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Laura Kasick

30 June 2019

My dog Shadow has gone to Pooch Playhouse for daycamp and boarding. They take great care of him and I am always impressed how the staff remembers details about Shadow. Shadow gets very excited when I ask if he wants to go to Doggie Daycamp and he comes home happy and tired (in a good way.) It is a great place to board because the dogs spend more time outside the kennels rather than just being let out periodically and caged most of the day. More...


Brian H McCandless

28 January 2019

Always great!!


Don Emerson

28 January 2019

The girls love our pooch and are happy to see her everytime we need to use them. Highly recommend the Pooch Playhouse.


Amy Crawford

2 July 2018

We love Pooch Playhouse & Boarding! They take such good care of our sweet fur baby girl, and she's always excited to go there. Also, if your pet is a little rough around the edges, and needs some polishing, Daily is an amazing trainer and did wonders for our fur baby. More...


Debbie Collier

2 July 2018

We enrolled Bear in obedience training earlier in the year. Dayleigh made training fun for both the fur babies and their humans. She's got a way with dogs and probably all animals in general. I highly recommend Dayleigh if you're looking for obedience class!! She did a five-star job of training Bear and his friends as well as the humans. :) ALSO, Bear goes usually once a week for daycare and he gets so jacked up excited when we crest the hill going to the building. He cannot WAIT to get out of the car and inside with his fur crew. They're great with the pets and I doubt you will find a group of people who will be so good to your dog(s). If there was a "10" for Dayleigh and for Pooch Playhouse, I wouldn't hesitate to give them a 10. More...


Courtney Deal

28 May 2018

Pooch Playhouse treats my dog as one of their own and spoils him with attention. They are super friendly and helpful to the humans too! They have done a great job acclimating my pup to social situations and he is now so well behaved at the dog park. Their hours perfectly fit my schedule and I recommend to anyone in the Spring Hill area. More...


Lindsay K

28 May 2018

I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found this place. My elderly Jack Russell stayed here when we went out of town for our wedding. They were so sweet to him. He was in renal failure and in the beginning stages of dementia. He didn't care for other dogs much, so they kept him in the office during the day to hangout with the staff. I will always be so grateful for the special care they gave to him in the last few months of his life. I wish I could give them 10 stars! More...


Jessica Allen

28 May 2018

My fur baby loves doggy daycare! She is always thrilled when we show up and has the time of her life! The staff is friendly and displays a great deal of interest and passion for my pup as well as others. Your babies are definitely safe here and will love it! Caution: expect to have a relaxing evening because your baby will be happily wiped out! More...



28 May 2017

We have two fur kids who attend Pooch Playhouse daycare every day except Sunday. We have been part of that family for almost 7 years. Besides daycare, we also board when we need to go out of town. The staff is great. They totally love and care for our dogs and our dogs love them. We recommend Pooch Playhouse to all our dog friends. More...


Jr O.

26 September 2016

Pooch Playhouse & Boarding has a great team and I always tell people about how great they are and how hard they work to make it the best place for my pets .


Carl C.

9 March 2016

My dogs love going to pooch playhouse. It is like their own vacation from being at home. They do such a great job caring for them and giving them attention.


Molly M.

27 January 2016

We love Pooch Playhouse and Boarding. We've left our dogs here for a couple days and sometimes for an entire week and we know that they are always in great hands. I would definitely recommend them.


Alex D.

8 January 2016

I love the personalized care each pet gets at Pooch Playhouse & Boarding. It's cage free during the day and monitored well all the time. Highly recommend them.


Aj G.

9 December 2015

Pooch Playhouse & Boarding is very clean. The staff there do a great job looking after all the pets and it is obvious they enjoy their job.


Hannah S.

11 November 2015

The staff at Pooch Playhouse & Boarding is the best. You always worry about leaving your pup in someone else's hands but I can honestly say I always feel comfortable leaving him there.


Jonnie P.

7 October 2015

Pooch Playhouse & Boarding is always very clean. I have had my dog stay there from anytime of just a few days to a week at a time.


Kimberly Lockwood

29 May 2015

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! Best money spent in a long time! Although I have had dogs my whole life, I was having a difficult time training my new Chow chow puppy. After 10 days at Pooch's playhouse, everything could not be better. They are professional, reasonably priced and they are just like the rest of us dog lovers- they love dogs. More...



27 February 2012

Guinness absolutely loves this place and I do too! He has been going to Pooch's since last Summer and even though I work from home I bring him 2 - 3 days a week to keep him socialized and help burn off his tons and tons of energy. The staff is wonderful and their new groomer gave him the best cut he ever had. Though he has never had to stay overnight I have no reservations that he would be in good hands if he had to. Highly recommended! More...



19 February 2012

Sofie's so excited. She's with people all the time and needed doggie friends. Pooch Playhouse fills that need. It's a wonderful supervised place for her to go and play and I can run errands knowing she's having a great time. I just had her groomed for the first time - incredible. She looks so beautiful, people continue to stop us to pet her. I'm so impressed with the care given by each person there. We are thrilled to be able to take her there. More...



18 February 2012

Our golden retriever, Bailey, absolutely LOVES the Pooch Playhouse. She drags me from the car to the door every time I take her, which is almost daily since my husband and I both work full time. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, the price is right, and I trust them completely with her. I'd recommend this place to dogs (and their owners!) everywhere! More...



