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Photographing both furnished & unfurnished homes with a 24 turnaround on photos.

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Jonathan W.

1 September 2019

I worked with Cassandra in Intempus and everything went as easy and smooth as I could've ever hoped (exactly why I started looking for property management in the first place!).  First, Cassandra was very flexible and made time during the week and rush hour (!) to meet me at my unit.  Then during the walk through, she had really great ideas on how to make the unit more stand out, and subsequently lined up painters and contractors to take care everything. I tried doing all these myself before but was incredibly challenging, so I really appreciated her getting everything done so quickly at reasonable prices.  The best part is that she rented out my unit within a week of our first meeting!!I'd highly recommend intempus and especially Cassandra! More...


Roger F.

28 August 2019

Intempus became HOA manager for a 38 unit condominium building, that I am an owner in, this past April 2019. In September 2018 an extensive project to replace dry-rotted siding and balconies resulted in scaffolding being installed around the building. By December work had stopped and all who asked management were given nice encouraging stories about work resuming soon. Money was short and nothing got done for over four months. In April, Intempus took over and since then there has been steady progress. Financial shortages have been addressed with a special assessment and we will once again have a building that people will like to own and live in. I am very pleased and impressed with the steady and drastic progress that Eugene and his team at Intempus have made. I have had many occasions to communicate with Eugene's team including Jeannine, Brandon, and Cassandra and in every case, they all have been extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. I have been an owner in six communities with homeowner associations that have had a total of at least a dozen managers. I have never experienced one that works daily to get their job done the way the people at Intempus do. More...


Nithya K.

19 August 2019

I needed a landlord reference letter for a new apartment in NYC and Intempus Realty (specifically Eugene and Jeannine) were both very helpful and efficient in getting my documentation to me. They were able to provide me the letter within 24 hours, which is a great turnaround time, especially with little notice. They are quick to reply and provide further information, would recommend. More...


Vicky S.

9 August 2019

We have had a WONDERFUL experience with Intempus Realty.  Last year, my husband had a last minute work opportunity on the east coast and we moved there for a year.  We contacted Intempus with less than 6 weeks before our move date and right away Doug Raisch came to our home to give us his thoughts on rentability and pricing.  We have an older home, and he was thoughtful and honest in his assessment on what needed to be fixed and what potential profits could be.  We fixed what he had suggested and they advertised the home right away.  Shortly after we left, the house was rented.  I was initially hesitant to rent our home out while we were across the country, but it was a great experience.  Doug and his team quickly found tenants, and kept us informed of any issues that came up. He was always available to talk through any questions we had (of which there were many). When we came back, we found our home as we had left it, and it was ready to move in as they had already contracted people to clean the home for us.  I would highly recommend Doug and his team to manage your property and I will definitely be going back to them if we ever rent our home out again. More...


Jennifer O.

23 July 2019

We have had the best experience with this company. Olen has been managing our properties for a little over a year. He always goes above and beyond our expectations. Communicating with Olen is always easy. Olen and Intempus are the best. They have their own maintenance team and any repair issues are handled with ease. We switched to intempus after yrs with another property manager team and could not be happier. More...


Fernando K.

11 July 2019

We rented a house for 2 years that was being managed by Intempus Realty and it was a wonderful surprise the level of service provided by them. Every time we needed something repaired in the house, specially some urgent ones on weekends, the Intempus team responded and sent professionals to take care of it. Always good and respectful staff and we even exchanged emails a few times with the CEO. Their webpage also allows to set up automatic payments and records the payment history for any future requirements you may need. Intempus was also accommodating and helped us along the way. If anyone is considering putting their house to rent, I would highly recommend going with Intempus. More...


Alex G.

11 July 2019

Property management review.I've had a really great experience working with Alexis at Intempus Realty. He's been responsive, professional, and clear about everything.He starts out giving you the lay of the land. He was great about telling me how the process works and setting expectations. They run comps (don't put too much faith in Zillow when you want to figure out rent estimates!) I ended up really close to what I was hoping for, so I'm happy with how things turned out.They use an organic method of figuring out what needs to be done pre-listing. This involves letting the people viewing the property give feedback and then distilling that down for the owner so you can figure out what minimum fixes or upgrades you would need to do. This is in stark contrast with other property managers who come in and use their best guess to tell you what needs to be done without any direct renter feedback.They cross-post the listing in at least five places so it gets lots of exposure.We went from posting the listing and interviewing renters to accepting an application within 2 weeks. Occupancy in about 3 weeks. I'm looking forward to continuing to work together with Intempus for my Bay Area property management needs.Definitely recommended! More...


