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Hi! My name is Matt and I am a certified level 3 PT with a real passion for health and fitness. I love cycling, power and strength training and I have practiced multiple martial arts for many years including Taekwondo, boxing, jiu-jitsu and more. I am now an Advanced Boxing Coach and Body Combat (Les Mills fitness) instructor. As a vegan athlete I understand the importance of nutrition for health and physical performance.
I specialise in helping clients work towards losing body fat whilst gaining strength by incorporating HIIT training with explosive strength training into my programmes. My most important goal is to ensure that you experience an enjoyable workout routine which is varied and tailored to your needs.

• Gym Instructor level 2
• Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor level 3
• Boxing Coaching level 3 - Hatton Academy
• Les Mills Instructor - Body Combat

• Body fat percentage loss
• Martial arts styled training
• High Intensity Interval training
• Vegan nutrition

plantbasedlivinguk Reviews

plantbasedlivinguk Reviews

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Natalie Jewell
5 26/06/2018 Natalie Jewell

We like it. My son goes weekly for swimming lessons and his teacher is very patient. There are many other activities such as squash, yoga, gym, sauna, aerobic classes. Go in-house to find out more as the website doesn't work so well even though it appears to be fine.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Leah patrick
4 25/06/2018 Leah patrick

Love the classes at the gym & they have good times. I don’t really go in the main gym as it’s small and always full. I would like to use the weights but again always in use by men. The swimming is very basic but my son loves it. It’s abit pricey compared to other gyms & I think they should invest in a crèche for children

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Hugh Cairns
4 10/06/2018 Hugh Cairns

My regular gym. Great place with pool, squash, aerobics room although I only use the gym. Some friendly staff and people. My only gripe is that a of those who use the gym are selfish and either hog equipment or do not return dumbbells etc to proper place. Reasonable cost.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Khalid Mehmood
5 01/06/2018 Khalid Mehmood

Nice place to get fit your self plus point they have their own car parking

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Mark Kelsall
3 16/05/2018 Mark Kelsall

The car park is always busy, gym is always busy, equipment isn’t as good as puregym for example. More expensive than puregym but it’s the cheapest in the Didsbury area really.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Graham Duffy
5 14/05/2018 Graham Duffy

brilliat space for dogs 1000 ov yrd ov open greenery

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Carolann Robinson
5 12/05/2018 Carolann Robinson

Brilliant facilities, great parking, friendly reception staff always feel comfortable in gym and classes. Highly recommend.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Zoe Wu
5 03/05/2018 Zoe Wu

Great gym with a huge variety of equipment and facilities. Easily accessable. Very reasonably priced.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Paul Green
2 29/03/2018 Paul Green

Inpolite staff and can be rude.
Small gym but good variety of equipment.
Pool is poorly organised and always packed.
Squash courts very good bad hard to book.

Needs new management that care with good organisation skills.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Gabriel B
2 24/03/2018 Gabriel B

Low quality swimming pool. Rarely there is more than one line open. Most of the times is super busy. Morning weekdays just a little bit better. Weekends too crowded.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by marc colemn
2 07/03/2018 marc colemn

Whilst it’s a nice gym and all the staff and equipment is nice, it’s just too small. Every time I go I’m waiting on in the free weights section for people to finish, the sauna and steam room is constantly cramped, and too many people when I go swimming. Too many people for the facilities. I go in the middle of the day so I can’t even imagine what it’s like in the evenings.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Pat Mccabe
5 04/02/2018 Pat Mccabe

amazing place lots to offer from amazing pool and gym to dance studios and squash courts. staff always there to help with a friendly face. always fundraising in the most amazing ways for great causes.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Skip SKIP
3 21/01/2018 Skip SKIP

Two missed stars for:
1- gym room is quite small.
2- some costumers in health suite are not clean. It's not the centre mistake but worth mentioning.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by e h
5 15/01/2018 e h

Great place! Fantastic staff! Love the pool! Good access many parking spaces.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Daniel Holland
2 10/01/2018 Daniel Holland

To echo another comment below. Went on New Years eve. Double checked the NYE opening times online (closes at 2pm). Arrived and the receptionist told myself and my partner that the gym shuts at 1pm today? We made an effort to check the opening times online and made a trip down. They obviously want to turn people away and get an early finish.