15 February 2012

We wanted to socialize our Vizsla puppy (Beckett) she's enjoyed going and playing with other dogs. I was very worried to leave her in the care of others (overprotective mom) lol - The staff has been friendly and we trust them with our beloved Beckett. Vizsla is not a commen pet, high energy, needing lots of exercise and personal attention... she comes home needing a nap. I would recommend Pooch Playhouse to any other dog owner. More...



9 December 2011

I just left my border collie, Callie, at Pooch Playhouse. She's been going there for about 3 years for boarding when I have to go out of town. I'll be gone 10 days this time. I will miss her so much! But I know she's being taken good care of. Being a border collie, she needs lots of exercise and she always comes home tired. They know her by name when I call or walk in the door. I'm glad I found this place! More...



8 June 2011

Winston was a rescue dog and had no social skills. That was last year. Now, thanks to the wonderful people at Pooch Playhouse & Boarding, he's out of his shell, plays well with all dogs and looks forward to his days at PP. If Winston doesn't get to go to PP on his regular days, he gets depressed. He needs that exercise, the interaction and the attention they give him and we need him to use up all that extra energy that a 2-year old has. We love it; he loves it. Also, we save money by buying the 10 days pass. It's worth it for our Winston. More...



5 May 2010

we tried to bring in neighbors to watch our dog when we are out of town, but our dog is just too lonely at home alone. At PP staff is on hand all day with animals while they roam in and out freely. my dog gets to rest in her kennel overnight and then back out all day the next morning. She is always exhausted at least a day after we get home, but worth having her well attended and not caged while we are away! A little pricey, but worth a little extra. More...



28 January 2010

Jax pratically breaks our arms when we take him into Pooch Playhouse on daycare days. He absolutely loves it. When we come to pick him up, he is exhausted. Jax was rescued as a puppy and when he was the appropriate age, we introduced him to Pooch. He is happy and less destructive at home. The staff is wonderful, I trust them, and I have never had a problem with our experience. I would recommend them to anyone! Your dog will love you for it! :) More...



28 February 2009

I have been taking Gerty to Pooch Playhouse for a few months and there has been a major change in this dog's behavior...for the better....much better. She was a shelter dog so I had no history on her. She lacked good manners and would freak out every time she saw another dog or would shake all over when she was approached by a stranger. With every daycare visit (once a week) she came home a calmer dog. Our walks have greatly improved I think mostly due to her socializing with other dogs and getting an intense work out at daycare. I know people roll their eyes when you tell them that you take your dog to daycare but if your dog is considered a member of the family you should make the effort to keep them well balanced and give them what they need...exercise and companionship. This is a wonderful place for both. More...



10 February 2009

We were visiting family in Spring Hill. Our dog Buddy was a little bored until someone told us about Pooch Playhouse. They are fabulous! Buddy had the best vacation he could have requested. We are from Idaho and not sure if they would even take him. After careful scrutiny of his medical history & proof of all of his shots, etc., they took him every day for day care. He had the time of his life. The entire staff is so friendly and attentive to the dogs. I was very impressed with their care and the cleanliness of the facility. I would highly recommend Pooch Playhouse, they are the best. Buddy misses all of them very much. More...



17 August 2007

Our Goldendoodle Maggie has a blast at Pooch Playhouse! When she sees her red leash brought out of the garage, she will enthusiastically try to help us get her hooked up and make a beeline for the car. She is very social, and will try to play with any dog, ANY size. Her first playmate at Pooch Playhouse was a full-sized Great Dane, twice her size. She tried to get him to follow her down the little doggie slide, and playfully splashed in her water bowl, trying to get him to reciprocate. She adores her ""doggy camp"" at Pooch Playhouse. WE are comforted with the fact that we can leave her there, even if just for a half day while doing errands, and she will be kept clean, safe, be able to socialize with other dogs, and our house does not get torn apart while we are away. Best of all, we can leave her in a fun, safe place while away on vacation, and pick her up bathed, groomed, and looking great! The staff obviously love animals, and are very attentive, and very good with our girl. She even learned some obedience skills during her first stay. I heartily recommend Pooch Playhouse to any TN dog owner. More...



9 May 2007

Pooch Playhouse is in a very convenient location to get to. We have a very active 2 year old Weimaraner who is always exhausted when we pick her up. She gets so excited when we pull onto Parkway Drive. The staff is so friendly and always remembers who Lily is when I call to make a boarding reservation. I would absolutely recommend Pooch Playhouse to anyone who wants their dog to have a good time and to be treated well while you have to be away! More...



29 March 2007

""Nick"" my mini schnauzer would love to be with Tricia, Heidi, Courtney , Laura, Lindsey and Jackie anytime! They spoil him and he is super tired and happy at the end of a stay! The playhouse is bright and clean with lots of supervised fun for the pups! Nick has regular friends and pups that come and go on a different schedule than his but I know he is always safe and well cared for! The staff loves the dogs and is interested in helping my little guy stay happy and well behaved. Abby does his grooming while he is there and Nick comes home the handsome little guy I know he is. Try their daycare pass, the value cannot be beat, and for overnite stays they are the best, not those a la carte prices, daycare is included, I went on my trip, had fun and came home to a happy puppy! Try Pooch Playhouse, your dog will love you for it!! More...

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