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I offer face to face counselling, currently on Wednesday mornings at the Torus Wellbeing Clinic. Client led sessions to help with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, bereavement and much more. I offer a FREE 20 first meeting or telephone consultation to see if we would like to work together, then regular sessions at mutually agreed times.

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Stephanie Rose

2 January 2019

I needed clarity, calmness and coping strategies......Sarah gave me that and a whole lot more. She helped me through a fog that was hanging over me for a long time Anxiety, depression and all of the side effects that come with it can be scary, frustrating and soul destroying. I felt all of those things before my sessions with Sarah, I don’t doubt one day I might feel them again but knowing that Sarah is there and armed with the self help strategies that she has helped me to discover I’m feeling more positive, grateful and thankful than ever and looking forward to the future ✌ ❤️ More...


Hayley Bland

12 September 2018

Sarah is an amazing counsellor and has helped me with very difficult parts of my anxiety and depression issues and still does to this day. She has helped me to get me where I am today with her help, support and advice. More...

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I love meeting new people and offering comfort and support to individuals who are struggling with life. I love being able to provide hope and inspire people to believe in themselves and find happiness again.

To be able to manage my own time and provide services that I am confident and comfortable with, without having to limit myself to organisational wishes.

I am here for you and no one else. I will not judge, lecture or criticise you but will work with you to find out what works for you. You decide what you want from the sessions, you decide how many times you see me , you decide what works and what we talk about. I am not an expert in your life, you are.