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Pop Up English Zone Reviews

Pop Up English Zone Reviews

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Stephan Dune
5 02/06/2018 Stephan Dune

As expected, everything in the shop was exceptional. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The shop itself looked absolutely beautiful and the woodwork everywhere and the design was just simply breath taking. The products themselves were all top of the range and the staff were very well read on all the products. I thoroughly enjoyed my look around the shop although I could not afford the lovely things inside! Thanks to the staff who made the experience wonderful.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Andy West
5 28/05/2018 Andy West

Lovely department store with wooden panelling taken from an old British war ship. Random information I know but the shop is wonderfully old and slightly eccentric. The homewares section is amazing and the perfume department is impressive. I'm always a bit disappointed by menswear but perhaps that's because I'm not convinced by high fashion...500 quid for a ripped t-shirt kind of thing. Anyway, well worth a visit!

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Naveen Bisht
3 20/05/2018 Naveen Bisht

Young and trendy crown in a perfect location. Staff is friendly and great materials to choose from.
Shopping experience is better than other few big end shopping places.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by M R
4 06/05/2018 M R

Liberty is an interesting place. The building is less than 100 years old but it's really well built and inspired by period architecture. But don't expect to find anything really different. It's a mix of a luxury store and an old fashioned mall. I prefer to go directly to the brand store when there is one in London

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Danielle Lloyd
5 23/04/2018 Danielle Lloyd

Beautiful shop with a gorgeous carved wood interior, making it a lovely space to have a little peruse. Clothing are also not all as expensive as you might think, particularly as they often have really good sales. Also really well curated with lovely brands.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Karrie Langdon
5 13/04/2018 Karrie Langdon

I visited Liberty in London for the first time. I was looking for something smart /casual to travel in and go out in the evening. A gentleman assistant helped me chose a top which went with a pair of jeans I had bought. The top has a contemporary art pattern on it's surface which is bold and exciting. It is perfect for putting in my rucksack as it does not crease. I had a great shopping experience and I am delighted with my purchase. I will definitely start to shop at Liberty.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Liz Mazura
5 10/04/2018 Liz Mazura

Love Liberty. The Beauty Hall is a dream... Went in looking for a moisturiser, got my make up done while I was there.... and managed to stay within budget. Every floor is full of all the things you want - things you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself but you'd be really pleased if someone else bought you. Wonderful perfume. Sensational fabric. Staff who are passionate about the things they're selling and delighted for you to share this passion. My favourite store.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Alice Latty
5 21/03/2018 Alice Latty

Loved it, loved it. I've always loved Liberty's. I went as a girl with my Mum , in my teens with my sister and still in my early 60s with my own family. Great store, such history full of exciting different things to look at and if you can afford it, to buy.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by D.A.
4 19/03/2018 D.A.

Liberty is probably the best example of the Tudor revival arts and crafts architecture. Yes it is a department store; but a charming and beautiful one with all the wooden floors and lifts; also if you can afford to buy here (quite expensive) you will receive excellent customer service.

In my opinion, a tourist should include Liberty as part of the itinerary; even if it is just to enjoy the architecture.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by David Pigott
3 18/03/2018 David Pigott

Was not keen on this department store. I'm sure if you have the money and it's your taste then this store would be great for you. The items on sale just were not my cup of tea.
Stunning building and love that they kept the old aesthetic.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Alex Cluney
5 12/03/2018 Alex Cluney

As expected, everything in the shop was exceptional. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The shop itself looked absolutely beautiful and the woodwork everywhere and the design was just simply breath taking. The products themselves were all top of the range and the staff were very well read on all the products. I thoroughly enjoyed my look around the shop although I could not afford the lovely things inside! Thanks to the staff who made the experience wonderful.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Celine O'Rourke
4 11/03/2018 Celine O'Rourke

Great to walk into and explore all the levels of this beautiful listed building. The prices made me laugh hysterically but it is that kinda shop. A taste of how the wealthy shop :P

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Shamaura Prause
4 27/01/2018 Shamaura Prause

Didn't even know this place existed. Such a pleasant change from the plastic commercial shops usually associated with London. Felt more like a trip through time than shopping. Had a coffee. A bit disappointing. The café didn't quite capture the essence of the overall shopping experience of the shop. Slow service, waited over 20 minutes for a cold coffee. Pleasant friendly service though. Well worth going just to see and walk around the historical building. A bit pricey so only bought a trinket for the Christmas tree to mark the occasion. Loved it!!. Will definitely go again.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Guy Kendall
5 22/01/2018 Guy Kendall

Just off Regent Street and south of Oxford Circus tube station lies one of the most incredible department stores in London. Popular with tourists and Londoners alike this old building has numerous departments and something for everyone. Great for finding that illusive present!

