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Dawn C.

8 March 2019

What an awesome class!'  This was my first spinning class ever!! Jeff was our instructor and he was phenomenal!! I haven't sweated that much in a long time!! Can't wait to take the class again. Here I come ready or not revolution fitness More...


Angie T.

29 January 2019

My favorite workout studio in Santa Monica! So much fun, Jeff Wells spinning workout is awesome! The most upbeat spin class I have ever taken.


Erick Diaz

29 December 2018

I love this place


Ken B.

31 October 2018

The rowing classes in the back room are fun but you still get a thoroughly challenging workout.


Natalie S.

21 September 2018

Great classes. Love the instructors. Wish it were closer to home.  Always clean. Friendly staff.


Dawn C.

8 September 2018

What an awesome class!'  This was my first spinning class ever!! I think Jeff was the instructor and he was phenomenal!! I haven't sweated that much in a long time!! Can't wait to take the class again. Here I come ready or not revolution fitness!! More...


Dani Reardon

28 August 2018

Loved the Rev HIIT class today! Everyone was very welcoming. Great workout


Jassen Bailey

28 August 2018

Casey is very knowledgeable and varies up routines. Classes are both beneficial and challenging!


Shawn Tyrrell

28 August 2018

I really enjoy the workouts at Revolution Fitness. As with any excercise program you get out of it what you put in, and Casey makes sure you put in all you've got and more. The variety of routines makes sure that you won't get bored and the "toys" are awesome, 1 of my personal favorites is the yoke carry, guaranteed to build some muscle but giving you a deceptively hard cardio/conditioning workout as well. More...


Rashel D.

1 August 2018

Awesome location and awesome staff! Loved the spin class as well.....was my first time there and the instructor was so patient and sweet...definitely will be back!


Ashleigh R.

31 July 2018

This place is so awesome. Such friendly staff, wonderful classes and flexible schedules. Their attitude and helpfulness makes me want to come back with all of my friends. You have to check this place out! And quick! :) More...


A G.

31 July 2018

I love this studio! The classes are amazing and the instructors really challenge you. The staff at the front desk are the sweetest, and you really can't get a better deal on these types of classes in Santa Monica!  I encourage everyone to come here! More...


Gali H.

31 July 2018

What an excellent place for spinning! The class is fun and upbeat, the instructors keep you pumped and the music is great. I love coming here when I'm in the area because I find it superior to what I have locally.If you're lucky enough to live or work close by, take advantage of this awesome place. More...


Kathy H.

31 July 2018

This is an awesome studio for yoga!  You won't be disappointed by the quality of the teachers and friendly staff.


Lauren H.

31 July 2018

Let me just say....Revolution Fitness is amazing in every way.   The classes kick butt, the people who work there/instructors are wonderful and the owner treats the members and employees like family.  This is truly a gem!  A local business done right!  Oh and the cold lavender towels after class are the perfect way to top off the stellar experience at Rev! More...


Jenny S.

31 July 2018

I had the greatest experience at Revolution Fitness from the moment I stepped in the door!  The front desk staff members were so kind and welcoming!  The class was exhausting (in a good way). Can't wait to go back! More...


JaNaye G.

5 July 2018

This was my first time here, I took Jeff's class and it was absolutely amazing. I haven't taken a spin class in over a year and Jeff gave me one hell of a reintroduction. I'm beat but I feel really good. He checked on me a few times which made me really comfortable and welcome; especially because he knew the majority of the class by name. I also thought it was dope that they have yoga and pilates as well. I'm into all of those things so this is a cool spot for me to go after work. I will definitely be going back! More...


L Y.

24 June 2018

Love Revolution Fitness!  There is a reason why Revolution Fitness is still here after all these years.  Great management and relevant trainers. Love working out here.


Sharen E.

6 April 2018

Very warm and welcome front desk staff (Alex)who walked me through the two week trial membership. The studio itself was clean, cozy and had all the amenities needed. There was a majority of women in this spin class; middle-aged professionals who were friendly.I went to Tara's Friday morning spin class and she was just amazing! I see why she's one of their premier instructors! The studio itself is a great size with good lighting and good sound. I found the bikes to be new and the fact that they had a staff member going around cleaning immediately prior immediately after make me feel everything was attended to. I have Pilates reformers classes. I saw group class with three people going on when I was there. They also have TRX classes which seem to be for the more advanced super fit people.There is street parking on Montana but since I walked in didn't effect me. **TIP: Make sure to check in on yelp for free water bottle! More...


Marie M.

14 August 2017

Love love this place! The staff is wonderful and the instructors are amazing. The best part is they keep the rooms nice and cool. Today I took a spin class from Madison and she rocked it. More...


Lisa G.

17 May 2017

Never understood the hype of spin. But came here from ClassPass and did a morning weekday spin and now I see why!!! The music is loud and gets u pumped up for work hard! Like being at a club as an adult, u can sing along with the flashing lights and watch the music videos all to the instructions of ur spin instructor to burn some fat off!! Definitely must try! More...


Abigail K.

8 April 2017

Best cycling class I've ever been to!!! Daniella is an AMAZING instructor. It's so nice to cycle somewhere where the instructors know what they're doing and want to help you with form, breathing etc. really upbeat class with GREAT music. Absolutely sweated my ass off and even cried emotional tears at the end of my workout because I just felt so amazing and really challenged! Will DEFINITELY be getting a membership here, thanks to ClassPass for introducing me to this wonderful studio!!! More...


Michelle Y.

2 March 2017

This is my favorite place to spin in LA!!!  Jeff's class is fantastic.  He plays the best music and makes the class so fun.


Huiwei T.

28 February 2017

In a sea of sooo trendy, spinning chains, this is an old world, one-off spinning places with pilates, yoga and my favorite - indo rowing.  This is in a small courtyard that is so quaint, The spinning space is spacious, bikes are in good shape, vibe is great, and I haven't had a medicore instructor, yet. Sound system is awesome.  Love this place. Owner Stephanie really cares about her customers. More...


Luiza A.

28 February 2017

Challenging and fun cycle classes!!!I've only been to their cycle classes, but I must say they're on my top 5 list in LA. Fun, challenging and yet personable.


Heather H.

16 December 2016

I have been to countless spin studios and without a doubt Jeff Wells at Revolution IS THE BEST!  He provides a great workout that is fun! He works hard on his play lists and it shows. He loves his classes and everyone loves to spin with him! This guy is filled with love and light!  Most of his classes fill up fast...try a class and you will also be a convert! More...


Talia S.

14 December 2016

This is a great studio! Everyone there is super nice and kind. It's located on Montana sort of hidden away with the Courtyard Kitchen. Last night went to Jaclin's spin class, she is amazing! She's so funny and down to earth. She always starts her class by seeing if anybody needs help with their bike. Jaclin plays a variety of music that really keeps you moving on your bike - up & down those "hills." With her motivating words and energy coming from her class time flys by. At Revolution, they treat you like family. Andrea is also so sweet. She and Daniella just started a new Spin/HIIT class (30/30) I would love to try!   The seating is open with many bikes to choose from in different locations (by the speakers/ fans/ doors/ lighting). There are water bottles to purchase if you forgot yours (check in on YELP for a free one).  Revolution also provides shoes if you forgot yours, don't have any/ are new to spin. They have dry towels for your ride, and cool ones for after. It is also a very clean place (right after the class the floor is being mopped up and ready for the next). More...


Marie H.

23 November 2016

I've taken yoga, indo-row and barre classes here.  I think prices are great with a package.  I feel like I got good instruction and solid workout.


Stephanie L.

