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I offer Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching services.

I specialise in resolving phobias and anxiety with hypnotherapy. I have also been running personal development workshops on meetup since 2014. (Search for Auntie-Stress on meetup.com)



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I love helping people shift their perspective and get the results they want in their life in the most effective way. I have a passion for understanding behaviour, therefore my approach to hypnotherapy and life coaching is practical and logical. I expect and enjoy the transparency and honesty I experience when working with people.

In my early 30's I became curious about the power of mind. Then I had heard that hypnotherapy can help you gain control over your life, so I took action and I started the long journey of studying hypnotherapy and then went on to study a Tony Robbins Life Coaching program. I also surrounded myself with other hypnotherapists, coaches and hundreds of books. I also joined a Masters in Psychology at University. Because of ongoing development through my journey, I now hope that I can also touch other people's lives in a positive and empowering way.

I am passionate about understanding problems and challenges and enabling you to get what you desire in the shortest time possible, so you can show up at your best in this world. I am interested in behaviour and what the motivations behind the behaviour. I specialise in phobias but I can also help with habits and addictions.