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QuickRep prides itself in providing the best service to valued customers.

We can provide everything from phone repairs to computer repairs.

We always focus on quality and will do it at the best and most affordable price.

However, we are not the same local repair shop.



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I, personally, recently went to the Apple Store to replace a hard drive, only to know that it would cost around 240GBP. I went home thinking what I was going to do, I decided to give it a go myself.

It took less than 20 minutes to do, and I was so happy with myself. It just goes to show how badly Apple and other repair services charge you for what they do.

I have now gathered trained specialists in this field, and am happy to take your orders.

- Parsa Abbasie
Lead Marketing Manager

As I've mentioned before, affordability, we have the best prices around + quickest times, that means that if you choose One-Day-Repair, your phone/tablet/computer will come in a day.


In the screen repair area, we are particularly advanced. But in actual repair on a whole we are very experienced with phones, particularly iPhones & HTC Phones.

Our most experienced service is definitely computer repair, particularly Macbook Pro's, iMac's, Macbook's, and most things Apple. However we are still very experienced with Windows PC's.

Tablet repair is incredibly close to Phone repair and Computer repair, therefor we are also very good at this aspect.