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Hello, hi I am Lorna, my specialism in Coaching is lovingly guiding caring mums gain clarity and wisdom for themselves and their little people. I love working with ladies, usualy mums but not only and I also offer youth coaching for chidlren aged 7 - 17 years of age.



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I love working with my clients, hearing the start of their story, what is troubling them, what part of their life they want to make better and then carefully crafting them a coaching journey that will provide the tools and the processes they need to gain clarity and then choose the lasting change they want to see in their life.

I want to be free to work with and guide as many people as I can.

Clients will like to work with me if they are ready to do something about the list of changes they say they want to make, I will support you to make holistic, progressive and transfomational steps towards your aspirations and dreams, yes there will be talking but there will also be doing - so im looking to work with ladies who want to harness their courage, their kindess, their self-love, inner wisdom and knowing to create the life of their dreams, whatever that means for you. My business name is 'pursuit of wisdom coaching' as I do believe it is a journey we are all on to be a little wiser each day and I would be honoured to start your journey with you.
One of my lovely ladies write this about our recent journey together
My journey with Lorna has been amazing. It hasn’t always been easy but important things aren’t necessarily easy. I have learnt a lot about myself and discovered a strength within me that I never knew I had. That in its self is wonderful and life changing but the tools I’ve gained along the way will help me for years to come. Lorna has opened up the potential of facing each difficulty as a challenge to be overcome and given me the armoury to take on the world. There is a soft power revolution occurring and I want to be part of it.
Celia, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland.