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We specialise in relaxing & de-stressing body Massages. Our qualified Massage Therapist is accredited with the ABT.

Our services range from full deep tissue body massages for pain, tension and stress relief to refreshing express massages to get energised on the go.



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The best thing about our job is seeing the difference between when people walk in and when they leave. Knowing you've helped make a positive difference or contribution to a person's health and wellbeing is very rewarding.

Massage is an under-valued aspect of wellbeing which has amazing benefits for the mind and body.
Having experienced these benefits first-hand in relieving muscle tensions in my neck and shoulders causing constant headaches, It inspired me to start my own practice to help others and also spread the word that massage is so much more than a luxury. Our aim is to promote fitness, wellbeing and good health through the mastery of massage.

Our client's health and wellbeing is our primary focus and we understand everyone is different. This is why we take our time to listen to our client's needs and tailor the treatment to suit. Consultation and aftercare is included in the service and we are flexible to accommodate busy schedules. Trying us out is the best way to be convinced and we're on hand to help with further questions or queries.