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Chartered Accountant, with the security of being regulated by the ICAEW. I'm keen to hear from passionate people who want not just a great service but those who an accountant who is with them every step of the way in growing their business to achieve their dreams!


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22 November 2019

Very disappointed with the outcome. Was told I was entitled to a good amount of money and then a few days later was told I had to wait till next year. False promises are the worst especially seeing as it’s near Christmas and I thought I was going to be getting lots of money. More...

My client was apparently unaware that he’d already submitted his tax return for the year. Mutually disappointing actually.....

11 November 2019

Jon contacted me immediately after I sent out my Bark and he has been very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend his services.

22 October 2019

Very professional and quick to answer your needs

21 October 2019

Jon was fast and accurate. He knows his job well and he is very friendly and efficient in communication.

2 October 2019

Jon is friendly, personable and responded quickly. We seem to be doing well so far.

23 September 2019

I don't use this company as their rate too high for me.

Strange review as you never spoke to me again after I gave you plenty of initial advice for free