8 November 2016

I really, really loved this studio. The variety of classes is great. I love the location on Montana and how the Courtyard Kitchen is just outside. The instructors are probably the most motivating bunch I've come across and push you beyond belief! they also play great jams. Also the girls up front, make me want to continue going to this studio forever! Love them. I highly recommend the 'new client' special - $99 for unlimited classes(not including Pilates) so think Barre, spin, rowing, yoga.  Then why the 4 star rating? Here's my bullets of dislikes (even though I like you so much)- no parking- not the end of the world if you go early morning or after 6 pm but still, not exactly convenient if being honest - 2 showers- I haven't had to battle anyone but when I only have 20 minutes to get dressed/commute to work, it's stressful thinking if someone is in the shower I am really screwed. Granted most of the clientele lives in Santa Monica but I live in the Malibu Mountains so I can't just drive home and shower/- also the one shower, don't get me wrong it's fairly clean but there is mildew in the corner. you can do better. - they offer small towels for working out but no towels if you need to shower there. BYOT- it's expensive... just being 1000% real. I love the unlimited package because I'm going 5x a week right now but if I were to do that with one of their regular packages? it would cost me $360 per month. Which considering it gets me a 1 shower bathroom, isn't exactly a bargain. Is the pricing outrageous for the neighborhood? absolutely not and after all they are still cheaper than Soul Cycle but there's always Ryde4 in Santa Monica or other gym options that are considerably less than $360 and offer more amenities. Just go into a membership program here with your eyes open. More...


Mark H.

9 October 2016

Amazing place! Great instructors, owner, manager & the place is homy, is extremely clean & fun!  The instructors are top notch!  Join!


Zn H.

2 October 2016

Excellent classes, nice people, great vibes.I love indo-row with David Berman and Bryan Moore, great workout to good music. Spinning classes with Jeff Wells are awesome too. More...


Jonny G.

20 September 2016

Great spin class and environment! The front desk ladies Isabella and Teresita were amazing & friendly. Good atmosphere. Definitely will be back!!


Abby E.

25 August 2016

The spin classes are great! They are inspiring and motivating. And hard! I live in NY but this is my go-to gym in CA.


Lauren K.

25 July 2016

Great studio!!Super fun classes. Time flies hereHighly recommend for spinning and rowing


Christa P.

20 July 2016

I have now taken classes here with 3 different instructors and I would like to say, please do yourself a favor and spin with Nicola Kerns!! She's absolutely amazing! Her energy and the way she leads the class is extremely motivational, pushing me to reach my fullest potential. Will be back soon! More...


Judy H.

1 July 2016

I'm on class pass, and I love Revolution. They are so helpful, friendly and the classes are amazing. A great neighborhood fitness center on Montana!


Matt Sloan

28 May 2016

Great place, great atmosphere, great staff - glad I made it my new gym.


Dorothy D.

24 May 2016

I love the convenience - walking distance. Front desk girl very friendly and as helpful as she could be. Disco ball cute touch, clean towels added in no cost. Unlike a few local yoga studios that I currently frequent, though, this is expensive and is def a business  first and foremost. Although instructors seem great.Regarding the 7 AM spin class: granted I walked in right at 7, could have had a few more minutes to troubleshoot BUT I don't love that some of the equipment is broken-my third bike was OK but still did not have a computer and the instructor kept referring to check our computer during the class. Music was very loud abd seemed to b unrecognizable to anyone but the instructor who commented on it affectionately throughout class.  I looked around the room and most other spinners had earplugs in. Note to self.I think that the experience here is appropriate for a donation-based studio in a more socioeconomically challenged part of the city.The price they're asking just does not correlate with the product you're getting.I did an indorow class here really enjoyed the instructor and had a good time. 5 stars for that class.If I worked out three times a week I might do it once a week or so to change things up.Plan to try another instructor the girls at the desk recommended will update then! More...


Tara D.

17 May 2016

Love Revolution! I am fairly new to spinning and have been trying out different classes with different teachers. Revolution is definitely on my go-to list! I love the Montana area and the studio space is really cool. The bikes are nice, they have free filtered water, and the spin room is clean, and well-ventilated. I've had a few different teachers here, and they are all great! My new fav is Jaclin - she played great music and the class was challenging and engaging. Definitely one of my favorite instructors I've had so far anywhere in SM, I think her class is becoming one of my go tos! More...


Jeca D.

21 April 2016

The review I previously left was for a bar! Sorry! And I just saw this as I went to the page to leave an awesome review! Wow I suck!Anyways FIVE STARS FIVE STARS FIVE STARS for revolution fitness! Everyone is so wonderful! I did not encounter one bad thing about this place! The environment, the people, the classes, the instructors, the workers! I love them all! The receptionists, first of all, were my favorite! Anya was so nice and remembered my name! But Teresita and Daniella were soooooo awesome! They're so sweet and so funny and I always looked forward to seeing them and chatting with them before and after my classes!As for the instructors, I pretty much had EVERYONE and I kid you not they were all wonderful! For spin I had Jennifer, Mikey, Julie, Jaclyn and Danielle, and they were all suuuuper great! Every class was energetic and such a great work out. For Indo-row I had Justin, Magdy and David and they were all so great as well!!!My only regret so far is not trying other types of classes. This fitness studio has such a variety of classes, I'm excited to try more! But yes, sorry for the bad review before. Complete mistake! Totally for a bar lol not here! More...


Juli D.

3 March 2016

I really enjoy the spin classes at Revolution Fitness. The spin room is the largest I've seen and it's set up in a tiered half circle around the instructor. I've probably done classes with five different instructors and think they are all fantastic. My only complaint is the music. I put a lot of stock in the music played because it helps me push myself harder during a workout. Some of the instructors are better than others at choosing music. I guess my main complaint is that some of the music just isn't upbeat enough. Not a huge issue though. The class structure is great and it's a tough class. I always leave feeling great. The staff is also incredibly welcoming and helpful. More...


Kristen Q.

4 February 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Spin class at Revolution Fitness! I checked out the 9am Spin class with a gal who was energetic, smiley, friendly, and motivating. I love that it's adjacent to a cute brunch place so it's perf to exercise and then grab a healthy breakfast right afterwards. They charge you $3 to rent shoes and there's complimentary towels to use while in class. ClassPass misinformed us as it said towels were $12, so I'm guessing these are bath towels and not kitchen/sweat towels. They also charge for water as well.We thought we would be able to shower here but I only noticed a girls changing/locker room and there was only 1-shower. Do studios ever have more than 1-shower or is it just typical to only have one? How is this possible to manage when there's about 100-people divided up between 2-3 classes. I'd love to find a studio with at least 3-4 showers so you can actually shower at the studio and not have to run home.Parking is pretty easy to find in the morning on the streets and meters are free on Sundays. More...


Sonja P.

31 January 2016

I took a spin class with Tara.  She was absolutely fantastic!  I have been spinning for a while now but this was my first visit, via Class Pass, to Revolution.  Tara really got us going.  Her music was great.  I had a great, sweaty workout!  Loved it and will go back. More...


Ran W.

24 January 2016

Came here for an 8am class on Saturday and loved it! Parking nearby, friendly staff, and fun class! :)


Karin O.

16 January 2016

Revolutions is fantastic! I am now an addict! So I discovered spinning about 20 years after everyone else. Jeff's class, according to my Fitbit has me burning anywhere between 680-750 calories! I won't go anywhere else! Never! Everything runs like a well oiled machine. The front desk staff is always pleasant. There are always towels and often the freezing, scented ones which are heaven after the torture one has endured. I have created another addict-my 14 y.o daughter. Thank you to Stephanie, Jeff and all the staff for creating such a place! More...


Olivia K.

17 October 2015

Just started taking pilates here and I absolutely love it. The classes are small and one gets quite a bit of personalized + knowledgeable attention. A really sweet local spot in Santa Monica. More...


Margarette D.

28 August 2015

Me and my girlfriends went to a Throwback Thursday themed class and we enjoyed listening to old school music while getting an awesome work out. Can't beat that! Mikey Budd who was the instructor was very energetic and motivating which made the experience very fun! I work out very often and this was my first spin class and it definitely kicked my butt! I highly suggest this class! More...


Cat D.

