hen parties where we have had to save the night. As a result we have decided to introduce our stag and hen security packages... basicaly you can book a couple of our highly professional, friendly and covert security personnel to be your chaperones, they can be as uninvolved or as involved as you like, our security can pre=prepare your entrance to selected venues, can hover near by watching for anything out of the ordinary happening around your group, will ensure the safety of each member of your group, they will keep you all together, if anyone is tied up, then fear not as our security guys will get you home safely, our security will organise your group getting to transport home and will personaly drive the Stag or Hen to there place of choice. Take the safety of your hen and stag night in our own hands and feel like a VIP with your own team of protectors. ​

SECO Security offer a professional manned gurding service using highly trained security staff, from the outset we will take a look at your security concerns and work with you to plan a security package which suits your exact requirements.​​ Large or small, short or long at SECO we have the right management, training and personnel to ensure that you are provided with peace of mind. Once we have established and implemented your security package we always ensure that our staff are fully upto date with new laws and legislation, as well as any applicable security procedures and protocols, with continous refresher training.