Ken N.

1 July 2019

Eugene went above and beyond. He reach out to me and was able to help get a portion of the tow bill back. Its better than getting nothing at all back. When I came in to talk to Eugene I also met Jeanne. She was nice and friendly and was able to help me get a new parking pass with ease. Awesome job guys! More...


Edwin B.

27 June 2019

Intempus did an excellent job of managing our older rental house.  The house had never been rented before and they were able to give me expert guidance as to what work was necessary to prepare the house.  The fact that they have their own construction division is a huge plus...it can be so difficult to find a contractor in the area and wait times can be very long.The company also did a great job of managing the rental itself, and always struck the right balance of notifying me with regard to important matters but not bothering me with smaller issues.  Communication is immediate and matters are resolved promptly.  The fees are very reasonable for the service they provide.  The only reason we are no longer using them is that the property is not being rented anymore. More...


S H.

23 June 2019

This business is decent and they care. Eugene is always going extra miles to get issues fixed. In the beginning of the lease they did an impressive marketing job. One time he tried all the way to fulfill the promise of a rebate card for my new washer purchase through them and won my trust back. Later I had some glitch with this business about tenants. Eugene talked with me proactively and appreciate my business. I appreciate this business's attitude. More...


Snowbunn 3.

21 June 2019

So I previously made a review on these apartments but I wanna say they got back in contact with me quickly and fixing the issues I was having really fast and are actually working with  me thank you intempus ! As well as Marybeth !


James C.

10 June 2019

I would absolutely work with Alexis Martinez and Intempus again.  During the process of finding renters they were communicative and never left me wondering about what they were doing to find the right tenant. The photos and other promotional materials for the house were well done.  Alexis listened to what my needs were and helped me come up with changes to the lease to reflect those needs.  All in all I am very happy with what they did for me. More...


Sara S.

10 June 2019

I lived in a property managed by Intempus for the last two years and they have been awesome! From the beginning to the end, they will answer any questions you have promptly. For the past week, I have been dealing with Doug Raisch to end my lease and he has been a great help. I recommend anyone who wants to rent or buy a house to contact Intempus. Everyone there is professional and helpful. More...


Mike Khesin

29 April 2019

The staff is great and very responsive!


Jose M.

16 April 2019

Was in the process of applying for a home for rent for 3 people. Paid in applications fees and submitted applications. Asked if anything else was needed and to be kept in touch for next steps. A few days later the listing was removed and I never received ANY contact from the people I was emailing on why they let me apply and kept me in the process just to rent the home out to another person. Update: I did get a response right away from the owner of Intempus apologizing for what had occurred and they were able to resolve my issues and refund my application fee due to this situation. Very fast an professional so overall a good experience and my rating will be raised. More...


Raj S.

16 April 2019

We first Eugene at a open house of one of Intempus's managed properties and were impressed with the quality of work. We chose Intempus to do a significant remodel our house, and worked with them to remodel the kitchen, bathrooms, rooms, floors, fireplaces, and Control4 automation etc. Throughout this process Eugene and his team gave us a lot of great suggestions and helped us pick the right items for the house.I love how my house looks now and excited about the home automation! The Intempus team is service oriented - Friendly, patient, creative and dependable. I found their pricing very reasonable and they completed the work with the budget. We are very pleased with their work and highly recommend their services.RajLos Gatos More...


Kody R.

8 April 2019

I applied for a home online after meeting Michael at a property showing. My expectations were set that I wouldn't hear back from the realty company for about three business day once I applied. However, Michael responded to my application within three HOURS and it wasn't even during normal business hours!! I'm in sales, so I know how important customer service is in generating business. I'm impressed. Even if we don't get the place we applied for, I'd love to find a place through this realty company. Awesome experience so far. More...


Axel P.

6 April 2019

Excellent customer service and communication. Alexis was always available (during and after working hours) for any questions or concerns I had. Always professional and respectful. Because of Alexis and Intempus Realty, my rental process was made smooth and effortless. Highly recommend. More...


