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22 June 2018

Second time i’ve been to Savoycell and I highly recommend them! I received a very fast and friendly service with a great price. My phone screen was badly smashed and it’s now perfect. Also kindly received a free screen protector. Very happy with my experience. Thank you! More...


Goerge Macky

18 May 2018

Very good service.


derek hartley

29 April 2018

Great for phones needs


umut unal

12 April 2018

good service


jack mc

11 November 2017

Great service 20 munites phone looks like new thaks you



6 July 2017

Great service Best price,allways find what I need for phone or tablets.


Hui Lu

18 May 2017

My iphone 5s broke down due to battery. And it was fixed quickly and the price was very competitive. When there is something with your phone, don't think about to buy a new one and you can just bring it here to fix it. I like this experience.



18 May 2017

Went here after dropping my i phone and needing a new screen. Great service-friendly and efficient. Phone screen was replaced in half an hour for an excellent price! 5 stars all round, extremely happy! More...


mr power

18 May 2016

Savoycell seems to be very helpful. The services provided by them is also very convenient. It deals with basic and complex repairs along with any kind of problems related to any mobile phone.I am very much impressed by their services. More...


David Walton

18 May 2016

Dropped my iphone in town with the screen absolutely demolished. Was worried that I would have to fork out and get a new phone, and decided to go into the Savoycell store as my last hope of getting it fixed.Told him the problem, and whether he could fix it. He told me to give him half an hour and I came back to what was almost like a brand new phone. It wasn't just the screen either, the sound coming through from phone calls is absolutely perfect - something I was having issues with before.Here's the best bit - it only cost £25Any problems with your phone and I would urge you to go there in a heartbeat. Terrific and quick service. More...


Gzl Rep

19 May 2014

Amazing, expedient, efficient, friendly and professional service. My iPhone screen has been fixed to perfection and very competitive price. Highly recommend this particular company! Best phone Repair Shop in Glasgow.. More...

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