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Kenilworth, Warwickshire/Coventry

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Kenilworth, Warwickshire/Coventry

3 hires on Bark.com


I am a personal trainer that specialises in weight and fat loss as well as strength and conditioning.

I have helped people lose some exceptional amounts of weight and I have also helped people get better at their respected sports. Everyone has a goal that is indivudal to them and I specialise in helping you achieve that greatness and often more.

I would love to hear from you today!

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20 July 2019

Three weeks into my training and so far so good, nutrition plan sorted and sessions have been tough but really enjoyable! Dan is easy to speak to and will push you but also allow suitable time for recovery etc. Highly recommended

Thank you very much for this Chris. Very generous of you!!

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Attention to detail. It's not about my bank balance. It's about learning about all the people I work with and answering as many questions as I can. But even more importantly giving my clients the tools they need to thrive in success. I educate myself all the time and feel uncomfortable when im not enrolled in a course - yet I couldn't wait to leave school as a teenager haha!! I do love learning its amazing. So it helps me help my clients every single day!

Consistency and moderation. I hate these FAD diets out there and social media telling you one thing and then telling you its wrong. There are too many people trying to re-invent the wheel. The tools you need are basic. It's not about losing weight, putting it back on and asking yourself, "what happened?" - where you end up going in a vicious cycle.

You do not need to sacrifice the foods you love or stop socialising with your friends and family. Get in touch and lets get these

Seeing people change their lives. Not just physically. But mentally too. They are always seeing the small vicitories and then taking a look back and reminding themselves what they achieved.

I also look after my clients attentively, so often we build strong friendships. I love building networks and helping people wherever I can!

My family. Last year (2018), my brother-in-law took his own life as he didn't feel mentally, life worth living. I miss him daily but i know the power of exercise and nutrition. I want to help people on another level!

It sounds cheesey, but I love changing peoples lives. I was a manager of a gym and the same gym funnily enough. I have now become a level 4 strength and conditioning coach. I am now doing a diploma in biomechanics. I have already attained other qualifications in Nutrition ensuring i am at the top of my game.

We live in a world where business owners are TOO focused on their own wallet on not peoples well being. I by no means undervalue by skill set, but do not expect people to bankrupt themselves to just feel better. I make the packages suit all

No one know's how many years they have on earth. But we do know how to add life to those years. I will help you achieve things you thought were questionable or too far fetched. I will help you shop for food if I need too. In all seriousness though, you should choose me to personal train you because I can help you achieve the goals you desire and then some. I will invest myself in to you and your goals. Success is the minimum expectation in my eyes.