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Here at Red we love to produce immaculate video that delivers results to all of our clients.

With a wealth of experience and history behind us we've made promotional and training videos all the way through to brand films and testimonials so we know what it means to harness the power of video for your business.


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Joash Bryant

1 August 2018

Amazing capture and edit, and real good people, with great motives behind it... if you are looking to put a professional identity on your business then get in touch. 10/10 would recommend!

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I love to tell stories, and so to get to do that on a day to day basis through my passion, which is film and photography, is the best thing about the job. Seeing peoples reaction when we deliver a project is priceless and hearing about the impact that that video made to their business, product, service or cause is massively fulfilling. Just to know that what we are passionate about has helped another person is worth it all.

I always wanted to break out of the agency I was with because I felt I had so much more to offer people than being stuck behind a desk. Not knowing too many people who wanted, or was doing, a similar thing I had watched YouTubers for years and so took a huge inspiration from the likes of Peter McKinnon and Jakob Owens. Outside of that my wife inspired me to go for it in the end. Knowing that she was behind me and believed in me was so encouraging.

I think that clients should choose us because we really do care about the message they care about.
We're passionate about what we do and when you get to do what you love everyday you can really see the care and detail that people like us pour into every project.
I know that's cliche but the truth is, a lot of businesses, they are only ever thinking about the bottom line and the profit margin. At Red, creativity and making something that we care about and the client loves is always the priority. That's why we don't have account managers or sales people.

What you get is us. All of our experience, all of attention and all of our energy - and never anything less.


Did you know that video content can increase the chances of front page Google ranking by 53 times (source: Cisco) With that said, we have been helping businesses just like yours realise the full reach potential that can come from Promotional Videos. From brand films, to promotional videos of a new product or service we want to help you leverage the power of video for your business. All of our videos are produced in Super HD or 4K resolutions and supplied in a vast array of formats to ensure that you can use your video on eevery platform you wish. We pride ourselves on helping our clients, not just with filming but also with shoot organising and can help you with things like, Storyboarding, Scripting and even help you choose a location, be it, local, further afield or even abroad. We care about your message and we want to tell it in the most effective way possible - that's why all of promotional videos come with professional broadcast quality sound capture, audio mixing and mastering and composition of appropriate music beds to pull it all together. Our tried and tested production method has been a successful vehicle in helping us produce hundreds of videos for our clients. It has enabled us to author incredible stories through video, increasing awareness, driving traffic and generating new sales - and we would love to help you do the same with your next project.