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Jessica Gainer

17 August 2019

We just got some delivered !!!


Dale Benfield

29 July 2019

Has a GREAT vegan pizza! (I also love the vibe!)


Sonya H.

12 July 2019

The pizza here is always phenomenal, and I love that they sell it by the slice all day, every day. They offer all the classic flavors that satisfy your cravings for plain, old pizza, as well as a collection of unique and amazing options whenever you want to step up your pizza game and try something new. The crust is always delightfully thin yet fluffy and tastes the slightest bit sweet. Their Banh Mi Pizza, which is topped with sriracha-glazed pork belly, kimchi, chipotle aioli, and cilantro, is absolutely spectacular, especially when finished with a drizzle of hot honey. The classics, particularly the Secret Margherita and Truffled Crimini are perfect. And I'm usually not a huge fan of pepperoni pizza, but Pizza Tree's is amazing! I love coming here for a quick, casual, and affordable bite with friends. You can honestly never go wrong with this place. More...


Kaitlyn W.

12 July 2019

This is by far the best pizza in Columbia, maybe even Missouri. The staff are kind and you can tell hardwork goes into making this za. They also have amazing handmade ranch and the by the slice pizza is a bang for your buck. More...


Joni Ashworth

28 June 2019

I have been working with John planning an upcoming rehearsal dinner for my nephew. I have been in retail my entire life and can honestly say their customer service is incredible. Thank you for making this event so effortless. If the pizza is 1/2 as good as your customer service, it will be perfection! More...


Dawni C.

23 June 2019

Always excellent pizza.  Quick service, ingredients are fresh and tasty.  Grab a beer or soda while you wait for your slice or pan and enjoy the pizza artistry on the wall!


Carrie Hill

2 June 2019

We loved the atmosphere and location. The pizza & cheese bread were delicious!


David Parsons

26 May 2019

Amazing selection of pizzas!


Martha Pangborn

23 May 2019

A must visit. Good food, good people, good environment. Never been disapointed. Pizza can be ordered by the slice or as a whole, they also have beer in the fridge!


Van Ghost

21 May 2019

Bruh last time I went in was on 4/20 and it made everything right. BEST local pizza spot - easy. Shakespeare's is alright but Pizza Tree is great.



14 May 2019

Great slices around lunch time. Had my favorite pizza of all time here, some kind of beautiful macaroni and cheese monstrosity I can't get enough of. Do yourself a favor and try the kill da wabbit sauce. Awesome carrot based hot sauce that I wish they sold bottled. More...


Zach Hedrick

14 May 2019

Good stuff! Some of the more unique slices of pizza I’ve ever had, and there’s never been a bad one!


Jon Chia

7 May 2019

This is like a hidden gem or something! You can get pizza by the slice! I highly recommend the margarita pizza! They open late and have a pizza window but the selection is very limited. But for a late night snack, this is one of the top choices. More...


Holly Davis

28 April 2019

I love that you can get pizza by the slice as a quick and easy option! It tastes great too!


Tess VK

28 April 2019

THE best pizza I've ever had. They also have a vegan cheese option available and it is ah-MAY-zing!


David D.

24 April 2019

This place is amazing. Delicious pizza and a nice staff. Definitely has a DIY feel and some really good regular pizzas as well as some fun bizarre ones too!  Stop by and grab a slice.


Mandy Bowlds

29 March 2019

Food and service we're on point! Loved the margarita pizza and the salad was delicious! Local beers in bottle and canned. Worth the trip best pizza so far in Columbia


Matthew D.

24 February 2019

Some of the best pizza in town, and one of the best places to get gluten free pizza. I can't speak for anyone else but my Celiac has never been a problem here.


Laura Murphy Cox

8 February 2019

The best pizza in town! Friendly staff! Truly healthy options! I love this place!


Laura C.

8 February 2019

Great pizza. They use great ingredients. There's a nice variety. Casual family friendly atmosphere!