14 August 2015

Where grown-ups go to spin. Forget the light shows and trite hyperbole. I hate that stuff. I don't need a screaming instructor to inspire me to sweat. I'm in class because I want to be there. Rev has awesome Instructors who care more about the bike and the body than the stereo and the lights. The vibe is sincerely cool, not cheesy. Fun music, good technique, solid equipment. It's legit! More...


Lolo R.

27 July 2015

Great place! I took 3 spin classes there all with different instructors and loved each one. I was using class pass but now I'm at LA fitness out of ease/cheap price so I will miss revolution a ton! HIGHLY recommend it. Jeff's class was my favorite but Tracy and the other instructor I had were also really fun! Everyone there is soooooo nice and welcoming and they aren't pushy about signing you up as a client which is cool. More...


Ashley K.

16 June 2015

I had my first spin class with Jeff today. Everyone made me feel right at home! Jeff came around to each bike and made sure everyone was comfortable and positioned correctly. I loved that. Tip: definitely use the spin shoes they offer because they actually clip onto the pedals. My sneakers slipped out a few times so I learned my lesson. If you get the two-weeks of unlimited classes they offer to new clients, which is only 49 dollars, the shoes are free (during that time only). The 55 minutes kicked my butt but felt so great afterwards. Jeff really motivates everyone along the way.The front staff was happy to be there and smiling. They answered any questions that I had, weren't snobby (as I had expected going into a fitness center located on Montana), and moved everyone along quickly as they checked in. The last part is crucial as the space is very small and has the potential to get extremely congested, but it didn't! Sign up for a class right now! You will not regret it. More...


Joanne H.

13 June 2015

I've never taken anything other than the spin classes, so I am reviewing the studio purely based on that.They got all new bikes recently! I think they also made some changes to the spin studio, like more dance club lighting and black panels around the top of the walls. I've taken probably 10 classes here in the past 6 months and have mixed feelings about the classes. I definitely enjoy some instructors and class times more than others. Weekend mornings can get pretty crowded, so I tend to like weekday morning classes starting between 8am and 10:30am and weekday afternoon classes. As other reviewers mentioned, Jeff Wells is a great spin instructor! I would add that he teaches weekend morning classes, which I don't enjoy nearly as much as I do his weekday classes. More...


Manny L.

1 June 2015

I have taken a number of classes at this studio in Santa Monica and find that their instructors are great.I just recently attended their Friday 7am spin class taught by Emily M.  I love spinning when I don't have time for a bike ride outdoors.    Emily was one of the best spinning instructors I have experienced here in LA.  She is a true coach and her class is a solid spinning workout.  Her routine for the hour is one of the most intense workouts you can get on a spin bike. It's not for anyone looking to cruise through their spin class.  I highly recommend you check her out if you want a killer workout. More...


Nicole S.

17 May 2015

I went to my first spin class yesterday and loved it right away. Jeff Wells is amazing!! He makes the class so fun and enjoyable; he is high energy and puts a smile on anyone's face while they are pushing themselves to the extreme. It was such a great work out that I signed up for more classes right away (not to mention how nice the girls are at the front desk- everyone is so FRIENDLY and helpful!). Great place!! More...


Caitlin O.

24 March 2015

I just finished my new client unlimited package and WOW was I impressed with this studio. Every person who works here, from the front desk staff to the instructors, has such positive energy and is always available for questions or anything you may need. There are multiple classes every hour for you to take advantage of and each instructor offers their own style of teaching so you can really customize your workouts based on what you like to do. Bobby's spin class has got to be one of the best strengthening classes I've taken in a long time and he really makes everyone feel welcomed. Ally's 30/30 spin/barre class had me dripping with sweat by the end (perfect way to maximize your workout in a short amount of time) and she teaches an amazing yoga class as well. Cari is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met in regards to physiology and how to pinpoint certain muscles and muscle groups. I strongly recommend her classes and learned an incredible amount from her. Jeff plays great music and music videos during his spin, which I love, and Jordan is an incredibly knowledgeable yoga teacher who can pinpoint the exact points where you can improve in your posture and practice. Last but not least, if you're looking to try out TRX Tracy has an amazing series that she teaches, switching up the workouts every time and using her enthusiasm and encouragement to keep you pushing and working the entire time. Overall, everyone I encountered here was friendly, energetic, motivating and extremely good at what they do. 100% recommend this studio to anyone looking to move out of the corporate gym atmosphere and into a place that really feels like home and keeps you coming back day after day. More...


Erin S.

19 March 2015

Love Revolution Fitness!  If you're kinda done with crazy expensive yoga and spinning studios that provide no great return on the investment I highly suggest you try Revolution!  I also love that this place is not pretentious - it's about real people trying to get a real workout.  Not people just wanting to be "seen".  I bought the $49.99 2 week special to try it out and I'm hooked. I'm definitely joining the family.  I love Ally's classes - tried yoga and her 30/30 spinning/barre and LOVE her and the class.  So excited to have found this gem!!!! More...


Carol C.

20 February 2015

GREAT NEW CLASS ALERT:  Ally's 30/30 Spin and Core Barre.  The time flies by, yet you are getting the best and most efficient work out.For straight SPIN, it's still Jeff Wells - all the way. More...


Amanda G.

27 January 2015

Best. Classes. Ever!!!The spin teachers are so much fun. Great energy and always helpful.


SpaseInc L.

6 December 2014

I've been looking forward to this ride. I finally got a chance to ride with the Wonder Woman herself, Tara Emerson. I love her Energy on the bike and her Inspiration on the mic that lead a group of great people (and some dear friends) through an epic experience. Today's class was pure FIRE!!!!!!


Sherlyn S.

14 November 2014

I'm officially OBSESSED with this space!I purchased a groupon and tried Jeff's spin class. He kicked my ass to the moon and back -- and I LOVED IT! I was dripping sweat when I left the studio and that's no exaggeration. It looks like a club on the inside with mood lighting. Jeff was great! Really high energy, the ride was well varied and he even sang for us a bit. The music was great and you get to watch music videos while spinning -- yes music videos, remember those? (side note: MTV, please stop playing awful reality tv and play more music videos)I can't wait to try the other classes here. Downside: I'm moving out of the area :( but this place is so great that I'm probably going to commute to come anyway! More...


Leo R.

21 October 2014

I love taking Lee's spin class on Monday evenings. He's a great instructor and always plays awesome music; definitely on of the better spin classes I've taken. The studio is also a great space...always clean, very spacious, and always at a comfortable temperature. Bonus: they provide you with shoes for the spin class, so it comes out to being a really great deal. More...


Amber D.

22 September 2014

This is my favorite spinning spot in LA hands down. Take Lee's spin class on Monday nights, it'll change your life. He uses a great mix of music, all different styles and he is an awesome technical instructor who will really kick your ass without you even realizing it's happening. It's a spacious studio with plenty of equipment and they will even provide you with shoes if you need them. Everyone who works here is super friendly, helpful and down to earth. Completely non- intimidating and their prices are great. Check em out, you'll be so happy you did. More...


Dominic T.

26 August 2014

Awesome combo of yoga, Pilates, spinning, trx and strength and conditioning classes.  Unlike any fitness studio I have been to! Hooked for life!


Carey H.

11 June 2014

This neighborhood fitness location is great. The people are super nice and the atmosphere is very laid back. For spinning each instructor has it's own style. It's more classic spin though some Instructors do play music videos and so are exercises (take a Tara Emerson class).Definitely try an Indo row class and highly recommend the bar and strength training classes. While the studio is cozy, I'm now in much better shape and it's only been 2 weeks. I will certainly continue going. Lastly, the 2 week special is a steal!!! More...


Christina Nordin

29 May 2014

Amazing fitness center! I did the deal for 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $50 and loved every class I tried! I used to hate spinning, but the classes at RF are small so you don't feel like you have people on top of you and the instructors are so motivating. I also loved yoga, again the classes are very small so it's like getting one on one instruction for the price of a group class. My favorite class was Ally Lane's core barre class, my muscles have never shook so much in a class! Everyone who comes here is very friendly and the fitness studio is run very efficiently. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new fitness spot More...


