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We offer a range of colours and different profiles in fascias,gutting,downpipes ect,all rotten wood removed and ventilation system fitter as standard,we also offer a range of flat roof services,from torch on felt to fire stone rubber cover, replacing of any rotten wood or beems, r window and doors service is a full replacement system of old for new,we also offer a range of colours and profiles,please ask for details,all r fitters have from 11 years to 17 years of experience and offer free advice on the best plan for your project,please put us to the test,thanks lee


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I meet a lot of nice people so Meeting definite people is got to be one of them,also I like fixing people problems on there homes,I like the satisfaction when I make a customer happy,working in definite areas is also a good side to my job

I didn’t like the idea of big company’s changing big price,is for the same job I can do for less then have there price,also I get time of when I need it witch isn’t often but it’s nice to have the chose.

I think to start with you need someone reliable not only the start your job on the day that you both have arranged but someone that knows what it takes to do a good job,like useing a good quality of plastic that comes with a guarantee from the manufacture Also someone that will come back and fix any problems that may Aqua over the next 10 years,but the top think I would say is someone that as ad a lot of experience,i have 18 years of experience and I have a team of 3 that work with me together we have nearly 70 years of experience