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Anthony Lomax

18 May 2019

Great food


Michael Harding

8 May 2019

Nice & fresh


ian wilcock

8 February 2019

Best meat and potatoes pies excellent service


Martin Evans

8 February 2019

Great Fish & Chips...


Doug Politi

8 January 2019

Very Good Food, Freshly prepared.


Tony Willis

8 November 2018

The Home of Chippy Tea.Fish and chips or pies, both homemade and popular brands, freshly made sandwiches and salads.I'm not going to say that there's something for everyone but for most people looking for traditional fish and chips, both are cooked fresh and very, very tasty.I can't wait for the loyalty cards!


Peter Holmes

8 September 2018

Clean and tidy .nice chips .good parking .great choice


Martin Sparkes

8 September 2018

Expect to wait for the food to be cooked and be prepared for food that's cooked right and tastes like it should and presented well if your eating in Take aways also excellent


martin sparkes

8 June 2018

Food is freshly cooked and the staff are friendly


Rakesh Naik

8 June 2018

One of the best low cost fish n chips that I've had in Manchester. I had my first plate of fish n chips from here and have been a regular ever since. The people are friendly, the food is fresh and delicious. It's like walking into your own house and ordering a plate of fish n chips. I also like the Battered Jumbo Sausage here and the chinese curry sauce! More...


John Walker

8 June 2018

Great quality fish and chips , try it !


Markthederpy :3

8 June 2017

This is the best fish and chip shop it was delicious and the staff are really nice.