Secondly the gym is very small, limited weights, one set of each. Not a great atmosphere either.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by SELECT name FROM
2 29/12/2017 SELECT name FROM

They don't update their opening times, on some days they're closed without notice anywhere. Receptionist is rude and suspecting of members who go into the gym thinking they don't have membership. Weights area is tiny. Watch out! Don't trip over all the dull bells lying around unless you want to. P.S we'll share the payout and you can finally go on that long holiday you always wanted > : D + 1 star

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Natalie Purton
1 07/12/2017 Natalie Purton

No structure for effective Swimming, a free for all. Facilities look nice and staff were communicative. Not a pool for anyone who swims with their face in the water or you will collide with someone.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Kaffi Bushe
3 10/10/2017 Kaffi Bushe

The gym is very small with lots of wights on floor, extremely unsafe place to use it ! Plus people who use the Sunna even spits on sink where Sunna users should be drinking! It was great gym when it opened, but now it is rubbish!! Yuck !

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by simon vazquez
1 08/10/2017 simon vazquez

Very busy. Why on earth did they shut down Chorlton ??

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Lotte Linn
1 04/10/2017 Lotte Linn

Staff unprofessional and ignorant. Even if you report to life guard inappropriate behaviour and harassment done by male customer they do not take any actions and later on you find out this same man has touched quite many ladies past few weeks. Words fail me especially when it happens on ladies only time and front of witnesses. Kind of this centre staff and management does not think this is a serious matter at all.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Jack Davy
2 02/10/2017 Jack Davy

Nice facilities, reasonably priced but the website doesn't work, the pool is overcrowded and they don't answer the phones, so booking squash courts or classes is nigh impossible.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Val Kaczurynski
1 28/09/2017 Val Kaczurynski

Great friendly staff. Pity they are moved around by management and often disappear. Amazing life guards . They have a lot of patience to deal with kids 's bad behaviour, especially during the holidays.
Money making machine who thrives on kids swimming lessons , the centre is swarming with kids from Monday to Friday. Not really a public pool!!. The health suite and pools are too small to accommodate the surrounding communities, only 8 seats, 9 at the most. The centre is over subscribe and still takes on new membership. The one star is for the wonderful reception staff and life guards.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by blue of manchester
5 29/06/2017 blue of manchester

Pros: Clean, modern gym with friendly, helpful staff. Cons: Free weight section is very small. Tip: Thurs/Fri evenings usually quietest times.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Lotte Linn
2 27/05/2017 Lotte Linn

Ok facilities, not the most welcoming gym for a woman. Staff not the friendliest one at reception, they should remember they work in customer service and you shouldn't have attitude I do this only to pay my bills. Reception staff most of them pretty clueless and not able to sort out what they promised to do or the give to you wrong information.

Swimming pool staff how the men speak to women I do think it is quite disrespectful and if you go to women only swim, is it fair you're been told to get off the water 10 minutes before your swimming time ends. Also women only swimming times, should part of the lockers and showers be only for ladies. Also staff doesn't care if men goes to sauna or steam room after women only time starts. Lots to improve and the health suite facilities not nice for woman to use any other times. If you have women only swim, you should do more to make it also women only and assure that there is not any men around. That bald man how he yell at customers it is just out of order, adults should be talked with respect not yelled and treated like small child.

Everything is very unorganised, lack of good management. Gym and changing rooms often dirty, showers not washed properly, using hosepipe to the floor is not enough someone should daily also clean the shower and other cubicles walls. The changing are is not nice to use or shall I say not hygienic at all. Also gym, all equipment do need cleaning more often, or shall I say other places where I've exercise the cleaned all at least once a day. This busy place needs a cleaner not just gym staff quickly once a day cleaning the facilities. Als Should you have some disinfectant at the gym and advice people cleaning cross trainers etc after use?

