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As a business consultant specialising in performance and mindset I have spent over 15 years supporting business owners with their business structure, systems and processes, and everything in between that adds value to the performance of the organisation.



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The greatest reward for me is seeing my clients achieve the results that they desire. I have found that entrepreneurs and business owners can often feel isolated, so having someone like me to discuss and expand on their vision can prove to be priceless.

I am adept at grasp a concept and then turning it into a simple and effective system or programme. I love possibility, so being able to facilitate personal and business growth with my clients is the reason that I do what I do.

I was inspired to start my own business when my children were young as I wanted to have the flexibility to work hours that suited me. They are now young men. I have always helped people to pursue ideas, so coaching and business consultancy are a natural fit for my skills, and I have extensive business experience to support my clients.

Clients who should choose to work with me are those who are committed to taking action and require a coach/consultant who will recognise their core values and take them into account whilst we work together.

If you are looking for someone who will support you at every step to ensure that you start seeing results quickly, I can do that for you.