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Sammas Productions

40 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2YQ

Sammas Productions logo

Sammas Productions

40 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2YQ


Sammas Productions is a full production house that specialises in creating innovative film, TV, and commercial content. Our team are dedicated to turning unique visions into scintillating visuals, from every production stage. We are always looking to explore new opportunities and concepts, that mean the content lasts forever and not just for the now.



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A great website will be beautifully designed, modern and sophisticated. It will include various images and videos designed to ensure the website is interactive and engaging. Furthermore, it should have the right balance of information across various pages it may include. It should be web responsive and easy to navigate. Through experience in developing cinematic videos, photos and designs, we know how to transition this similarly to web design. Take a look at our website to see for yourselves!

When starting a project with a client, it is important for us to understand your vision, idea and plans. It doesn't have to be detailed, as long as you have an initial idea of what you are looking for, we will do the rest. We need to understand your budget, which gives an idea of how we can create the website or video or designs that suits that particular budget. The recommended budget we propose takes into consideration your finances and ensures it is highly affordable.

It is imperative for us to understand you and your business and what you do. This allows us to tailor everything around you.

Sammas Productions is a creative film and video production agency that operates distinctively through the meticulous services we provide. We breakdown our services to 3 fundamental categories: strategy, creative production and distribution. Every project requires extensive amount of research and analysis. We initiate with the data of the demographic and figure out the formula, which provides the best way to engage with them for maximum results. Every great marketing campaigns must have a great strategy in place. Our team of professionals turn strategy into high-end videos, graphics, photos and more. With vast amount of experience in the video production industry, Sammas Production take a creative direction in the video production and design services. Sammas Production offer intrinsic value with tailored packages built to suit the needs of you and your budget. Sammas Productions create trends and styles. We have the same approach for all brands, regardless of the size and industry - including non-profit organisations such as schools, MAT’s and charities.

We need to know your budget, idea/vision, timeframe and what your business is about.

We enjoy being creative. The ability to transform a vision to something that can be considered art. We always strive to create work that lasts a lifetime and not just for the moment.

The passion and love for creating, that inspires and differentiates from other videos or content. Starting as a freelancer, both Kabi Khan and Ashley Cousins formed this video production agency to give clients a place that can meet their needs and ideas into the forms of videos, photos, graphics and websites.

We are all about breaking typical conventions and creating groundbreaking content. We strive to break boundaries in everything we do. Because of our high level ambition and goal to be the best, this is seen in our clients work. That is why we always go above and beyond. Everything we create has to be perfect, no matter the size of the project and budget.



Our team of videographers and photographers develop branding content in the form of videos, photos and graphics to be used across your social media channels. These are very effective in engaging with your target demographic, providing great return-on-investment, as well as, sales conversion. We provide cinematic, stunning and modern form of media, which shows your consumers how you differentiate from the other competition.

This service provides you with cinematic and creative commercials to be used across TV and online, which shows your brand in ways that cannot be imagined.

With this service, we create compelling content to promote your company, its products and services, as well as the brands story. Communicating to your target demographic and customer base through these videos are extremely powerful and ensure the brand image is powerful, memorable and attractive.

Whatever the occasion, filming on set at whatever the location, our team are able to capture stunning visuals and exceed every possible imagination.

Through experience and technique, we are able to bring the story of the property to the video. By providing a luxurious feel of the property, you can sell in confidence.

Having been involved in music videos amassing over 100+ million views, we produce music videos for every type of artist. We bring your concepts and ideas to life.

We capture beautiful and stunning photos for whatever the occasion. Through state-of-the-art equipments, we can provide you, your company or organisation with photos that can last a lifetime.