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Music Theory

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Mamta Mistry

My both kids goes to lesson in RAW Studios & it's fantastic �we recommend to anyone who wants to do music lessons.


Adele Ogden

My daughter has been attending RAW since September '14, she is learning drumming with Rich. Upon starting my daughter had never played an instrument, well apart from the recorder in primary school. Rich is a fabulous teacher, my daughter loves it here and the lessons are really paying off and helping her GCSE & Btec Music lessons at school. Thanks Rich you are awesome More...


Louise Manley

Rich introduced us to the studio and our son came away inspired and eager to start learning guitar. He absolutely loves his lessons with Adam who is an excellent teacher and encourages him to practice at home with set homework, praises where earned and builds student confidence well. I'm looking forward to seeing inside the new studio!! More...


Andrew Ross

I took 5 drum lessons with Richard a couple of years ago.
He encouraged and inspired me to get back into playing drums after 30 years away from a drum kit.
His attention to detail when it comes to the basic techniques is invaluable, and it was a joy to be taught how to become a true musician rather than just a drummer.
I have since started jamming with some like minded musicians and we are having a blast! Richard was right in all he said about playing alongside other musicians.
I am sure when the time is right he will have much more to teach me.
Thank you Richard


Chris Blease

There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe Rich. I am a teacher and 4 months I started doing fortnightly sessions with rich via Skype. My aim at the start was just to get a few ideas and a bit of guidance regarding all drum aspects of my life.
We talk every two weeks and he's always there to lend some advice/support when needed. For my own development Rich has coached me into a place where I can finally see that drumming is a different journey for all and my anxieties have lessened. We talk about inspiring students, how to approach things differently, how to get the best out of people and importantly how to get the best out of my business. I look forward to every session. Rich is an all round great guy and I'm pleased to have him as a mentor and a friend. Thanks mate, you're a star. �


Paul Tribble Whitworth

I've been annoying Rich for nigh-on an a decade and he's always gone above and beyond as both a mentor and a bald chap, I couldn't recommend Raw studios enough, where else do we get world-class teaching, master classes and fashion tips all in one place!?!?!


Dionne Cyprus

Very inspiring place where everyone is made to feel at home !

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