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by nat clarke
3 20/05/2017 nat clarke

Interesting to read all the conflicting reviews. From a gym member's perspective;
Reasonable price, lots of equipment/machines, large car park, large gym with a brilliant huge window that let's all the light in (consider Urmston gym where biking means your face is about three inches from the wall!) a couple of the direct gym staff are nice and helpful (can't speak for all of them).
Cons; reception staff are a little clueless when you might need some help (although, I don't really care about their attitude as that doesn't affect my day), the fast track machines don't work if you have missed a class or changed your membership (again, this doesn't bother me, except some obnoxious area manager pulled me out the queue to make me try it and then said it would get fixed - it didn't), the locker room is usually in some sort of state (blocked toilet, dirty, no soap), the free weights and mats are left EVERYWHERE by members and no one seems to come tidy it up (but the notion that members can have the motivation to swing a kettle bell but not put it back infuriates me!), using free weights and floor space seems really popular here and there isn't enough space (i nearly stood on someone in a plank getting off the treadmill once - but I did think 'go home and plank, you plank') The weights area. Hmmmm. I'm a woman and I like to use weights at the end of my cardio but I only use the weights on weekend. Some of the machines have been moved to face, almost directly, each other. In the week it is IMPOSSIBLE to get on the weights and if you do, you will be surrounded by clusters of men spotting each other. God knows why. I realise that as an independent woman I have as much right to this space as anyone but it can be intimidating and I have witnessed an older gentleman intimidated in there. And I wouldn't dream of going in the 'big' weights bit. That might as well have a wall around it with a sign saying 'men only'.

So the cons are longer but I think the cons are more importa

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Sarah Gall
5 12/05/2017 Sarah Gall

great facilities and classes. lots of parking aswell. staff very friendly.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Juliette Wilson
1 23/04/2017 Juliette Wilson

Poor gym membership service, confusing to talk to anyone and no help with complaints. Ticket machines don't work, and queues are long, classes are are all fully booked until the morning of the activity, so it is difficult to to know if you can get into one. Don't find the classes challenging compared to my old gym.

The gym area is a bit basic, and I agree with other reviewers that the weights area is unfpcomtabke as a woman, due to sexist conversations and a macho atmosphere, this is not the same at all gyms.

The pool is over crowded and cold. Classes cancelled on short notice, gym class was also delayed by over half an hour one day with no help from staff at the centre with information or an alternative teacher.

The membership is also not really god value unless you can go consistently two to three times a week.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Ian Stephenson
1 04/03/2017 Ian Stephenson

Useless rude unhelpful reception staff, to be told there is no room in the parent and baby pool to see 3 parents and babys in there is appalling!
Manager will not call back regarding complaints and leaves her duty managers to take the flack.
Cannot understand how they are still open reading complaints!

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Alistair Vennart
5 05/02/2017 Alistair Vennart

Loads of machines to work out on. Spacious. Squash courts. Helpful staff.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Chris J
1 03/02/2017 Chris J

Despite being fairly new this is a poor facility, due to the way it's ran.

Staff are generally disinterested and impolite. The pools are usually over crowded due to the amount of swimming lessons that Better (the company that run it) cram in to the schedule.

This review is mainly based on my experience of the swimming area and lessons.

As for the lessons, they may appear good value on the face of it but your childs lesson will be 1 teacher with up to 8 (or more?) children in a tiny part of the pool (they split the little pool into 3). The teachers can often changed, providing no consistency and the lessons themselves are a bit of a free for all and not very structured.

We've switched away to get lessons elsewhere and now Better are trying to charge me for lessons I haven't taken and for booking a course that I haven't booked.

I will in future avoid this facility for swimming or swimming lessons.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Fra Gen
1 29/01/2017 Fra Gen

Consistently poorly managed swimming pool with 90% jobsworth staff.

Week in week out, this place excels at being badly run and doing its utmost to upset, discourage and make customers feel disappointed and angry.

For the last year, Early years classes for toddlers have been staffed by different 'teachers' nearly every week (when there bother to staff the class) with the no hope of consistency or for our kids to get comfortable with a familiar face or a fun class.

We are regularly overcharged by direct debit when pool is closed due to staff shortages, often only finding out upon arrival as no one calls beforehand. Hairdriers regularly take weeks to repair. Baby changing rooms all missing the baby crib. Parents walk around poolside with Street shoes on, and cluster around the few showers there are, Unchallenged by disinterested staff as mud is walked around. The Changing area doors broke 8 months ago, and remain broken so the area is freezing. Phone line 'extremely busy' message 90% of the time and cuts you off. Recorded message has wrong opening times on and website out of date. Nothing is joined up at all. Daughter wet herself as staff bumbled for the key to the disabled toilet in reception. An Absolute shambles from start to finish, despite being open for over a year now. You complain and nowt happens.