Jessica Brumley

28 January 2019

Don't worry about the burnt looking pepperoni it was still delicious. This was very delicious pizza and they have interesting specials, that were great too. Also like NYC slices!


Sharla Leifeste Porter

7 December 2018

Back for a 2nd time tonite... ❤️ the creativity and deliciousness.


Angie Jones-Farrand

16 November 2018

Excellent people & pizza!


Keeka K.

3 November 2018

Pizza by the slice in a college town is not something you'd expect to be a gourmet experience, but their seasonal items and locally sourced ingredients make Pizza Tree a must try. The Pumpkin Pie in particular was a surprisingly delicious seasonal item, gratifying even for those who don't care for pumpkins or pumpkin pie. It's probably a wasted experience on the inebriated who frequent the establishment during their later hours. More...


Rhett H.

4 October 2018

Bahn Mi.  Bahn Mi.  Bahn. Mi.It literally the Bahn Mi pizza has every food group in it, I think.  It's a meal on a crust.  It's got probiotics for gosh sake!  Get to pizza tree now (actually they only have these slices on Thursdays and Fridays) and get a slice.  Also the lemonade is good too. More...


McKenzie Steffen

18 September 2018

Best Gluten Free Pizza I’ve had yet!!


Rachel H.

20 August 2018

Delicious! The best locally owned pizza joint!


Britta Nova

8 June 2018

Best pizza in CoMO the Bahn Mi is my favorite and I don't even typically eat meat. It's just that good. The delivery drivers and restaurant staff are always friendly and attentive even when I know they're slammed. I love this place, and knowing that I'm buying from a local small business. More...


Tayler Hornburg

28 May 2018

I had to stop myself from going there twice yesterday


Aimee Ivancic

28 May 2018

Pizza Tree is not just great pizza, it’s a freaking pizza experience. Best pizza I’ve ever eaten!


Paul Weber

26 May 2018

Best pizza in town, bar none.


Patricia Pratt

25 May 2018

I just tried the Banh Mi pizza. It's so, so good!!!


Pam Forbes

15 May 2018

Pepperoni. I usually get a large salad too. It's close to other things I do downtown. I like the food and atmosphere. Pizza Tree had a fundraiser for Rainbow house. They donated 50% !!!!!!!


Traci Gray-Steehn

19 April 2018

We had been meaning to try this, but the drive from KC and, well, life kept us away. Boy, we have been missing out! This pizza is great. I took a big one back to KC and the family agrees it is worth the road trip. I was particularly impressed with the sourdough crust. It’s the real deal. The flavor profiles on the standards are excellent. We will be back! More...


Kathryn Roberts

17 April 2018

Love the easiness of slices ready to go. Tried to eat only one slice and couldn't make that happen.. had to go back for more!


Mayme Jordan

17 April 2018

Pizza Tree is hands down one of my favorite places in Columbia. The food is great, the atmosphere is amazing, and they always have fun beers on tap. I will always consider Pizza Tree my second home, and always look forward to eating there when I visit. Any chance you can open a second location in Omaha More...


Jill Pautler Rostine

17 April 2018

Pizza Tree is SOOOO good. I love the interesting combos like the bahn mi and the hawaiian, but you can't go wrong with a slice of sausage or pepperoni either. The team of workers is always in good spirits, and the vibe is fun, even when it's busy. And i feel good putting money in the pockets of a young local family. Johnny sets a high standard for pizza, and supporting his community, and it shows. More...


Philip Gilbreth

13 April 2018

Best pizza in MO. Love to try their more adventurous slices.


Elise J.

19 March 2018

The Banh Mi pizza is to die for! Pork belly, chili aioli, and kimchi--yes, please! I love the perfectly chewy crust that's got just the right amount of crisp to it. I'm always delighted with our food here, and we've tried almost everything! More...


Dennis Clay

12 March 2018

Some of the finest 'za you'll ever encounter. The menu is innovative, the ingredients are top notch, and the atmosphere is perfect. Get the Bahn Mi pizza, it's the best! More...