Warren R.

3 April 2019

It's been an absolute delight to rent a property with Intempus realty in Cupertino this past year and I just signed up for another. Everything has been fluid, from the leasing process to the small maintenance hiccups encountered during the year. I have been particularly impressed by the *incredibly* fast response to emails, calls, work orders etc. It's the norm to receive responses within an hour or two if not minutes to queries at all times of day (I'm not sure Michael from Intempus ever sleeps), and has left me with a great sense of confidence and comfort in this operation. This quality service has been appreciated. More...


Jennie D.

1 April 2019

New to the Bay Area, I worked with Michael and his team as I was seeking a rental. Each interaction was positive, genuine, and professional. They went above and beyond with lightning fast communication, scheduling flexibility, and they consistently demonstrated kindness and integrity. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a rental, or a property management team. Thank you! More...


Nina U.

28 March 2019

Talk about a well oiled machine! Intempus Realty absolutely crushed it when it came to finding us a perfect tenant for our rental home.  We've always found our own tenants but it is so time consuming posting the home, answering inquiries, meeting potential tenants and running background checks.  Intempus found us not just any tenant but probably the best possible tenant we could have imagined in two weeks from our first meeting.  To say I am pleased with Intempus and their property management team, Alexis, Jordan and Eugene would be an understatement! Intempus is the best of the best! Thank you for all of your help! More...


Don C.

27 March 2019

I've been working with Kim for the last 6 months with my rental property and ever since the start their organization's responsiveness and attention to detail has been superb. I'm very glad to have found Intempus and Kim is a true professional. She is both knowledgeable and loves what she does. Highly recommend! More...


Rita C.

14 February 2019

I rented out my place via Intempus since last year. I have been working very closely with Dan. It was my first time to rent out my place. Dan was very patient with me and walked me through the whole process to make sure that all my questions were answered and all my concerns were addressed. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Most importantly, he is always on top of everything. I strongly recommend him and Intempus. More...


Dana S.

12 February 2019

Intempus has successfully managed three San Jose rental properties for us for several years now. We were previously managing the properties ourselves and hiring Intempus has saved us money and time.  Dan Kozakevich has been a great representative for us.  He's prompt and courteous.  He has good, logical suggestions and he has secured excellent tenants who have stayed in our properties long term.  We're very pleased with our experience. More...


jenny t.

24 January 2019

I am so glad i have met Brenda Fisher because she worked hard to help me find a tenant! She always picked up her phone and also answered all of my questions/concerns. I highly recommended this company and especially Brenda! Thank You. More...


Luis H.

8 January 2019

Intempus Realty is the example every property management company should follow. This review is overdue but I would like to thank Alexis for helping me and my house mates find a home. Searching for houses in Santa Clara University can be stressful but Alexis made the experience feel very easy and straight forward. We contacted him and he immediately responded to us. We were able to see the house that same weekend and signed a lease a couple days later. Alexis was very thorough with the process and explained every little detail we needed to know. I also appreciated the back and fourth communication even in the late evening. Their mindset at Intempus is definitely all for customer service and our experience. I definitely recommend Alexis for your renting needs. More...


Veronica H.

2 January 2019

I just had an open house appointment @3 with Alexis today and I have to say my experience was great! Being my usual self, I asked a numerous amount of question but Alexis was super polite and helpful. I came in ready with my paper application and paper work but was discouraged after hearing Alexis say it's first come first serve for electronic applications and paper applications would take longer to process. However, Alexis saw how eager and prepared I came with all my documents that he stayed afterwards to help me with the process. He assured me he himself would input all of my information so I would have a chance to me approved. left feeling helped and positive about writing a check for Intempus Realty. Come 5 o clock (only 1.5 hours after I left) and Alexis calls saying we've been approved for the apartment and will receive the keys to our new home on Friday! I highly recommend Intempus Realty! More...


Tim B.

6 November 2018

Intempus has a very professional and straight forward system when it comes to helping Santa Clara students find housing near campus. When I needed help finding two houses near campus for myself and friends, Alexis Martinez the leasing manager was there to help throughout the entire process. In my opinion, I think that Intempus Realty does a better job then Santa Clara Universities off campus housing office because Intempus provides tenants with relatively lower market rent, better selection of housing, and very responsive communication. I would definitely recommend future and present Santa Clara students to use Intempus Realty to find off campus housing especially through Alexis. More...


