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Supporting driven senior professionals in leadership to feel confident, fulfilled and clear on their direction, so they can excel in progressing their career.

- Are you an ambitious senior professional, either within your own business or as part of a wider organisation?



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Every client is different. They have their own unique values, background and perspectives on the world. As Founder of Rhapsody, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of people and businesses. To be part of the huge positive shifts in confidence and performance that clients make as a result of us working together is hugely rewarding to be a part of.

As Founder of Rhapsody, I created Rhapsody to support driven senior professionals and ambitious businesses to excel at what they do.

During a 14 year career in leadership & management, and then in consulting, it became clear that organisational success is ultimately down to the commitment, motivation and expertise of its people, which is created and nurtured through outstanding leadership.

I am privileged to have coached and been coached for over a decade, and for me, coaching is one of the most powerful, long lasting ways that we can develop ourselves and those around us.

Therefore I took the leap to combine powerful leadership coaching with my passion for supporting personal development in others to set up Rhapsody Leadership Development, and haven't looked back!

We know that coaching is a significant investment of time, energy and, let's face it, money, so we work hard with our clients to help them to get the best out of their coaching programme. We do this by bringing a sense of structure, accountability and outcome focus to our clients' thinking and supporting clients even when we're not in a coaching session, so that they continue to make positive progress throughout their programme.

Rhapsody combines practical understanding of business, leadership and management with an empathetic coaching style and a passion for personal growth to deliver truly transformational outcomes for 1:1 and business clients.

Please take a look at our website for further details, including testimonials from previous clients.