Review of Pop Up English Zone by France S
4 21/01/2018 France S

Such a great department store with so much character. It is always worth a visit to see their selection of curated brands and products. They also do a great job of displaying and merchandising which makes the store such a hit for the fashion conscious individuals!

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Bradley Vinish
5 13/01/2018 Bradley Vinish

Liberty London opened in 1875 and is still one of the best places to shop. It's location on Great Marlborough Street is where all good shopping, pubs and eating is found in West End of London.

The Courthouse Hotel, where I like to stay, is across the street. That makes it easy to get my shopping done and back to my suite.

When you are in the West End of London, shop at Liberty London.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by James West
5 10/01/2018 James West

I adore wandering around Liberty. It has an amazing collection that totally inspires you. And when you do buy anything the customer service is incredible. It’s worth paying the price as a treat, you’re made to feel a million dollars. The most amazing fact I discovered recently is that the building is made from an old ship - when you know that it makes wandering around even more special.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Asta Skirmante
5 10/01/2018 Asta Skirmante

Fantastic building - real gem amongst landmarks of London! Even if you do not want to shop in here, though highly recommended as its reputation of superb choice of goods, some very niche ones, and excellent customer service precedes it far and beyond, just wandering around and inside Liberty gives the feeling of transporting to the different era and time of history. Especially worth the visit around the Christmas for exquisite decorations!

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Ca G
3 03/01/2018 Ca G

Lovely expensive tat. However the old store is nice walking around. Worth it just to ride in the wooden lift. Just hope the ropes pulling it are up to the job. Did you know it was Princess Diana's favorite. So there you have it, can't get better recommendation than that.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by John Poland
4 17/12/2017 John Poland

Love this store. High end well designed stock. I like the home depts the most. Nice to see up and coming designers featured along with the more established. Friendly attentive staff. The only let down is Xmas dept. Lovely stock but so cramped really hard to shop. Some of the product is available much cheaper elsewhere. Been coming here for years though. Never fails to inspire and you can always find a gift for someone special.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by David Whitelaw
5 17/12/2017 David Whitelaw

Beautiful authentic Tudor building - although they have managed to put in lifts (which are a work of art themselves). If you are looking for something unique and unusual then this is the place to shop! Wonderful attentive sales team!

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Buddhini Samarasinghe
5 16/12/2017 Buddhini Samarasinghe

Beautifully displayed department store within a traditional Tudor building. Items sold are expensive but high quality. Wandering through the various departments - shoes, perfumes, chocolates - is a great way to spend the time if you have a few hours to spare. Staff is very helpful too.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Tina Williams
5 05/12/2017 Tina Williams

Just got back from a weekend away in London with my family. Could not off gone to Liberty's before leaving. The shop looks amazing and made us all feel like Christmas was here. Great visit

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Amy Gepfert
5 04/12/2017 Amy Gepfert

Love love this store, no matter how packed it gets! Gorgeous building, charming and helpful staff and beautiful things for sale - although pricey! I particularly love their stationery section, the beauty and perfume department and the Margaret Dabbs foot spa in the basement. Wish they had a few more loos, although I guess that's the price you pay for being in such an old building.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Ali D
5 02/12/2017 Ali D

Stunningly beautiful historic building and interiors between Regent and Oxford Streets. Extremely expensive but there are standardly priced (luxury) items too such as cosmetics on the ground floor and small items suitable as gifts. Can spend hours just happily looking around the different departments.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Helen Keegan
5 29/11/2017 Helen Keegan

A beautiful, historic department store and home of the famous Liberty tana lawn fabric. This is not a cheap store. You won't find many bargains here, but you will find beautiful items. The range of dressmaking and furnishing fabric is fabulous. There's a huge Christmas department. The cosmetics and perfumery on the ground floor is great and comparable in price to other department stores. The men's and women's fashion floors are designer led but they also sell Liberty shirts and accessories. This is the place to find original gifts.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Meredith Kemp-Ghani
5 13/11/2017 Meredith Kemp-Ghani

My favourite store in London. Expensive but a gorgeous place to go for atmosphere. It's built from the wood of decommissioned naval ships from the days when everything turned metal and the oak is beautifully carved and wonderfully dark. It's magical at Christmas and has a great, carefully curated range of clothing, accessories, homewares and lifestyle goods. A 'don't miss it' store.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by I RK
5 20/10/2017 I RK

One of the few department stores in the world that offers their unique brand and a selection of superbly curated designers & products that you can't find anywhere else in the world. You'll find exceptional quality, beauty & creativity in one of the most beautiful settings in retail. Unique and fun! My favorite place in London.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Dmitri Chong
5 18/10/2017 Dmitri Chong