A couple of the duty managers do their best to resolve problems, but management at the top doesn't seem to listen to them or care what customers say.

We have given this place money for nearly 1 1/2 years and it's not improved much. We're leaving and recommend you give them a wide berth.

Oh and the car park gets mega busy on match Saturdays in the morning ( because they didn't extend it) , so good luck finding somewhere to park for all the kids lessons they run.

Facility has amazing potential and a handful of staff are great but top management and the indifference of most staff make the whole experience an utter, utter joke.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by michael livesey
5 26/01/2017 michael livesey

Very good leisure centre great staff a pleasure to visit

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Jason Jeffery
1 18/01/2017 Jason Jeffery

Hands down the worst gym I have set foot into.

A clusterf*ck of disinterested staff, intermittent check-in counters, overcrowding (even during off-peak times) and a water cooler that can remain broken for days... not to mention the permanent shambles the free weights area is in.

You'll find 'better' gyms elsewhere.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Toyosi Awofisoye
4 22/12/2016 Toyosi Awofisoye

Excellent gym. Good array of equipments

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Laureen Pattison
4 07/12/2016 Laureen Pattison

Great leisure centre with very reasonable prices. I have only used the swimming pool so can't comment on the rest of it. They have a large unisex changing room with lots of individual and family cubicles (including baby changing table) . I take my sons for swimming lessons so having the bigger cubicles is really useful. The only downside is that sometimes the baby pool is full as there is a max of 30 people allowed in it. Not usually a problem as you can still go in the big pool until space becomes available.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Zac Whitely
2 03/12/2016 Zac Whitely

Disorganised staff, water fountain always broken, gym members disrespectful and don't put back the weights, worst gym music I've heard.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Maxine Higgins
2 27/10/2016 Maxine Higgins

Nice place, however it's one rule for one. Lady at the poolside in outdoor shoes very uncomfortable as my daughter is swimming in these unhygenic conditions a few girls swimming in clothes (leggins).

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Tom Austin
4 28/08/2016 Tom Austin

Often come here for a mid-week swim. The changing rooms seem clean enough, there are plenty of lockers (remember you £1 coin!) and the staff on the front desk are always helpful. For £2.50, as a non member you can swim, which is reasonable.

The pool itself is always warm. During general swimming there's normally at least one lane for adult swimming cordoned off. There is however, in my opinion, a bit too much space (about 1/3 of the pool) given for lessons - which is fine when there are lots of people having lessons but that's a lot of room if there is just one child, which there often is.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by fcumgfawkes
1 24/08/2016 fcumgfawkes

Poor experience when visiting the pool.
Firstly, we tried to sign our 2 children up for the Mcr City Council Scheme for reduced rates. Brought our proof of Manchester Residency but was told we needed proof of age for our children as they have to prove they are under 17. Our children are 1 & 6 !!! So we couldn't sign up! Pathetic bureaucracy. They did do a family rate though so this helped.

For the pool itself - it's clean and modern. I took my 6 year old in the main pool as she is a good swimmer, however despite the clear sign saying no non swimmers beyond this point I was told she couldn't swim lengths or go any further as I was pointed to the small print! This said under 8's had to stay in the shallow end! She has her 50 metre badge. We wanted to do a bit of swimming with a length or 2 and bit of swimming to the bottom of the deeper bit playing with our dive stick. Not allowed! So, bored in the shallow end we went to the warmer 'baby' / small pool where for some reason it was ok for teenagers to play water-polo/volleyball with a full size ball! Some parents were ducking for cover with their tiny ones. The lifeguards said nothing about it and it took a swimming teacher conducting a lesson to sort it out.

Lastly, be careful if you are in the main pool with children and there is a class starting in the main pool. You may not be able to just pop into the baby pool as they have another strict policy on numbers in the smaller pool, meaning you could be left shivering in no-man's land whilst you wait for a space.