Andrea W.

29 May 2014

Stephanie continues to rock it with her studio in Venice. Second location is gorgeous and the staff is what really makes it. Wonderful and helpful, always with a smile. More...


May B.

27 May 2014

This review is specifically for Riley's Spinning class that I took one morning at 7am.  I normally take Jeff's class which I love because of the energy and fun but I have to say what I loved about Riley is the way he leads his class.  Throughout the whole class he instructs you on exactly what to do (add intensity/take off intensity) Challenges you with sprints and motivates you through the class.  Music was amazing and different!! He had some Great mixture of exotic beats to to rock pop and some hip hop in between.  He is also very nice and friendly!!  You must try his class! More...


Maritza R.

3 May 2014

I love Revolution Fitness! Jeff Wells is my favorite! He is inspiring, fun and real.Chris P is great too! They are all a great team! Just go and work out and get ready to sweat! More...


Jenny H.

29 March 2014

Jeff Wells you are an inspiration and have made fitness a way of life.  Your music brings a dynamic level of involvement I can't find anywhere else.  One thing that stands out is that you are there for everyone else not your own work-out.  It is so refreshing to see you running around the room motivating each person, individually.  Thank you More...


A R.

29 March 2014

Thank you Jeff Wells.  It's almost 5 years and I am still a huge fan.  Amazing classes.  His spin classes are Fun while I get a fantastic workout.  His Strength training classes have totally changed my body and I hate missing this class.  His yoga classes are heavenly and  I thank the universe for his latest addition, his Friday TRX class.  But be careful if you come to this studio you may come across many nice members.  Overall this studio is my 2nd home and I love the staff. More...


Irina V.

9 February 2014

came here via groupon and LOVED it - took the rowing classes.....would def come back though distance ie traffic is a deterrent. parking sucks but i always made sure to get there early. cannot remember the names of the trainers but loved them all. best work out ever (prepare to sweat)......not only does it get the job done but its FUN! i did worry about my arms bulking out too much due to the intensity of the work out but i think thats something that i would address if i were to become a regular. held in a very small location but i did not mind that too much as you really get in the zone while working out there. More...


Tate R.

2 February 2014

The $49 for two weeks new member promo is a great deal. I signed up in July 2013, went almost every day with the new member pass, and then got hooked. The cycling class with Sean and strength training with Bobby are my two favorites. What's great about the spinning classes is that the instructors have very different personalities and there should be a good fit for just about anyone. Sean plays a lot of bass-driven music and is pretty chill. Some of the others are much more peppy and rah-rah, which isn't really my thing, but they have a big following. They have a ton of other classes too, so it is a great place to experiment with new workouts. More...


L R.

28 January 2014

Revolution is a great yoga spot....it's a small, chill studio and Ally is a great instructor.


Kimberly W.

13 January 2014

I came here with a friend to take a spin class, and loved it. Actually got a little lightheaded after. They have a nice promotion for first time clients - unlimited classes for 2 weeks for $50. I tried a different spin class and really enjoyed Riley's style of teaching. Regardless of the instructor, I always sweat profusely. Although I think most of their clients come for spin, what brought me to write this review was actually the yoga class I took with Ally today. I'm the world's worst stretcher, and absolutely hate yoga because I feel like I have exercise ADD, but I know that it's good for me and that I need to stretch more, so I gave the Sculpt class a try. Guess what? I really enjoyed it!! (Yes, it deserves double exclamation marks). Before the actual class started I even chatted with the girl at the front who was super friendly, and another lady, whom I just realized is the owner of Revolution Fitness I think. I expressed my concern about taking the yoga class because I had only taken yoga a handful of times, and they said it would be perfect for me. Plus there weren't any snobby yoga people there - which, they were absolutely right. Ally, the instructor came into the class, asked my name, and actually remembered it. She is super friendly and helpful with your posture and poses. She pays special attention to each person in class, and really knows what she's doing. Because she incorporates the use of weights into the class, the music is slightly more upbeat than regular yoga classes to match the movements, which is great. Overall I loved the class, and will be going back again (never thought I'd say that about yoga). More...


B C.

17 December 2013

Great studio, with nice instructors and staff.  Bobby is my absolute favorite!  You burn a ton of calories.  I don't know if it's because he used to play in the NFL, but he really knows what he's doing to maximize your workout AND he plays awesome music.  My husband started coming with me to Bobby's classes and without changing his eating habits was able to lose a noticeable amount of weight within a month. More...


Francis A.

5 October 2013

Thanks to Ally I really grew to love Yoga and do it on daily basis. This is by far one of the most organized fitness centre I've been. The price is super reasonable. I can't wait to be back! More...


Patrick L.

21 September 2013

Parking is easy. Front desk ladies are super friendly. Studio is clean. I take Anastasias night classes and she never fails to kick my ass!  How does she make her legs go that fast? Ive tried other instructors and my preference is a no nonsense workout which she delivers every time. I tried soul cycle and i felt like i needed a shower after to get the cheesiness off me. Ive now got legs of steel and I've lost 20 lbs!  Keep up the great job. More...


nicholas b.

19 September 2013

I've been taking Anastasia's no nonsense balls-to-the-wall Spinning class here and am loving it.  I like to switch up my weight routines with more intense cardio work, and this class is exactly what I need.  Anastasia keeps you motivated throughout her class; it's fun, challenging if you are up for it, and I leave drenched every time.  The location is clean, the room is spacious, the equipment is solid (I've been to other places where I'm constantly having to tighten up the bike handles etc - none of that here), and I find street parking easily every time.  See you at 6:15pm! More...


Marirose M.

19 September 2013

Been taking classes at Revolution for a few months and have been loving it. I ALWAYS go to Anastasia's spin classes for a great workout; in fact, she's so awesome that I get myself in the saddle at LEAST 2 times a week with her at Revolution. 6:15pm M,T,Th so it's super convenient to work into my schedule.  You leave her class drenched but feeling awesome each time. She really challenges you and encourages you throughout the class. Her music really keeps you going with the beats. I highly recommend her classes!!Whether you're an expert or you're looking into taking your first class with her, she'll get you hooked. If you're new to spin or new to Revolution, no worries, before every class she takes the time to intro herself to each individual in the studio and makes sure their bikes are set up right. She's really great at making everyone feel super comfortable being there.The studio is huge, I think there are about 50-60 bikes? So you can feel free to hide in the very back row or go toe to toe with your instructor. Free street parking is always easy to find. I've never had problems finding a spot within a block of Rev. Cost: As a student, you get a discount so make sure to ask about it! If not, their prices are still reasonable. More...


Susie K.

12 July 2013

Over a year ago I've never cycled before and didn't understand how anyone could ride a stationary bike for longer than 30 minutes without clawing their eyes out.  I decided to give it a shot b/c I needed a cardio workout that was easier on my knees (I've been running outdoors up until this point).  My very first class was at an ungodly hour with Spase in a studio near my home.  My husband and I were in love.  At the time we couldn't make his night classes, and I am just not a morning person, so we tried out other instructors.  We fell a bit out of love...we realized the energy was missing so we began running again.  Months later my hubby's schedule changed and we were able to make it to Spase's night classes and we've been hooked ever since.  An excellent spin instructor is key to keeping you motivated and committed!  Spase fits the bill AND his music rocks.  So as any loyal (or stalkerish) person would do, I followed him to Revolution when he switched studios.  The bonus is that Revolution is larger than where I was coming from, and it's also much cooler (thank god)...although I still sweat like a pig.  The girls that cover the front desk area are super nice.  Sometimes I come across snooty people that work in fitness spots, but every person I have ever encountered here are really helpful and sweet.  I was also concerned about parking since they don't have a dedicated parking lot, but so far I've never had an issue with finding parking.  I'm happy that Revolution is my new  cycle spot, but only as long as Spase sticks around.  :) More...


