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Here at premium home improvements (based in Kent)

We’re a family owned business to make your family feel more at home

Great prices to fit within your budget !

Free quotations , no obligations
Just call and we can send a professional around


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J Hird

5 December 2018

we confirm appointment date and time, they did not turn up



16 November 2018

Reliable work and friendly service

13 November 2018

Efficient service and friendly contact



12 November 2018

Efficient service and friendly contact



20 August 2018

A job well done, exceeded my expectation and within my budget. I will certainly use Premium Home Improvements again. Highly recommended.


This family ranned business has been around since early 2000's it's been a pleasure to work and help family's to improve & be satisfied with there homes.

All work guaranteed done by professionals, No unqualified builder/painter (which ever job it may be your hiring us for)

We will specify the best possible price with no upfront cost (if the work is to be carried out) we may speak to the owner about material costs if said so owner asks for us (premium home improvements) to provide the materials.

NO PAYMENT, until the customer is happy with the improvements to he/she's property.

Seeing a happy satisfied customer at the end of a project, with big smiles influenced by the improvements done to there property by us.

Were a family runned business Happy home, Happy family.

I've been in this line of work since my early 20's. My father owned he's own company which I worked for him for many years.
My goal was one day to be like him an to work with my sons as he did with me, It brings great joy seeing family's come together & loving the work I do for them.

We provide premium services for better prices than majority of other companies in our line of work, All work guaranteed & no payment required until your happy with the job you hired us (premium home improvements) to do, No job to big, No job to small thank you.