This place requires no introduction. It is Liberty. A beautifully-maintained Victorian house with wood finishing from floor, to wall then ceiling. The department store offers a selection of well-curated items including clothing, food, fragrances and home ware. It is the commercial equivalent of trusting that one friend who you know has absolutely impeccable taste! The staff in all departments has always been courteous and professional. It is never a day wasted going from room to room here.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Pawel Kolat
5 08/10/2017 Pawel Kolat

Even if you can't afford it, it's a must see shop. The wooden building itself provides a must see museum like experience. The stuff they sale is a bunch of carefully curated art pieces often 'one off'. I love going to see their textile section even if it's just for inspiration. Loving this London institution!

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Niels Risgaard Hansen
4 22/09/2017 Niels Risgaard Hansen

Fantastic building! I have been there a few time now, and every time I get impressed by the level of detail that has gone into the work on decoration of the building. The actual shops within the building is not within my field of interest, so I cannot say much about them, but the building alone is absolutely worth the visit.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by TechBlitZ
4 10/09/2017 TechBlitZ

Very nice prestigious store with good service and lots of brands, however there wasn't much stone island which was what I was looking for. I did however find a sweatshirt but later returned it as I found a nicer colour in the Stone Island Flagship store. The staff were fine with us returning it and so all was well.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Luwei Ding
5 10/09/2017 Luwei Ding

Love this place, especially the fabric section. I just need to learn to how to make clothes one day... aside from the fabric, there are a great variety of things you can get there, it is well stocked with all the trimmings you expect from a grand department store. I also love the plants section, well priced and lovely as gifts to friends/families.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Dennis Lindwall
5 10/09/2017 Dennis Lindwall

Great store with lots of things to see. The fragrance section is filled with niche perfumes, the jewellery section has several British known and unknown designers and the architecture of the building (as well it's history) is fascinating. The shop itself days back to 1875 and successive renovations and extensions have made it into what it looks like today. Perhaps the most eclectic history of the building dates back to the renovations in 1924 when the took on its mock Tudor appearance and the wood used for this construction came from two old warship: the HMS Impregnable and the HMS Hindustan - and as a interesting feature the frontage of the building is same length as the Hindustan. You would have thought that the weathervane on top is a replica of one of these two ships but it's not. It is in fact a replica of The Mayflower, which transported Pilgrims to the New World in 1620 and was added to keep with the buildings nautical theme.
Well worth a visit.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Lorelei Reattoire
5 19/08/2017 Lorelei Reattoire

Beautiful shopping location. The inside is like walking back in time. If you can't find it at Liberty London, you don't need it. Purchased a hat, bath items and a glorious cashmere eye mask. Lovely sales people.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Shweta Sharma
5 16/08/2017 Shweta Sharma

So quaint and British! Lovely old building. Most things sold here are unique, expensive and fabulous quality, after all you get what you pay for. The staff is helpful but can be a bit snooty, guess they get a lot of tourists.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Thao Dao
5 05/08/2017 Thao Dao

Beautiful old building!! Used to be a church! Love the vintage clothing section and in house plant for home. There are a room full of pretty carpet

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Marek Leszczynski
5 25/07/2017 Marek Leszczynski

What is there no to like about Liberty's? It is a wonderful store. It sets it self apart from the rest due to its historic building and charm. Just walking into the store feels special. It caters for all, but also has things that are off the beaten track, unique, charming.
The staff are very helpful. It is a must visit for all.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Adam Jacob
5 25/07/2017 Adam Jacob

Liberty is my special place, an oasis of calm amongst the madness of Oxford Street/Regent Street. Prices are very steep but if you have deep pockets and a love of designer clothes you're in luck. Far preferable to the horrors of Selfridges. Female Nike fans should definitely check the Nike concession for rare pairs including exclusive collaborations.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Phil J
3 23/07/2017 Phil J

Upmarket shop established a long time ago, but gets very crowded.
Staff all very well presented and efficient as would be expected and displays of stock immaculate, but should be with their prices

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Mark Coyle
4 22/07/2017 Mark Coyle

A truly excellent store but too crammed with product and unclear to navigate. Excellent staff, some menswear unique to them in UK and good sale items. Online experience is quick, easy and efficient.

Review of Pop Up English Zone by Bianca Nix
4 02/07/2017 Bianca Nix

Such a beautiful building with a great variety of stock. Everything from flowers to fabric. Liberty is well known for William Morris prints and it's fabric department. The stairs are most beautiful and crafted in a Tudor style.

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