Lauren B.

11 January 2013

Love Love Love!!! I'm currently on the 2 week special and LOVING IT! I took Indo-Row for my first class and had a blast. Victoria was so fun and made it interactive and fun. My second class was Core Barre with Leigh...he was so sweet and helpful and encouraging. Tough class! I am super sore...in a good way! I was definitely nervous to join the gym because it is kind of clicky but honestly everyone has been SO helpful and nice. Online sign ups are a breeze. Parking isn't bad, just park on the street up from Rev and its free for 2 hrs. Only one shower per gender, but whatever, it's clean and nice. Front desk staff is super nice and helpful. I'm hooked and will definitely be signing up for a months worth after my 2 weeks!! More...


Katie M.

11 November 2012

Best spin place anywhere!  The bikes are in great shape and get fixed immediately if there's a problem.  Best workout, never sweat so much!  The music, the high energy, the instructors are top notch.  Thank goodness for this place, gets me up and exercising and motivated!  Twice a week is my recipe for good health, love it! More...


Alexandra H.

16 October 2012

I had a great experience at Revolution Fitness.  I'm definitely not a gym rat and actually fall to the higher end of the obesity spectrum.  Most of the time when I go to a gym, I get flash backs to freshman gym class.  It's easy to feel out of place when you don't look like everyone else, but the instructor Justin was very empowering but at the same time wasn't going to let you get away with bad form or slacking off.I've been on a search for a great workout that allows me to put forth a full effort without leaving me with knee pain.  I think I found that in Indo-row.  I loved it.  The class is all about the rhythm of the room.  Everyone works to stay at the same pace, which sounds scary to the 100% couch potato, but the rhythm isn't fast, in fact I had a tendency to rush it.I can't speak for anyone else, but I felt like I had done one of the most difficult things I had ever done (workout wise) at the same time I felt like I could do anything.  That is a first for me, usually I feel defeated because I couldn't keep up but Indo-row was completely different.  If I can do it, anyone can! More...


Nader S.

13 October 2012

I have been going to Revolution Fitness since early 2007.  We moved to Northridge in 2008 and despite the distance, I have continued to go there simply because I could not find a gym which has as good an instructor as Jeff Wells.  He gives a great workout every single time.The staff are quite friendly.  One great thing about them is that they remember your name; they see a lot of members everyday and it's good to see they make the effort to remember their customers.  Little things like this go a long way.The only reason I don't give five stars is the price, but I recommend this place to anyone who's interested in spinning. More...


Ben L.

11 October 2012

I've been spinning for a few years now all over LA but Revolution is the best bar none! From Chris Plourde and Reilly that will motivate you and push you to the limit to Tracy Nielsen and Sean who will blow your mind with amazing music and great classes.... this is the place to be for spin on the Westside. I'm so fortunate to know them and to be able to take their classes!! More...


Alice C.

28 September 2012

I love this place.  I first came to Revolution because of Indo-Row.  Great instructors, great full-body workout.  Great group class energy!  They also offer Core-Barre, Pilates, Strength Training, Yoga, TRX, and, of course, Spinning.  Even though I have my own favorite instructors, all the Spinning instructors are AWESOME!!!  Their weekday classes start at 6AM so this is great for people who work.  I like that they have different payment options too.  Unike most gyms, you have a monthly or annual contract.  Here, you have the flexibility of picking a payment plan that works for you.The Revolution girls are the best.  They are very friendly and pretty. Parking is definitely VERY convenient, plenty of parking around the area.I LOVE this place and have been coming here for almost 5 years.  Before this, I've taken Spinning elsewhere but this is the best Spinning place to go to.  It's the amazing instructors and the amazing energy they put out that makes me keep coming back for more. More...


Rocco P.

13 September 2012

I can't say enough nice things about Revolution. Don't let the Montana Avenue location scare you away. I was concerned the place might be, shall we say, a bit on the pretentious side. I live off of Montana and at times I feel like the street deserves its reputation; at other times, not at all.Revolution Fitness is an example of where the Montana stereotype does not come into play.Everybody that works there is fantastic. I have literally not met one person -- and I have interacted with more than a dozen -- who did not make me feel welcome. The same goes for the clientele. It it incredibly diverse. You have unbelievably fit folks  as well as those who you would likely label as just the opposite by sight AND everybody in between. It's not hyperbole; the place changed my life. I miss it on the two days a week I do not go. And I look forward to coming back after being out of town. Spinning it top-notch. TRX is incredible. And I hear nothing but good things about all of the other classes offered. I will not mention too many names for fear of leaving somebody out, but I regularly take Sean Conley's classes. There's not a nicer guy on the planet and he is an excellent instructor. I can't recommend it enough. You definitely get more than you pay for. More...


Yvonne P.

10 September 2012

I always get a good workout at Revolution. The instructors are top-notch, play good music and are high-energy. I like to work out in the morning before work, so I appreciate that they have spin classes and core barre classes at 6 am.I did the new client special for $49 which gives you unlimited classes for two weeks. I thought it was a good deal and it have you a chance to try out a lot of classes and instructors.I love that you can sign up for the classes online so you never have to worry about rushing to a class that might be sold out. (Though some classes are so popular, you have to sign up a week in advance!)My only complaints: They don't hand out complimentary towels, so you have to remember to bring your own. The Core Barre studio is so teeny tiny that it often feels like you are on top of everyone while exercising. I wish they offered their strength training classes in the early am. But these are minor gripes....otherwise a great place to work out! More...


Cath M.

1 September 2012

Wow... this place is quite amazing. I was hesitant to do spinning since my left leg is busted... but the friend suggested that I might as well go out with a bang before my scheduled surgery in Oct... and so I did just that. Both classes I had was with Bobby... and I was scared at first with how my legs will react to such intense work out since I haven't really done much... but I survived! It also helped that he played hip hop music ... that always never fails to motivate me! To be honest... this class was a blur. Definitely worth checking out... you won't be disappointed (or so I hope? =)) More...


Jen F.

18 June 2012

I love Revolution!  I started coming here for spin classes about three months ago and was hooked after trying their new client special for $49 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes.  In that two weeks, I probably took 7 or 8 spin classes just so I could try out the different instructors to really get a feel for whether or not I wanted to invest more in a package.  In this two weeks, I found my spinning home!Some of my favorite instructors are Tracy, Reilly and Sean.  They are all very motivational and provide a great soundtrack for your ride (if you're a fan of alternative & classic rock).  As much as I don't want to get out of bed for a 6AM/7AM class, I never regret once I'm there with these instructors leading the class.  You walk out feeling accomplished, refreshed (in a sweaty kind of way) and ready to conquer your day!The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because of the price.  I would love to go more often, but the VIP packages are too costly so I stick with the packages but try to make them last.  Although this is a much cheaper option than SoulCycle! More...


Emily L.

7 June 2012

I've recently rediscovered the art of spinning, and it has changed my workout routine dramatically!Spinning is an amazing workout and I enjoy it for so many reasons! My favorite places to spin are at YAS in Venice and Revolution Fitness in Santa Monica. The classes are only 45 minutes to an hour long and you feel like you have just had an incredible workout - because you have! I like spinning because I can personalize my workout; everyone can adjust their resistance on their bikes to their needs and energy levels. I also like spinning because it is a phenomenal calorie burn. If you are looking to lose weight, a spin class is the place to be! Additionally, I enjoy spinning for its personal challenge. The instructors challenge you to push you to your physical limits in short bursts, and when you are done giving it your all, you feel great! Finally, spinning is not without spiritual benefits. Many spin classes focus on breathing and visualization, i.e. the instructor will guide you through a ride up a mountain. Sometimes when I am in a class I will do this mindful practice on my own. Even in a room with blasting music and sweating bodies, we can be mindful! YAS and Revolution are great communities that bring people together for a shared purpose - and of course, a calorie-burning, energizing, fun workout!I'd definitely recommend this class to those looking for the extra challenge, and a platform to build your optimal endurance!Check out my blog at:emilyspowerfoodsliving.b… More...


