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Sherry Guthrie

31 July 2018

My shoot was amazing. I cannot say enough about the photographer, his wife and the hair/makeup artist. Very comfortable atmosphere. Multiple areas in the studio to shoot from. Jeff and Stephanie exceeded my expectations and my photos were phenominal. More...


Brittany Mooty

31 July 2018

The entire experience was more than i hoped for! Stephanie is amazing and helped ease my fears and concerns during our FIRST phone conversation and i felt like i had a cheerleader of sorts before i even did my shoot! The pictures came out amazingly and i have never felt more beautiful than i did while doing the shoot and during the reveal. More...


Kitty Galore Ellis

31 July 2018

The most empowering experience with true professionals! Jeff & Steph made me feel special from the moment I stepped through the door! I highly suggest this to everyone.... it will boost your self- confidence and remind you to live life to the fullest! Thank you so much! More...


Aileen Apodaca

31 July 2018

If your wanting to have Amazing boudoir pictures done, choose Revealed Photography.
You will not regret it. From the first phone call and through the entire process they are amazing.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
So I did something yesterday that I thought I would never ever do! I have always talked myself out of it because I thought I don’t have the body for this, I would just embarrass myself and hundreds of other reasons. But, thanks to Jeff, Ashleigh, Erin and my husband I did it! I posed in front of the camera wearing things I hardly ever wear even for my husband, had pictures taken and will be printed that show the proof that I faced my fears and had fun while doing it. My husband also faced his fears and did it with me.
Since the first phone call and through the entire process Jeff made it comfortable.
All the encouragement, positive vibes and laughter made it all worth while.
Thank you for making me feel like I can do it.
Thank you for making it a fun experience. And THANK YOU for letting me have the opportunity to join all beautiful woman in the world of boudoir.


Meghan Malecki

28 May 2018

Jeff and Stephanie were an amazing team to work with! From the initial consultation to the day of the photo shoot, the communication was fantastic and the attention to how I wanted to be photographed was wonderful. My husband was stunned and grateful to have received such beautiful shots of me and has said how awesome it was that Revealed was able to capture how he sees me daily! I have never felt as sexy and beautiful as when I watched my husband open the album. More...


Krystle Kadrmas

28 May 2018

I was looking for a unique way to boost my confidence and give my husband something special before I got pregnant. Steph and Jeff are an amazing team and very talented photographers. I had such a fun day with my shoot; Having my makeup and hair done plus playing dress up in my lingerie was so exhilarating! Plus, Steph got a feel for my style and suggested a bunch of cute things via a private Pinterest board prior to the shoot. This was totally out of my comfort zone and they made it so enjoyable. I want to do it again! More...


shelli vahlbusch

28 May 2018

What an amazing experience! Everyone was so professional and made me feel comfortable with my photo shoot! Erin made me look beautiful, which in turn made me feel confident during my shoot! Jeff and Stephanie are a magnificent couple that work flawlessly with each other to produce a stress-free environment for my photo shoot!I would highly recommedn Revealed Boudoir Photography to anyone wanting to step-up their self-esteem and feel absolutely gorgeous! More...