Arica R.

7 October 2018

My experience with Intempus has been wonderful! They are a property management company that I've enjoyed working with and would like to give my wholehearted recommendation to everyone, especially Kim. She was always attentive to my concerns and super easy to work with. I can't think of anything negative to say, because they're a property management company that looks-out for the good of the property. I've been happy throughout the whole process! Thank you for managing our property the way you have! More...


M. R.

30 July 2018

We rented a home that was managed by Intempus for over a year, and could not have been happier with their attention to detail and the ease of working with them.  The few maintenance requests we had were handled quickly.  Billing was always accurate.  We unfortunately had to end our lease early due to a job relocation, and they helped us through the process, which many management companies would not, once they know you are leaving.  Highly recommend working with them!  Very unlike most management companies. More...


Daniel S Cornell

12 July 2018

I am totally impressed with Intempus. They have managed our home perfectly and everyone who we have dealt with face to face has been polite and professional. We had the usual checklist of small things needing attention when we moved in and Intempus jumped right on them. I am strongly considering hiring them for a property for which I am the landlord. More...


Hunter Forhome F.

6 June 2018

I believe that a well deserved update is due for Dan. We have been working with him over past year. He screened multiple tenants and found the one that best suited our needs. He takes care of any repairs needed around the home. He is always proactive and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Its been a pleasure working with Dan and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to rent out their place without going through all the hassles involved. Thanks Dan! More...


Presley L.

18 May 2018

I have been renting from intempus for almost a years now and it has been pleasant from the start. Dan has always responded to our phone calls/emails very quickly and if we don't answer he  send a follow up email. He has been great with any technical difficulties I had in paying online (there system is great, any issues I had were on me lol) my lease is coming to an end soon and since I'm looking for a larger place I will have to leave. It has been a pleasure renting from this company, they set the bar high for any other landlord I will have in the future. Thank you Intempus! More...


Rebecca Story

27 April 2018

Christian and his team were great! We got out Camaro here.


Juliet S.

27 April 2018

We were looking to downsize from a two-bedroom to a one-bedroom within the same apartment complex. Eugene made this process easy and painless for us. He was extremely responsive and gave us great terms for changing the lease. Would recommend. More...


Joe P.

11 April 2018

Katie is our property manager but is also a real estate agent.  She provides personable service and is a great communicator.  She always follows through and makes sure there is a closed loop between landlord, tenant & service providers.  Sal Rodriquez, a technician pro, provided exceptional service today installing two ceiling fans, a new sink faucet and other items in the client's home.  We do not wear shoes in the home; Sal wore booties over his shoes to respect the cleanliness of the home. He is friendly, respectful and efficient at completing his tasks.  Great job Sal & Katie. More...


Theresa Ruiz

28 December 2017

I have enjoyed having Mike as my property manager. He always returns calls, and solutions for any problems. Very courteous and polite.


Ere L.

5 September 2017

After a few inconveniences at the beginning to rent an office in Fremont. Eugene was very kind explaining the reasons why they were taking so long and offered a couple of weeks free rent for all the inconvenience. I am truly appreciative of his effort to make business in a kind and peaceful manner. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to continue a pleasant business relationship with Intempus Realty. More...


Parvin P.

1 June 2017

We reached out to Eugene based on Yelp reviews, and after having a tough time dealing with the previous tenants, and another property management company who could not get the place to be rented out even in 45 days. Eugene got us the tenants in a week. Throughout the tenancy, he and his company were transparent in all matters. They setup a nice portal with all the agreements and the documents you signed. Reachable by phone all the time, and prompt in email response. I would highly rate them. It is worth paying the pros handle the work for you. More...


Douglas Husar

28 March 2017

As a Social Media Manager and SEO specialist, I have reviewed all of Intempus' platforms and they are immaculate. If their realty skills are half as well done, they can do your job.


Theresa D.

15 December 2016

I hired Dan to manage my property in East Palo Alto. He is responsive, professional and amenable to our needs. He was fair and I felt that he tried his best to get my property up to rental standards. I would definitely recommend his services to all my friends and family! More...