Kristen W.

3 April 2012

I love Revolution Fitness!! I loathe gyms but love this cozy, modest studio experience. The staff is always friendly and helpful and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Lots of class times and offerings....easy to sign up online. They offer a variety of package options and take KCRW fringe benefits card as well. Locals and newbies can check out their two-week unlimited classes for $49. The studio has been recently remodeled with new spin bikes and layout. It looks great! Rev also offers spin shoes to rent, free towels, filtered water for refill, showers and changing rooms. There's metered parking and free neighborhood parking on side streets. I'm addicted to their spinning classes!! There are lots of great instructors - Mikey, Tara and Bobby - just to name a few. If you're looking to sweat, get a great workout and put a smile on your face then sign up at Revolution Fitness for a class today! More...


Brian B.

5 February 2012

Stephanie and the gang at Revolution are amazing. If you like spinning and have never tried Revolution, this is a must.  They have a multitude of instructors with different personalities to both push you and entertain you.They offer more than spinning of course if you would like some variety.The Indo-row class here is amazing.  As a former college rower, I can say I never thought working out of the rowing machine could ever become mainstream, but Josh Crosby "cracked the code" and it's a very popular class, usually filled with folks who never stepped in a boat.   Go Revolution go! More...


Teresa S.

18 January 2012

This is such a great place to blow off steam! As far as I can remember, I have been coming here for nearly 10 years now. This place has always been consistent. The owner and staff are always friendly and very professional. They offer a variety of classes to get you in shape. I started out spinning, and still do from time to time....but, I am truly hooked to their Rev Fit Yoga with Gaia on Sundays and core-barre with Nancy on Wednesdays and Saturdays!There are tons of celebrities who frequent this joint....I cannot mention names, due to violation of privacy but every once in awhile when I do get a glimpse, it takes me a moment to get back on track....the instructors are amazing, and they really are proactvie and put their two-sense in on how each student is progressing. The facilities are small, but clean and members are respectful of  each others space and treat one another like family. Revolution Fitnesss is one of my favorite places to go workout and take the edge of the stress I get from work, and has naturally become an integral part of my daily life! The classes are not cheap, and a single class costs $16 but you can buy  a series and it is well worth it! They offer spinning, yoga, indo-row, core-barre, pilates and strength training. More...


Lisa m.

28 July 2011

I loved my indo row class with the most amazing , super    trainer in the world Josh.  I cant wait for my next class. I can only go on saturdays but  i am going to be a regular . This is the best workout ever. When your new you dont feel out of place like at most classes. I felt like family and just fit right in. This a must take class.  Josh , you are master .. More...


Marley K.

27 July 2011

There's a reason this place costs more than your chain big-box gym: amazing, experienced instructors! The spin instructors are truly top shelf and there's someone for everyone. I like rock/alt music so I prefer Chris Plourde and Reilly Smith but if you like Top 40 and hip hop, there's a lot of teachers who play that too. The core/yoga classes are small so the teacher can give you extra attention if you need it. I recommend the core barre class for a serious workout. The core flow class is amazing, combining elements of Pilates, yoga, stretching, and strenth training (a jam-packed 50 min. class). The employees learn your name by your second visit and they're very helpful. I love the homey feel of this studio and can't imagine ever going back to a soulless chain gym. More...



17 July 2011

I loove this place for one reason only and that is JEFF!! He is the most amazing spin teacher! I don't even feel like I'm working out! He sings and dances and for me really gets me going in my workout! No one makes me sweat like JEFF! The facility itself is rather small and I wish it was a bit cooler in the rooms, but for me its all worth it because of him. I live all the way in Hollywood and I drive over for that class! Sign up early if you do take it bc he does fill up!!! More...


Mimi B.

13 July 2011

Rev is AMAZING. Being from the Bay Area, I was shocked at how sceney the gyms in LA seemed (and I have spent plenty of time in Pacific Heights and the Marina in SF, and those gyms seemed mellow by comparison). I really do not care which celebs work out at my gym, who looks hottest in their lululemon, etc. I want to sweat, look gross, and not care. And that's exactly why Rev is amazing!I was addicted to their CoreBarre classes for a long time, and they are KILLER. Plus, there are only 8 open spaces per class, which means you are getting very one-on-one access compared to any other bar studio in LA.Furthermore - to all of those whom are looking for saunas, plush slippers and purified air -- this place is not for you, nor does it pretend to be. Reading reviews about how "gross" the place is is a bit silly, because you are NOT signing up for Equinox, nor does Rev ever pretend that's what they are or want to be. This IS a great place if you are looking for a sense of community, down-to-earth, normal people, and unpretentious teachers. If you are really serious about working out -- and aren't just there for a 'who-looks-hottest-in-spandex' - this is the best place in town, BY FAR!! More...


Tanya And Andy A.

9 July 2011

Great studio. Bikes are in good condition. Chris is the best!


Michael D.

4 June 2011

After being a bit hesitant to go to a gym that was classes only it only took me a few visits to realize what an excellent work out you get at revolution fitness. The indo row and spinning classes are amazing. I encourage you to check this place out if you want to push yourself and try something new. More...


Reena R.

26 April 2011

I like working out but I've always hated the front desk experience at gyms and other studios. Revolution is different from the moment you walk in. It's a friendly, helpful and welcoming environment. They have a great variety of instructors so you'll find the right person for you! The studio has high ceilings so it's a nice feeling being in there. It's not stuffy and small like a lot of other spin studios I've been to.I'm not in the area anymore but I certainly miss going to classes! More...


A B.

26 April 2011

Not only does this Santa Monica studio have great spinning, it has amazing indoor rowing classes.  Erin (Monday nights) is a great place to start.  He is an experienced rower and coach of rowing teams.  He is extremely patient and will lead you through an amazing workout that will make you come back again and again and again.  Don't miss this class...it will make you an addicted Indo-Rower! More...


Dominique B.

11 March 2011

Revolution Fitness is a diamond in the rough. I have been a member and worked at many gyms in the past and my time at Revolution was by far the best. The owner and manager have such a passion for fitness and for helping their clients, you could not ask for a better front desk staff the girls go above and beyond it is not easy to remember 100s of names and needs. The classes are top notch with some of the best instructors that really motivate you to want to be your best. My favorite part about Revolution is the variety of classes offered I love being able to mix it up with a spin class one day then strength and core barre the next, you do not find that much variety at other smaller gyms. I could not be more excited for the opening of the second location in Venice. Even though I no longer work there I know that I will always be considered part of the Rev family! More...


Sarah W.

10 March 2011

Honestly?  I would give Revolution 5 Starts if they opened up a studio in the South Bay.  I heard they're opening up another location in Venice but that's still a solid 30 minutes from Manhattan Beach seeing as I usually head over there after work. I love spinning and Revolution Fitness has a perfect studio.  If you want to push yourself, sweat hard and get an incredible workout - totally check it out.  It's expensive but totally worth the cost. More...


L P.

7 February 2011

Love this place!  Yep, it's quirky (one of the reasons I like it).  Yep, the parking can be a tad challenging at times. HOWEVER, the studio is super clean (it's an old, funky dance studio, people...not Equinox) & there is constant mopping, wiping, sanitizing etc...(more than I can say for other studios & gyms I've been in).  Great variety & quality of  classes and instructors.  Super FRIENDLY staff.  So far, I've tried Indo-Row, Core Barre & Spinning.  Chris P's Tues/Thurs spin class are my hands-down fav because I feel like I'm almost getting personalized training with each class.  His classes are structured so that you're actually training for something (like Race Day).  Every class has a PURPOSE for doing what you're doing.  He must be on to something, cause the peeps in his class look pretty LEAN & FIT!  I've also taken Stephanie, Dana & Jeff...All good, fun workouts too!!  Highly recommend Revolution Fitness! More...