Really disappointed, that the rules have ruined this place for us as it's a lovely new build. I'll be making the extra 5 minutes drive and sticking with Cheadle baths where we can have some safe fun and actually do some swimming!

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by nazli farhana
4 06/08/2016 nazli farhana

Great gym but the equipment in the gym are so pact together, idk how but it would be great if the equipment were a little spread out 🙃 But other then that the staff are great.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Duncan Stewart
4 24/07/2016 Duncan Stewart

Very good overall. Gym is well equipped with barbells and free weights as well as machines and cardio. Be warned in the pool though that the slightest spray of deodorant in the poolside changing will taint the water for several minutes, really needs a deodorant ban.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Clayton Thomas
3 17/06/2016 Clayton Thomas

I mainly use the pool here. Good facility overall. But the management of the facility leaves something to be desired.

I wish they would rope off another lane for serious swimmers. On Tues. and Thurs., they rope off 2-3 lanes (out of 6), but due to safety regulations, they end up closing one of them whenever kids are in the pool, which can leave as many as 10 lane swimmers crammed into one open lane, while the remaining 4 lanes are dedicated to people just faffing about.

The adult swim sessions on Mon. and Wed. are frankly unsafe, since no lanes are roped off, and no signs are posted to suggest swimming direction. The result is total chaos, as swimmers try to swim in the same lane in both directions but there aren't enough lanes to accommodate everyone. It leads to constant head-on approaches with other swimmers, which is particularly unsafe for backstrokers who can't see what's ahead. I'm not sure how this is legal, given the Nanny State's love of regulations.

I'm also unimpressed by the front desk staff, who frequently don't have enough change for me to pay the entrace fee, and usually ignore the phones. In general, the facility seems chronically understaffed.

Lastly, they don't bother to post their holiday hours at the facility, and the hours are incorrect online (the facility is normally closed on holidays, but according to the website the hours are as usual), so ask in advance to avoid disappointment.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Gary Bury
3 01/06/2016 Gary Bury

Nice shiny facility but poor communication.

The School holiday timetables look wrong as they say the pool is being used by School groups. Tried to phone but you can't speak to anyone there, it just says they are busy and cuts you off. Sent and email enquiry and it says it can take them 3 days to respond.

Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Abi
5 07/03/2016 Abi

Very quick response, good customer service

Used this pro
Review of plantbasedlivinguk by Michael T. Scott
5 Michael T. Scott

Brilliant and inspiring demo of vegan cooking ,Thanks Matt.


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plantbasedlivinguk Q&A

plantbasedlivinguk Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

I custom make each program to meet the specific needs of each of my clients. I make sure they are intense, effective but most importantly enjoyable. I keep regular monitor of my clients progress through body measurements and strength and fitness tests.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Follow the best program that is designed specifically for YOUR goals and make sure it is fun so that you enjoy going back to each session!

What do you love most about your job?

I love to see the progress of my clients and see them working towards their dreams. It's incredibly satisfying work!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I love being creative and I have wanted to be my own boss for a long time. I knew that I had to take control in order to make my dreams come true.

Why should our clients choose you?

I will take my time to ensure that you are not only following the best possible program for you but I will also do my best to ensure it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience!

Work history from plantbasedlivinguk

Work History

Personal Trainer

Your Personal Training UK

From November 2015 to present.

I deliver one on one PT sessions at a few different gyms around Manchester. I also deliver a few group sessions with two or three clients training together. I create specific programs for my clients and even offer them diet plans to follow. I check a track of their weight, body fat, strength and any else which might be relevant to them.

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Footballers

Edukick - International House

From January 2016 to present.

I design programs and deliver strength and conditioning sessions for young footballers who are playing in an education league. I focus on the strength, power, flexibility etc. in the gym and we also work on speed, balance, hand-eye coordination etc. on the pitch.

Vegan Nutrition Adviser and Cooking Teacher

Matt Nicholson

From December 2015 to present.

I create diet plans for those who are interested in following a plantbased diet and gaining strength and fitness at the same time. I design these plans in order to meet their macro needs and their goals. I also provide cooking classes for those who are interested in becoming vegan and want some help with some basic recipes and eating towards their goals. I show people how it's easy to create tasty meals which are nutritious and affordable.

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