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Kelsang Changchen

30 June 2019

Very happy with the service. Sam got me a great little laptop at a good price. Can definitely recommend.


XXDucky QuackXX

17 May 2019

I was in Barrow for a couple of days visiting a friend and my HP laptop failed to boot and as it happened, I had sold it and needed it to be repaired ASAP.Found SB Supplies, Laptop Repairs Barrow on-line and spoke to Sam who was able to help me, a very helpful person and he did an amazing job repairing my Laptop.I highly recommend him and his business and I have no doubt what so ever he will help you in your hour of need.Joanne. More...


Tommie Jody

7 May 2019

I required a laptop ASAP because mine was beyond repair and it was old.Sam at SB Supplies obtained a laptop, it looks almost new and he did say it was a very fast laptop, and he was telling the truth, unlike other suppliers i have used before. It is a very fast laptop and i love it. The price i paid was a fraction of a cost i would of had to pay and it came with 12 months warranty. I highly recommend Sam, he is honest and very competitive with his prices. More...


Mercédesz Béres

7 April 2019

Highly recommended business if you have any issues he will have you covered. Friendly, fast, affordable i could not be happier. Big thanks to Sam.


Cyril Whiteside

7 March 2019

I was up in Barrow for a week, last week, and my laptop failed to start and i needed it for my business, I spoke to Sam and i dropped it off at his place of business and he repaired it, he managed to rescue my photos and documents.He had to replace a part and he got it working better and faster than before.Brilliant service, polite, very competitive, and quick.He had to work late to get it finished for me as i needed it quickly.If your PC / laptop needs repairing, give him a call as I highly recommend him.Thank you very much.Cyril.P.S. I left a review on his other website a month ago and thought I would leave one on here as well. More...


Andrew Sandham

7 March 2019

I dropped my laptop and broke the screen, and i was in a rush to get some info from the laptop and needed repairing soon.I got Intouch with Sam at SB Supplies, Laptop Repairs Barrow, and he replaced the screen and other work to the laptop in an amazingly short time.I highly recommend him.Andrew.


Ray Toal

4 December 2017

Excellent job done. Computer repaired within 48 hours. Reasonable price and very friendly service.

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