Rodrigo Damazio Bovendorp

30 October 2016

Eugene from Intempus helped me purchase my first home in California (I was totally unfamiliar with the process), and he was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond in getting the trickier-than-average transaction go through and keeping me from freaking out through that process :) I had initially secured an underwriting from a lender he referred for my home purchase, so we went home shopping (and he helped a lot by sending my listings and driving to see them with me, even as far as Morgan Hill). Some time after, we found a home that we really liked and made an offer (special kudos to him for taking time during his vacation in Hawaii to talk to the sellers and write the offer!!). After some negotiation, the sellers accepted the offer, only contingent on the loan. That's when the stressful part started (and he helped *a lot*) - the lender that had previously approved me came back saying that rules for money reserves had changed, and suddenly I couldn't afford the house anymore. We had a 10-day deadline to remove the loan contingency, so it was a big rush to find a new lender and get them to also approve me. Eugene helped negotiate with the very eager seller, who initially gave us an extension, but then served a "notice to perform". The lender asked for an appraisal of the home, which came short of what I was offering (that was one day before the final deadline for the loan contingency!), so he again stepped in and figured out how I could still afford it, and we finally removed the contingency. The date for the close of escrow was also coming up, and just 3 days before the close, again, the new lender came back and said I didn't have enough reserves (I keep wondering, is math so hard that these lenders can't do it beforehand?). At this point, with the risk of losing my deposit, I was ready to freak out :) again Eugene kept me focused and helped me find a way to get the additional reserves (through a gift from family), and the purchase was finalized on the original deadline, which is something I could never have accomplished without his help - there were many times when the issues really weren't his problem and he could just have said it was up to me, yet he helped. Without him, I'd likely have lost my deposit, not gotten a home and gotten a lawsuit from the sellers :) He also supported me post-sale to figure out details of insurance, seller rentback, inspections and so on. Last but not least, I appreciated his expertise on home automation systems (which the house had a lot of) and would also recommend him as a Control4 dealer. I was very impressed with the work and would highly recommend Eugene and Intempus. More...


Inder D.

4 October 2016

I was super-happy with Intempus Builders' professionalism, the quality of their work, and their staying on budget and on schedule. I remodeled our house. Eugene Korsunsky and Chris Stone met me many times at the construction site at the crazy hours that worked with my schedule. They returned phone calls and emails promptly. They were attentive to the minutest detail, made many suggestions which I am SO glad I accepted, and they had the incredible idea of opening out the kitchen to the best part of the house and creating an additional bedroom in the process. Why hadn't I thought of that brilliant idea? Now, we have a great California room, an open kitchen, completely remodeled bathrooms and bedrooms, and an additional bedroom to boot. They fixed the front yard and the backyard and gave us a virtually new property. I could not recommend them more highly. More...


Kimberly H.

23 September 2016

Eugene and his team are an absolute dream to work with! We went to an open house one Saturday afternoon on a whim, and ended up falling in love. We weren't even serious about our home search yet and had nothing in place, no lender, not ready to sell yet etc. We called Eugene at 2pm that day and within an hour we were in talks with a lender, and by breakfast the next day he had already reached out to their agent and had all information in hand to make an informed offer. We submitted our offer at the deadline the following Tuesday and by Wednesday it was accepted! Woohoo! It all went way faster and smoother than we had even anticipated! Eugene was confident the entire time, he knew what he was doing! We are now the proud owners of a beautiful home! Now came the hard part, selling our condo. We weren't sure it would be as easy, but here came Eugene again with his confidence! He was right! After Eugene and his team helped with some minor staging (de-cluttering more like it, which I strongly recommend prior to moving anyway) we had beautiful pictures done and we're ready for our open house! Within 5 days we had 3 offers and an accepted offer for well over asking price. This was a few months back, so I'm not sure if it's still held up BUT our sale held the record for highest price for our unit in the complex! We were very happy and so pleased! All of this took place over a 3 week period, talk about a whirlwind experience! It could've really been hectic and chaotic but with Eugene's guidance, diligence and honesty throughout it was a smooth process. Although I hope we don't move anytime soon, if we did there isn't anyone else I'd consider besides Intempus. Trust me!! More...


Kejun X.

17 June 2016

Eugene is one of the best HOA property manager I've worked with. He is responsive and never dropped the ball. I appreciate his help assisting me working out many issues, giving me useful tips, and I hope I get to work with him again in the future.