Erika M.

9 November 2010

I have to say that Rowing has become a favorite of mine.  With just four months out, coming back to work out has been pretty challenging.  However the instructors are so empowering and motivating I am hooked.  The simple truth that I hate making working out a chore, I have to make my workouts enjoyable, Revolution has Always provided me with variety, flexibility and most of all a challenging work out.  It's convenient since my store is directly across the street, and makes my fighting to get a class easy.  I love the girls at the front and especially love Spin class with David Lee,  And rowing with Chris T. , not to mention Justin who rocks it and Josh....they make  me want to hit the water and row outside...The feeling that I can have fun and work out is a blessing.  And if you are anything like me, hating the gym rat thing, join Revolution and go at your own comfort and pace.  If it wasn't for Revolution I would never see a work out....lol! More...


Catherine D.

4 November 2010

I took Chris P's introduction to spin class at the beginning of August.  I had only tried spinning once before and I hated it, but I wanted to give it a second chance and the free class, followed by unlimited spinning for $30 was a great incentive.Now every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 6 am I am in Chris P's class.  I LOVE the variation in music (not sure what some of the reviewers were talking about saying the music is repetitive - because its not!).  Chris plans his music to the style of the class.  We are on hill training right now, and I am enjoying every moment of it, and have signed up for a 90 min spin at the end of November.  I honestly can't imagine not spinning now, I am hooked!!All the staff are super friendly, and you always feel welcome walking in the door.I have also taken the TRX class with Chris P & Chris T - and Chris T is determined to get me to take an indo-row class and sooner or later I am sure I will, but right now, I'll stick with the spinning with Chris P. More...


Diana K.

20 October 2010

Fantastic spin classes.  Jeff Wells & Chris Plourde are faves.


Erica D.

19 October 2010

took an indo-row class last night! i really liked it. i had taken an indo-row class before when the creator of the workout came to lululemon. he was a great teacher and the class was fun. the class last night was a little less fun, but still a great workout and the time FLEW by. i will def be back to take another indo row class and it looks like their spinning classes are great too, so would love to try one as well! More...


Trina P.

18 October 2010

I love the spin classes at Revolution! I have been spinning there for 5 years. All of the instructors have something to offer and there are many styles to choose from. My personal favorite is Chris Plourde at 6am on Tue & Thu. I can get a great cardio workout from any Revolution instructor, but what I like about Chris is his approach to achieving long-term goals. Each class builds on something specific like endurance for about 6 weeks, followed by a "race day" that focuses on what you have been working on. Then a new 6 week program begins with a new goal. The music for each class always seems appropriate for that day's workout. His instructions are clear and he lets you know what to expect so you can pace yourself. After a 35 year career that always meant getting up at between 4 & 5am, I vowed I would never get up that early again in retirement. But Chris's 6am classes are worth it! I have pushed myself much further than I thought possible.I would also like to say everyone there is very welcoming and friendly. I don't know how Stephanie finds such great people to work at the front desk. They all know everyone's name and greet you with a smile, even at 6am! I feel so lucky to have Revolution so near to where I live! More...


Stephanie K.

10 October 2010

This place is a gem. I started spinning at Revolution Fitness a year ago, and from the first time, I was hooked on spin. Not only is each spin class the best workout, but the Core Barre classes are amazing. Every teacher I have had is excellent~ I love Jeff Wells, well, just because I love Jeff Wells. His spin classes are super fun, occassionally hilarious, and he uplifts my soul with his wacky sense of humor. He radiates joy and a brilliant attitude~ beyond positive~ and motivates you inside out.Core Barre is intense. Nancy Norby is an incredible woman and a super teacher. One class with her and I am astounded that she has given birth 6 times! She really honed in on my 3-times-a-mama belly in the abdominal exercises. You will find muscles you didn't know you had while strapped to the ballet barre with a theraband and a ball to squeeze between your legs. Expect jello legs and shaking thighs. Due to class times and availability, I seem to schedule spin class before Core Barre class, which is mighty tough, but I can manage. Dana Mc Caw is another favorite teacher there. She is super sweet and really good. I love everyone at Revolution! It is a wonderful wonderful gym.Everyone at Revolution is wonderful! Muah to all. More...


Kitty B.

17 September 2010

I really like this place.  I love their classes, the instructors, the location....the only thing that could be improved is the space.  It's rather small.  Other than that, I highly recommend the hip hop spin Friday class and the spin/core barre classes.  I LOVE Nicole Sciaccia.  She is a wonderful instructor and will gladly explain the proper positions you should be in on your bike.  Make sure you bring a towel!  They are not provided and you will SWEAT! More...


A T.

30 August 2010

I just started spinning in June and tried out a few places. Revolution won me over. The staff is welcoming and helpful and the instructors are fantastic. If you are looking to get into shape and really want a heart pounding workout, it doesn't get better than Bobby's class. They also offer two weeks unlimited spinning for $30 - this is the best deal you will get anywhere. More...


Sara W.

3 August 2010

Just as the 5 stars says it, Revolution Fitness is as good as it gets. I have been spinning here for about 5 years now, and I have not found a place that is like it. All of the instructors are so motivational and always play the best tracks! They get you to keep going, even when you feel like you want to quit. If you want to take a weekend class, I would definitely recommend to sign up online or call ahead of time because all the classes get full really easily. More...


Rachel R.

20 July 2010

I must say that Revolution is my favorite place to spin. I had been spinning, at Revolution Fitness for years. When I got ill all activity stopped. Today was the the first day I went back. It is the best. I have tried other places and nowhere else compares to the people, energy, and helpfulness of the group that work, run, and participate in Revolution Fitness, maybe it is because I started here. I know if I had to chose, Revolution would be it! I love the classes, it's much more like training indoors for the outdoors. You take what you want from it. The teacher is more of a guide. Not an aerobics instructor. The vibe is of training, plus most of the teacher ride. Do events, and fund raisers from time to time. I give this place an A+.It has got me motivated and ready to move my tush again. More...


Aimee F.

16 July 2010

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you - Aimee doesn't exercise. At all. In any form. I hate exercise so much, I will, and have, come up with just about any excuse not to do it. Until Revolution Fitness. And spinning. And Stacey Macklin. I look forward to these classes. I feel amazing after every class (well, to be honest, except for the first 2 - those were brutal). And I will continue to enthusiastically come back for more. More...


Barry F.

14 June 2010

I love this place.  My daughter introduced me to Revolution about 18 months ago - I'd never done this before - and it's become a staple of my workout schedule.  Aside from being a great father/daughter exercise program, spinning has reduced my resting heart rate by 10 beats, keeps my mind fresh and is one heck of a sweat building workout. You should go elsewhere so I can always get my favorite bike.Really pleasant people work here, from the front desk to the instructors to those who work to keep the place clean, to the owner. More...


jessica l.

26 May 2010

I have been spinning with Revolution now for the past three years and there is no place I'd rather be at 7am.  The instructors are all amazing-- each with different strengths (though I am partial to Tracy and Jeff)-- and the front desk staff are great-- super friendly and accommodating. I have recently become a fan of the Core-Barre classes as it is an extremely different type of workout than spinning and works muscle groups I didn't even realize I had! My legs are physically and visibly trembling during this workout.  I highly suggest giving this class a try (I recommend Dana's classes). More...


Lovely L.

16 February 2010

Revolution Fitness has the best Core Barre class! I have done pilates, running, yoga, spinning....this class is the only thing that has transformed my body and made me long and lean. Nancy is so fantastic and takes special time to make sure you are in proper alignment with each pose. I have also gone to the spin classes which are fantastic! I highly recommend this place! More...


Susan S.

