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We offer high end lighting and sound packages for large weddings, corporate events, music festivals etc
We use the latest tech for all our events and our staff are well trained and very polite and great listeners.
We also offer help and event planning for clients who need it.

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27 July 2018

Fantastic opportunity for new bands and old
To have the full support of a top studio .


Play the correct music and engage with the audience

Flexible and easy going, always keen to try new things and move with the times and catering for Everybodys needs when possible.

Making a difference to customers events. Arriving at an event where there is nothing but then starting to create and build something from nothing.

I wanted to create environments from scratch and deliver great sounding and looking events. I love to see people happy with there lot and if we can help that to happen, Great......

We are polite. We listen to our clients and strive to deliver. We always try to go the extra mile.