Aaron L.

27 February 2018

Slices!!!!!! I really don't understand why more pizza shops downtown don't do it but love the ranch hands and pepperoni. Grabbed one of each and a beer for ~$10. Open late after a late night at Harpos/10b is essential. More...


Matt Murrie

8 February 2018

High tech pizza for the no-nonsense crowd. Worth the trip.


Kris Pruett

17 January 2018

Best pizza in the history of all time ever. I make it a habit to go at least once a month.


Andy Rehm

12 January 2018

Great pizza, good people. If I could give this one bajillion stars, I definitely would.


Tracy Pevehouse-Pfeiffer

26 December 2017

Best pizza in Columbia, hands down, and a great staff. One time we accidentally tipped our delivery driver an extra $30. He came right back when we called and was not at all upset or frustrated. Other places may be "historical", but Pizza Tree is the only game in town for creativity, fun, and a great experience. More...


Kurt S.

21 December 2017

Great experience and atmosphere for local flavor and flair! Great service and good pizza! A must have!


Miriam A.

29 November 2017

Pizza tree is my favorite place (besides MidiCi) to go for pizza in Columbia. I really only interchange between these two. I love their specials but my usual fix is a slice or two or pepperoni and when I order a whole pizza I usually put all the meats and some arugula and feta. Amazing. Their quality is wonderful and their attention to detail and taste as well as ingredients is really valued. I love a good pizza and Pizza Tree really hits the spot everytime. And they even give you coupons on your birthday! More...


Julius T.

15 November 2017

Ever since they opened shop here I've been one of their most loyal customers. Their pizza is just amazing. I definitely recommend you guys to try them out. You won't be disappointed.


Rachel W.

3 November 2017

Hands-down best pizza in Columbia -- and one of the best pizza joints in the country. Truly.


Bruce M.

22 October 2017

Funnest college-kid pizza place, these guys really care about their product: generous helpings of well prepared fresh ingredients, delicious balance between toppings and sauce on a perfectly baked medium (crispy outside, warm and chewy inside) crust. Only 15-minutes from order to being served, will make this a top stop on return visits. More...


Rey Lopez

20 October 2017

The pizza is awesome and the staff is great as well.... Love the decor and back story.... Will be back and tell others...


Ryan 'Ryno' Thomas

10 October 2017

Pizza is amazing and delicious, music inside is always a little too loud.


Shari Weinman

31 August 2017

Best in CoMo! Margarita should not be a secret!


Gurwant K.

15 August 2017

We were in Columbia for 2 years, and this became one of our favorite places to go. We are vegetarian and their mushroom crimini is absolutely amazing. We brought our mom (s) when they visited us in Columbia. Once I had my staff in university order this for office and everyone loved it .. and people who were not vegetarian ( and total meat lovers) also preferred mushroom crimini over meat ones. Now we have moved out of MO, but would come here definately when I visit Columbia again! They have unique taste and pizza with less cheese. More...


Leeann C.

6 July 2017

Pizza Tree pizza is one of my guilty pleasures in Columbia. I don't know what they do to their pizza, but man, it is the absolute best! We order often for our office lunch and the food never disappoints. My go to is Pepperoni and Mushroom with a Tree House salad! They have the best pepperoni, small and crispy on the edges. The Tree House salad is simple but done extremely well - salad mix, pickled onions, croutons, and pecorino cheese. TO DIE FOR. If you haven't tried Pizza Tree food, get over there ASAP! They even serve slices during the lunch hour!! PS- they usually have a couple coupons in the Addsheet. More...


Kat Wood

29 June 2017

Best pizza in Columbia!!!! Probably the best pizza I've ever had anywhere. Bahn mi and instant classic are my favs


Shanna S.

27 June 2017

I had a sample of their pizzas, and they were great! They have plenty of unique flavors to choose from as well as the go to toppings. The crust was nice and cripsy. I will definitely be back to try some more flavors! More...


