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Chartered Counselling Psychologist providing psychological therapies to people suffering from emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. I have worked in primary and secondary care NHS services, so am able to treat the full range of problems and from mild through to severe symptom levels.

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Graham Dietrich

23 July 2018

Thank you Lou for your understanding and deep insights into a pattern I have had for most of my life. You clarified the situation and also gave me positive ways to handle this type of situation when it arises again.

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The things I love most about my job are helping people overcome whatever specific difficitulites they present with and then also watching them grow in confidence and self-esteem as a result. It's a double-delight!

Working as a psychologist online in private practice as opposed to working for the NHS means there is far greater freedom to go where the client wants to go and explore their concerns in real depth. It is also possible to create a more comfortable, therapeutic and private environment that helps people feel at ease, cared-for and more fully supported in the comfort of their own homes.

I didn't go straight from school to university. Instead, I worked in business and for an international humanitarian organisation as a logistician before going to university as a mature student to train as a psychologist. The training took 9 years of self-funded study and great committment, determination and perseverance! So, I provide a down-to-earth approach based on the reality of life outside the world of psychology and apply the same level of committment, determination and perseverance to helping my clients.



Psychological therapy is the purposeful application of a wide range of evidenced-based psychological theories and knowledge within the collaborative relationship you establish with your therapist to achieve your agreed therapeutic goals. You can choose to stay more focused on the present and on relieveing specific symptoms or you can journey back to explore the past or a combination of the two. It is available in-person, via online video-call or voice-call.

CBT focuses on the here-and-now and on relieving the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety related conditions. It does this by identifying and then changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours to more helpful ones. Sessions are structured and provide practical techniques and strategies to reach your goals. It is available in-person, online via video-call or voice-call.

Whilst similar to other forms of talking therapy in providing you with a healing and empathic therapeutic relationship characterised by unconditional positive regard, person-centred counselling differs significantly in that it is wholly non-directive. It provides a space for you to explore and share your feelings in-depth and at length. The therapist does not take the role of ‘the expert’ but rather is a companion on your journey of self-discovery. It is available in-person, online via video-call or voice call.