21 December 2009

I've been spinning and occasionally doing Pilates here for almost eight years, and there's nowhere else I would go.  The spin instructors are GREAT, play inspiring and fun music, and treat each person in class like a private client - looking after your safety/health and making sure you are working as hard as you can.  Every time I go to a bigger gym with all of the bells and whistles, I can't stand the bargaining that goes on with pricing, the free passes/bugging me on the phone to join, etc.  The fellow clients are good people, and the place has a pleasant, neighborhood feel to it.  Revolution rocks! More...


Amy C.

12 November 2009

You know it's a crazy intense spin class when the bike pedals fall off during your climb uphill!I was huffing and puffing in Bobby's class, sweating to Black Eyed Peas, when my left foot slipped and the entire pedal collapsed. WTH? So, I went outside to ask one of the girls to help me. Mind you, this was the second time I went out there. She apologized and I switched bikes. I guess the bike I was on was malfunctioning. Anyway, the second bike worked fine and I was able to get a good workout nonetheless.After class, Kim apologized to me and offered my next spin class on them! Woot! How awesome is that? I'll be back next week for more sweatiness! More...


Lisa H.

5 November 2009

Wow!!! I've tried several spin places over the past year and although they left me sweaty and sore.....(love that feeling after a workout) it still ended up being very anti-climactic. This place has the greatest vibe!!! After only 1 visit, the girls at the front desk remembered my name and made me feel like I had been going there for years. The instructors are all amazing (although Dana is my favorite) and they have a variety of other classes as well. Core barre is amazing, as is the Indo-row class. If I close my eyes during Indo-row, I can almost smell the sea air.Reserving and canceling classes is so easy using their online access and your account balance is always updated immediately. Hesitant to recommend, as I don't want this gem to get any busier than it already is. More...


Rachael J.

17 August 2009

I can't say enough good things about Revolution Fitness!  They have great instructors who are fun and passionate about spinning!  There are people there of all fitness levels from the ultra-fit to the beginning exerciser...but the staff is welcoming and friendly to all!  And, they offer all kinds of other classes too- from rowing to yoga to strength training to core barre method! Originally all I did was spin but I've tried and really liked some of the other classes too!Rachael  J More...


Amy B.

15 August 2009

Who knew spin class could be so awesome? My previous experiences with spinning combined instructors who had no idea what they were doing and students who were there for a casual spin.Revolution is nothing like this. The instructors here know exactly what they are doing and they all have a different style. It takes a while to find out which class suits your needs, but once you do, you can schedule the most amazing workouts. I was nervous the first time I went because I was going with a friend who competes in triathalons and the last time I was on a real bike was about a decade ago. I felt at ease when several people offered to help me out on the bike - whether it was correcting the settings or my form. The atmosphere is great, the people who spin here do not mess around. I always leave feeling tired, sweaty, and feeling very poweful. More...


Christine C.

10 August 2009

I can only speak to the spin experience and all I can say is: love, love, love this place! There's a class for everyone. All the people who work at Revolution seem truly grateful for you to be there. As for the teachers - it helps that they all seem to love what they do.  I honestly HATED anything with regard to a bicycle but I tried the 5:15 class one day and fell in love spinning. Not to mention, there's an added bonus on what it does for your rear-end. More...


Alexa G.

6 July 2009

I have been coming to this studio since I was ten years old. My mom has been working out here for years and years and it is safe to say that these are the nicest teachers with the most positive attitudes. It's funny because this is one of those indoor workout classes where you get a great workout but you actually enjoyed it ;-)my favorite teachers are Stephanie and Riley. Stephanie always dances and sings on her bike, so it puts me in the best mood and Riley is just a energized goddess who takes you on an emotional ride even on the stationary bike. More...


C. G.

11 May 2009

It's a great studio - very well run and the classes are EXCELLENT.  They are expanding so I look forward to trying out the classes.


Leslie H.

28 March 2009

I'm at Revolution everyday. It could be cleaner and fresher, but it's convenient for  me, the core teachers are great and the girls at the desk are friendly and helpful. Stephanie owns the place and teaches a few classes. Hers are always fun but never too strenuous if you want to sweat, but not too much or if you are just starting out. Jeff is the most popular teacher. His classes are hard , fast and entertaining. David Lee is my favorite for fun music and a great workout. Other outstanding teachers are Chad and Joseph. If you are just starting out I recommend Riley McAlpine. She learns your name right away and goes out of her way to make you feel welcome. I usually take Cari for a hard, fast workout with seamless change-ups but her music choices run to U2 and Foo Fighters. I'd prefer spin to something a little more light hearted  like Lady Gaga. Gary is no longer at Revolution. He moved to Kinetic Cycling. Except for Chad and Jeff's classes you don't have to sign up in advance during the week, but the morning classes on weekends fill quickly, so sign up at least a day prior to secure a bike. A new guy named Riley (there's also a girl Riley) has high intensity, energetic classes with fun music.One of the former Revolution teachers has opened a spin gym, Kinetic Cycling, on San Vicente in Brentwood next door to Chin Chin in the space where the yoga studio used to be. It is clean and light filled with video monitors and exceptionally nice bikes--it may give Revolution a run for its money--we'll see.. More...


Marcy C.

25 March 2009

I had heard there was place on Montana that was THE greatest spinning studio in LA, so I was stoked to find that it was a block away from my house!  Went in on morning to get information and a 9:00 class was starting up.  The gals were herding people in like cattle--checking off names like bouncers at the door.  It was a frenzy!  I knew I had to check this out.Two days later I was in the saddle taking Jeff's class.  He is amazing!  This was the most entertaining spin class I have ever taken anywhere.  I felt like I was at a concert.   Jeff kicks up the music and really knows what an affect it has on a workout.  It's not the most affordable place to get a workout, but for Jeff's class it's definitely worth it.   He has a big following so you have to sign up ahead of time, and they are strict about their sign up and late policies.  Good thing is, everything's online so it's really easy.  The girls are friendly and everyone's extremely nice and helpful. More...


Katherine N.

4 August 2008

I was new to spinning about 3 years ago, and I decided to go with my mom and sister one morning and it is a goooood solid workout that definitely makes you sweat but tones you! The classes were I think 45minutes to an hour long and the music was great along with the vibe given off by the rest of the participants.When you finish, there is a nice cafe outside to grab brunch or whatnot. More...


Brigitte K.

24 July 2008

It's like CHEERS where everybody knows your name. No joke, they're great about that and it makes you feel welcome rather than intimidated. And I'm not going to lie, I've never been to a class like Riley's Monday Meditation and frankly, I could go to her class every night of the week. It takes spinning to a totally different level that taps deeply into our subconscious and attacks our fears.The best part about these spinning classes is that I've become a maniac on my street bike. I now charge hills with excitement and keep my resistance higher than ever before. So I'd say take one of Riley's classes now before the rest of Santa Monica finds out how amazing they are AND in the meantime, GO RIDE A BIKE! More...


nicole a.

17 February 2008

I was completely new to spinning, but I had heard such good things about Revolution that I wanted to give it a try. I took the Intro Class with Jeff, which is free and the first Sat. of each month. I purchased an unlimited 2-week pass for $30 and went 4 times. To me, Riley is the best instructor. Her Sunday 9am class is always packed, but she is fun and full of energy. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. More...


Hazel Grace D.

26 November 2006

I am a biker so most spinning gyms don't cut it for me, but Revolution is the one exception. Gary is by far their best instructor, so if you have some experience with biking or spinning give his class a try. Gary is an inspiration and will take your athletic ability to the next level. No slackers. More...


Lisa G.

13 October 2006

By far the best spinning place in LA! I have been to various gyms and studios and none of them compare! Revolution has the best teachers and is in such a cute location. It's tucked in a little courtyard on Montana. The classes sell out so it's best to sign up the day before. I've been going there for years and it becomes like a little family, everyone is so nice! The owner Stephanie is awesome, she has organized many charity spins and really cares about the community. Her Saturday class rocks! Bottom line, if you like to spin...Revolution is where it's at! More...

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