Adi O.

13 February 2016

I can't say enough about Eugene Korsunsky.  This is a 5-star review only because I can't give 10 stars.I've been looking to buy a house in the South Bay and tried several agents.  They were all ok, but none of them was really outstanding.  And then I got to Eugene and everything changed.Eugene is a hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgable real-estate agent.  He grew up in the South Bay and knows the area like the palm of his hand.  He knows the history, the past development, the planned future developments, the schools, their districts, and the communities.  His familiarity with the area, deep understanding of the market, innate talent to find opportunities, extensive experience, and amazing work ethics combine to form a fantastic real-estate agent.  The best I've seen, by far.But above all Eugene is honest and extremely nice.  He invested the time to learn my preferences and constraints, and quickly was able to narrow the search to just the right properties.  Over the course of several months he kept looking proactively for properties to match my criteria and did a lot behind the scenes to filter the potential matches and conduct background research.  We literally spoke on a daily basis to discuss new properties on the market and plan weekend house hunts.Despite the large time investment I never got any sense of frustration from Eugene.  On the contrary: on several occasions he could have tried to influence me and push for quick closure on an expensive house so he could get his commission and move on.  Other agents would have, and in fact have, done just that.  But not Eugene: he genuinely looked after my interests and didn't shy away from suggesting that we skip some houses which I initially found exciting.  In all such cases he shared with me knowledge and insight which I lacked, explaining why this might not be the best house for me.  I am grateful for his guidance.We eventually found the right house.  Given the housing market in the South Bay and the level of competition on that house I can confidently say that I would not have won the bid without Eugene.  He navigated the negotiations and communicated very effectively with the selling agent, and managed to get us on top.It didn't end there.  Throughout the house search Eugene went out of his way to assist with finding real-estate agents, doing background search on houses (e.g. spending an hour on the phone with a solar panel company to discuss all the fine print in the contract they had with a house I considered), connecting me to contractors, designers, and much more.So...  I really can't praise Eugene enough.  Highly recommended.  He will definitely get any future real-estate deal or business I may have in the future. More...


Benjamin H.

12 January 2016

Long time renter from them, and they are great to work with - reasonable with discussions, prompt replies, good follow-up.


Julienne P.

22 November 2015

Intempus Realty and especially Eugene Korsunsky really DESERVE 5 STARS for their excellent management services.  I am an extremely picky and stingy 5 stars giver.  I am also a brutally honest reviewer. Brutal.  With that in mind,  Eugene genuinely earned these 5 stars when he basically rescued us from a huge water damage fiasco that our other management company failed to detect & remediate. We broke contract mid-month and all the work weren't attended to and stalled. Seeing us flailing about juggling multiple contractors, insurance, tenants, and the current management company so desperately, Eugene kindly offered to step in and helped us facilitate everything.  He basically came in like a magician and just started putting things back on track; pushing things along and moving things forward as needed; he expertly handled all aspects of the highly stressful and chaotic ordeal for us.  He even went head on and tackled an issue we had with the current management we used at the time.  He really went above and beyond in proving to us that he really would take care of everything for us-every detail and aspect of rental management and more. Here are a few things he did that really won us over.  We couldn't be present to choose the flooring for ourselves and he actually told us he's meet with the contractor to be our eyes for us.  That proved to us he was committed to being our guy--the kind of manager that will do whatever it takes for his clients.  We were so relieved and thankful to have him take over! He was meticulous and detailed enough to help us pick out the flooring which we ended up very pleased with. Another issue he helped us with, where he really shined through, was when he followed up with insurance every step of the way when the flooring vendor mistakenly didn't level all parts of our floor.  He really kept with it and was persistent about having it done as we requested.  With both of us pressuring the insurance and following up with them day after day, they relented and fixed it for us.  Our tenants are extremely detailed about the landscaping and the current gardener were not keeping them happy so he offered us his gardener for less than what we were currently paying.  He also has a litany of vendors and contractors at his services for very reasonable prices.  He was able to call in people to do drywall, cabinetry, painting and all aspects of home maintenance and renovations. We were so impressed with him that we even sent him a gift of gratitude for all he did for us during our time of stress and turmoil. Honestly, there's nothing like the feeling of relief at being able to trust someone with something valuable to you.  We trust Eugene because he's proven himself. We want as much of a stress free land lording experience as possible which is why we hire management company-he was able to deliver! We just want someone who would care for our property like his own and make us a priority because we paid for his premium services- he lived up to our expectations. We are up front and so is he; we are honest and hardworking and so is he.  One final thing, he has a very high level of patience and excel at multitasking with people bombarding him from every direction.  We need a guy like that in our corner working with us.  We are on the same page and we hope to continue to work together for a very long time to come. Thanks for everything you do for us Eugene!!! More...


