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Thomas Mann

7 May 2019

Simply amazing, as an English guy trying to navigate his way through the rubbish food America has to offer, Sagato is a breath of fresh air, its like coming home even though its run by Poly's, our Commonwealth roots connect our food culture in many ways, the sausage rolls and steak pie were a personal favourite, 5 stars all round.


jacob mann

7 May 2019

PASTRY!! From the Commonwealth ! After searching for 2 years I have found pastry's and pies that have the taste of my childhood. I'm originally from the UK it's been difficult to find an authentic pastry that preserves and respects savory flavour. This modern cafe has an islander family owned feel if you miss European or Commonwealth pastry's this is the place very well done all round I had a sausage rolls which knocked my socks off absolutely incredible taste I would recommend to everyone to try this place out More...


Pauline Fonua

7 May 2019

This bakery has so much it offers than just pastries and food. It has been a warm blanket over the Salt Lake Community in bridging its delicious pastries and desserts with various organizations and programs as well as religious entities. A place that warms hearts and fill up bellies is a place that could be considered “a home away from home”. Thank you Sagato Bakery for your artistry in desserts and pastries More...


Toa Lokeni

7 May 2019

Have ordered everything on the menu and bought everything in the glass cases from the desserts to the different kinds of meat pies... they are all top notch and delicious! The staff is very friendly and the bakery is very clean and organized at all times. Every time I'm in Salt Lake I stop and grab something to eat and I'm never disappointed. Support these small businesses, especially when they are working hard to make sure you have a good experience. More...


Tom Leppard

7 May 2019

Best bakery in Utah! Some authentic flavours that are true to the common wealth! Reasonable pricing and great food.


Alethea Galeai

28 April 2019

Needed desserts last minute and ordered strawberry and chocolate mini lamingtons for my cousins baby shower the night before. They both were equally yummy but strawberry was my fave. There were nothing but compliments and inquiries about who made them. Thank you for being accommodating (at a last minute) and taking the dessert table to another level lol More...


Brittany Tonga

28 April 2019

I cannot get enough of this place! In general I don't like the texture of mince meat, but the flavor is still on point. I LOVE the steak and cheese meat pies. My go to dessert is the strawberry shortcake and lamington cakes. I love that I can get dinner and dessert at the same place. Everything is made with LOVE! More...


Fina Schwenke

29 March 2019

I love everything about Sagato Bakery! The bright, welcoming, warm family environment is felt as soon as you walk into the establishment. The baked goods and meat pies are as beautiful as they are delicious. I would highly recommend all my family, friends, fellow Utahns and visitors to our State to experience Sagato Bakery for themselves. More...


Gabby Lobendahn

27 February 2019

I love love their meat pies- steak, chicken, mince, I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to. I’ve tried every dessert and I’m a huge fan- the pineapple pie is my favorite. My 6 year old claims their Oreo cupcake changed her life (dramatic, that one)! The place is very clean and well decorated, the people are so nice and the service is wonderful. Also, the only place I’ve found L&P for my husband! Keep it up, Sagato! See you in a few hours, probably. More...


Connor Rawle

28 January 2019

Best meat pies since New Zealand. I was blown away, their meat pies are awesome. The potato topper one and of course the sausage rolls were both to die for. I got the Koko Samoa and a bunch of L&P’s to drink. This place is the real deal. Good vibe inside, nicely decorated with a nice and cozy atmosphere and it’s super clean inside as well. Great bakery, thanks for bringing the taste of the islands to Utah. More...


Angela Morgan

6 November 2018

A coworker told me of this place and I love it! I've been 3 times already. The desserts are so delicious. My favorites are the lamington and cream cheese browning. Their cakes are soft and moist. I could eat here everyday. The place itself is so cute and bright and the customer service is great. More...


Ula Matavao

22 October 2018

Came from California to try this awesome bakery. Love to support our Polynesian owned businesses. Pretty much ordered everything on the menu. Everything was delicious. Really liked the mince pies. The prices were fair and affordable for any household. They have all of your Polynesian favorites like panipopo, half moon pies, sausage rolls, and many more!!! We will definitely be back! More...


Shenna Frost

18 October 2018

We LOVE Sagato Bakery! The food and pastries are all so GOOD and we always have a hard time deciding what to choose. We have eaten there often since their Grand Opening and have seen them on their busiest days always striving to take care of their customers. We missed an item on one of our orders and they made sure to take care of us. If it's something that they are made aware of, they will make sure you are taken care of. We love their customer service and their delicious foods and will continue to visit there often! More...


JJ Holiday Malichanh

9 October 2018

Try the meat pies you will thank me for the recommendation later


Maryann Brunt Samoa

9 October 2018

Everythings delicious! Especially the meat pies.


Heather Burton

9 October 2018

So yummy! I would drive over an hour for this! Love love ! It is happiness!!!!


Ashley Ludlow Dasianu

9 October 2018

Delicious food made by wonderful people. Definitely the best bakery around.


Bowen Jacobs

9 October 2018

Meat pies just like Gran- er... the Corner Bakery in NZ used to make! Delicious!

And the panipopo! Amazing! I cannot recommend it enough!


Gianna M

6 October 2018

Best food I’ve ever had!! #Facts. Sausage rolls are my favorite! They have such a great selection of desserts and delicious food. Great atmosphere. You have to get there early for the goodies, but it’s worth the wait. Definitely a fan More...


Lemz Asi

3 October 2018

If your looking for delicious meat pies and desserts this is definitely the place to go. Don’t let the harsh reviews discourage anyone. With every bad review comes 10 great reviews. Keep up the great work and I’m excited for the official grand opening. KEEP ON KEEPING ON! More...

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