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Tax Services, preparation and financial planning.
Life and Health insurance.

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9 December 2019

Excellent knowledge of business taxes and great personal service.

30 September 2019

Excellent client education.

25 January 2018

The experience you receive at Savant tax and business services is more than just crunching numbers. Jim Henderson, the owner, is more concern with his clients being educated about taxes and how they fit into their overall financial health rather than taking their money. I've been going to him for more than ten years for advice and services on anything that touches taxes: financial planning, annual taxes, real estate, and estate projects. Each time, Jim pulls up a chair and listens attentively to what you want to achieve. After listening, he begins to teach and discuss options with you in real-time taking everything that you shared into consideration--just like a good financial educator. Never once has he pushed products or services. I always leave his office informed and knowing how to proceed. This year, he educated me on how President Trump's new tax law will adversely affect me next year. Last year, I did an $800 tax experiment. I hired one of the best accountants around to do my annual taxes. This accountant has many awards and received excellent Yelp reviews. I also gave Jim my taxes. Since I have a long tenure with Jim, I wanted to see if I was still receiving the best tax services. The verdict: Jim won! My federal refund alone was more than my combined state and federal refund from the award winning accountant. Jim always sits down with me after doing my taxes to show how he did the work and what I should consider for the following year.My recommendation...give him a call. More...