Lisa A.

15 March 2015

I met Eugene when I answered an add looking for a house to rent. After living in downtown Campbell for several years we received a notice the owners wanted to sell. Not ready to commit to buying we freaked out. It's the worst feeling in the world to feel homeless. With a 60 day notice you would feel more comfortable as if it was plenty of time...not the case. After looking at several houses that didn't fit the bill as well as the house Eugene was renting out. I explained to him what I was looking for and what I was willing to pay. He told me about some upcoming rentals he had that didn't hit the market yet. Both those houses were a perfect fit in the price point and location that was perfect for us. Meeting Eugene was as if a weight was lifted off my chest. He was so helpful and reassuring me he would help me find something in the timeframe we needed. If your looking for a rental I would reach out to Eugene Korsunsky. He is professional and willing to go over and beyond to work with you. He makes a stressful situation just a situation. I'm impressed with his inventory. Homeowners must love and trust him with there homes. More...


Joeanna B.

14 February 2015

I am really happy to give Intempus Realty, particularly Eugene Korsunsky, 5 stars!  I was referred to Eugene, after I decided to move out of Campbell to Australia.  There is so much to consider when making a big move, and I was on the fence with deciding to hire a property management company.  If anyone is debating on this - do it! It was one of the best decisions I could've made, and I hit the jackpot with Eugene.  He's professional, direct and experienced.   I'm a single professional, with a property next door to eBay, so thought my condo would be easy to rent out. Wrong! I tried for several weeks to rent my place on my own via Craigslist.  But between packing and endless showings to random strangers from the internet, I quickly realized how demanding a task it is.  Eugene helped advise on the rental price, current trends, handled all the marketing, and went above and beyond in negotiating with prospective tenants.  Being so far away in a different time zone, it was crucial that I work with someone reliable and responsive - and that's exactly what I'm getting.  The online tools make all transactions very transparent, and it's making tax preparation and rent delivery very turnkey.  He's managed to rent out my condo to responsible tenants and turned it into a cash positive investment.  He really does make it all look easy, since you're shielded from all the day to day issues, but I know it is a ton of work - done with a positive attitude and great work ethic.  Very happy with this partnership and would highly recommend Eugene and Intempus! More...


EurJean C.

30 June 2014

Eugene Korsunsky was the property manager for a rental property we rented for a year. Unfortunately, the rental property was in poor shape and had a large number of necessary repairs. With the Intempus Realty Portal, we were able to easily track and log tickets for every single repair. With emergency repairs, Eugene was available by cellphone to immediately schedule an appointment with a handyman.I do have to note that one of the companies retained by Intempus Realty for repairs and house cleaning (Krystal Klean, I also reviewed them on Yelp) is no longer working for them due to poor workmanship. After raising concerns with Eugene, he found a different company to complete the outstanding repairs.The Intempus Realty portal has also been great for keeping track of things like the lease application, lease agreement, paying rent, renewing the lease, and checking the status of repair tickets. More...



16 March 2014

My husband and I needed to find a place right away and saw an add in Craigslist  Eugene Korsunsky called me  and we met right away. It was the perfect home and my kids were very excited. He immediately sent me the application which was just so convient. Our credit was challenging but he gave us that opportunity we needed. Eugene is awesome! He responds to every email or text I sent him. Love the service! Thank you Eugene, you are an a Angel sent from above. More...


Derek H.

7 February 2014

I was referred to Eugene to manage the rental. I first contacted him and he responded back right away. He was very professional and explain everything over the phone and emails as I have not met him in person to date.He inspected the house and recommended items to address to make the best presentation for potential renter to see. He even got people interested before the house put on the market.He respond to tenant right away and address the items. I get updates and not have to worry as I can trust him. More...


Roman N.

