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Complementary Therapy Practitioner for Holistic Health and Wellbeing, based in Cheadle, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Reflexology techniques are used on the lymphatic reflex points of the feet to encourage the removal of stagnant lymph and also waste products therefore helping to purify the body with fresh lymph for better health and wellbeing.

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Mel Stanton

I was really struggling with fatigue, I just wanted to sleep all the time and I was stressed with work, I just felt awful. After having the reflexology for the first time I felt amazing, and then after the 4 sessions I was like a different person, I have more energy and I would highly recommend to everyone. I never thought I would like having my feet touched but it feels fantastic and Zoe knows exactly what to do. Thank you! � More...


Mandy Mick Day

I was diagnosed with Frybromyalga 4years ago, but know I had this long before. Zoe was my therapist for 5 treatments. I could feel ease after the 1st one. The pain, numbness and fatigue was so much better. I even cut my painkillers down by over half. I feel more positive about myself and life and I know when I have done enough and time to rest. FIBROMYALGA is very hard to be diagnosed. You look fine but inside you are not. It's hard to describe really, but to of found Zoe has changed my life completely. I must also thank my friend Alison who put me onto Zoe. Xx More...


Kat Edmonds

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago and also developed the associated depression and anxiety.
I have tried varying dosages of medication to try to strike the right balance between being pain free and not having the nasty side effects of the tablets.
I had 5 weekly sessions of RLD and each week the positive reactions from the treatment lasted longer.
My energy levels have improved, my joints don't ache as much and my muscles don't feel as tight.
I have come off my anti-depressants as I feel more balanced and positive.
Zoe encourages you to drink plenty of water to flush the stagnant lymph out of your system and make healthier diet choices, so you need to prepared to work alongside the treatment to gain the greatest benefits.
Zoe is professional, calm and you instantly feel in safe hands.
I am continuing to have the RLD as and when I feel I need it and it has made a difference to my health and wellbeing.
Thank you Zoe.


Sarah Beech

Helped me immensely. I have lower limb lymphodema and have really struggled this Summer to keep the illness manageable. The treatment not only helped to “unclog” my lymphatic system, but also helped to increase my energy levels and my self esteem.
Zoe is lovely and understanding. When you have a condition like this, you any let just anyone touch your feet! Zoe knew what she was doing and was very knowledgeable.
Can’t wait to go back !


Katie Elcock

I’ve recently had a extended tummy tuck with lipo and it’s left me very lumpy and swollen, I went to Zoe in hope of help with the swelling, she amazing after just my 1st massage I could see a different now I’m having them every week. Zoe really is professional and makes u feel comfortable. More...