7 September 2013

We just bought a house with Marina and couldn't be happier.   We were first time homebuyers and also new to the area, so Marina literally shepherded us though the entire process.  She helped us understand our priorities, settle on the neighborhood and worked patiently with us to find the right house.  And then came the part that impressed me the most - Marina worked tirelessly and seemingly around the clock to insure a pain-free closing on a very tight deadline.  She negotiated on our behalf (saving us a lot of money), managed the bulk of the logistics, guided us through streams of inspections, and, in general, stayed on top of every detail.Marina is organized, highly experienced, well-connected, patient, and very personable.  In our quest for the perfect house, her contribution extended far beyond what I expected from a real estate agent.  I would highly recommend her to anyone. More...


Julia Z.

11 July 2013

Marina is THE BEST in the business!Marina helped us buy our dream home in May 2013. She did an outstanding job! Marina is very responsive via phone and email. Whichever questions/issues came up, she resolved them quickly and thoroughly. With 20+ years of real estate experience, Marina has fantastic connections and rapport with other realtors.A few highlights of the service we received:- I believe we saved well over $100k because we had Marina on our side. Not only did she negotiate the lowest possible house price on our behalf, she also helped us catch and lock on time an unbelievable 3.3% mortgage interest rate, which may possibly be an all-time low.- Marina referred me to many diligent people that she worked with before: mortgage loan officer, heating contractor, an electrician, termite company (for half the price), movers, etc. All her references provided excellent services and we are already recommending them to our friends.- She was extremely patient with us when we pulled our offer half-way through the process on another house; (this 'changed my mind' shenanigan was really not cool for us to do).- Marina managed all the meticulous details for us: making sure we give 30-day notice at the rental so we can move on time, checking with the San Jose public works office that the sewer is connected at the new house, directing PG&E services, setting up 5 inspections, requesting appliance warranty from the seller... the list goes on and on. Because Marina is very thorough, the whole process went smoothly.My parents and their friends recently bought homes with Marina and have been very impressed with her services as well.Bottom Line: Marina is a phenomenal realtor - everyone should hire her! More...


elizabeth C.

17 August 2012

2 months ago we began looking for a home. We found that Eugene was honest and knowledgeable about the home buying process.   He stayed on top of our loan officer (who dropped the ball.) and kept us updated at all time.  He also helped us find our dream home! Now that we have moved in, Eugene still helps us out with referrals for painters, landscaping, etc. I would say that Eugene is a wonderful asset to have on your side! More...


Dave H.

6 August 2012

Eugene is a guy who really follows through on his promises. He helped me find a great place in Santa Clara close to work and everything I needed. I had a great 2 years renting from Intempus and was able to live and work without being bothered for little things. I will continue working with Intempus to find a place of my own in the coming years. I recommend Eugene to anyone looking to rent in the Bay Area. More...


Dennis W.

25 June 2012

First let me start by saying that if I could give Eugene more than 5 starts I would. Approximately 5 months ago I approached Eugene in helping my family sell two properties and assist us in the purchase of a third property. To say that I am completely satisfied with the quality and level of professionalism Eugene brought to this transaction would be an understatement. Eugene's unique and creative marketing plans had one house in contract in 1 day of hitting the market and 24 days on the other. Eugene also flawlessly handled the purchase of a third house during this transaction for us. Eugene's ability to deal with the builder was second to none. The house we had built was located about 2 hours away from Campbell Ca. Eugene made several trips up to the house with us to monitor progress and deal with issues that most agents would not have driven that far to address as they were outside the normal scope of a Realtor. Eugene consistently went above and beyond then above and beyond that to ensure that this transaction was an awesome experience. Dealing with a builder from what I hear can be a nightmare. Not with Eugene guiding us each step of the way. Eugene made the experience of building our dream home an unbelievable experience. With personally 8 years or so in the Mortgage side of the real estate industry I have never met someone who consistently answered their phone. During this process I would be up at 6-7am firing off emails to Eugene and within minutes would be involved in a conversation with Eugene regarding the issues or questions I was having with the process. Eugene's efforts to keep us informed was obvious from day one and continued even after we had closed. If you are looking to buy or sell your home or house and you do not choose Eugene Korsunsky you are doing yourself a disservice. If I can pass anything along with this review it would be to just give him a call and hear for yourself the level of professionalism and knowledge Eugene possess's. More...