Jo Scott

23 June 2017

Bahn mi pizza is spicy, crunchy sweet Amazingness. I would be completely satisfied if this were a vegetarian pizza as pork belly is hidden beneath much more powerful flavors. So yummy.


Jenny Reinkemeyer

20 June 2017

Unique little hole in the wall pizza place. Pizza was great, but they need to step up their beverage situation (only canned sodas available at $1.00 each). Be sure to get the slice punch card because you'll definitely want to return :) More...


Joe Scanlon

18 June 2017

The best pizza in COMO. Truffled Crimini was the jam this weekend. ❤️


Johnly Cummings

8 June 2017

Had Pizza Tree for breakfast and it's probably the only good thing that's going to happen to me today


Michael S.

24 May 2017

As a big fan of local restaurants and ingredients, this place hits the bullseye. Don't get me wrong, their neighbors down the street (Shakespeare's) has some good stuff, but it's just not the same. If I want to have a big group of people celebrating a birthday and need a party room with elbow room, I'd probably venture down to the dough tossin' fools. But if I want a pizza that's dressed up like a mad genius full of flavor, eat it to myself, and want to die of pizza coma, you can find me here all day. These think-outside-the-boxers got it goin on. Bless you Pizza Tree, bless you. More...


Cody Kappel

22 May 2017

Best pizza in MO!! I would drive 2hrs just to eat BANH MI! ITS THE BESSSST!!!!


Brianna Ring

19 May 2017

Seriously the best pizza by far in Columbia! It is a little on the pricey side as far as pizza goes, but with the quality ingredients and being in a small town I think the prices are fair. Moving from California I was seriously disappointed in the pizza options until I found this place. Going to miss it when we move! More...


Truk Heine

16 May 2017

Always great, always hot, always unique. Keep it up Pizza Tree!


Gwendolyn S.

30 April 2017

Great pizza just the right crust, not too thin and not too thick. A tradition when we are downtown Mizzou. We get the italian sausage pizza and have never been disappointed. It is right by Craft Brew House which id a perfect compliment to great pizza...a great beer. Needless to say, the staff at Craft Brew love it when we have leftovers, too. More...


Savannah Griggs

18 April 2017

Best pizza place in town! I love their bahn mi pizza with their wabbit hot sauce. They have the classic pizza toppings as well as some original pies you can't find anywhere else. Would recommend.


Janet G.

1 April 2017

Best pizza in town. Wide variety of toppings, buy it by the slice. Walk up pizza window. Even delivery!


Drake D.

5 March 2017

Every piece used to make this pizza is delicious. From the toppings offered, all the way to the crust, you're not getting skimped. You can get a traditional pepperoni or you can try their take on the Bahn Mi (my personal favorite). Either way, you will not be let down. I cannot recommend a better pizza joint! More...


Mel Klarfeld

26 February 2017

First time here. This is great pizza! By the slice so you can try their daily variety. Dough is very good. Their ingredients are fresh. Only negative is that it's a small place not much room. Atmosphere was great. I'm from Chicago and I'll put this pizza up there with Any there.Bam!,I said it! More...


Dani W.

26 February 2017

Best pizza in CoMo hands down. Consistently good and the service is always friendly. Prices are great. Love this place!


Monica M.

20 February 2017

Love Pizza Tree! Slices are the best way to go. Great hours, are filled with college kids after bars. Have a good selection of unique pizzas. Pepperoni and Super Margherita pizza are super good. Love the people and the atmosphere here. Great for a quick bite! More...


Tammy B.

11 January 2017

Fantastic pizza! Had "a build your own" and the Banh Mi. Both had great ingredients and the crust was just right.


Jaime Wacker

8 January 2017

Absolutely delicious Behn Mi delivered right to my door in SW Columbia, and basically had a religious experience with my pizza. �


Alison Lankheit

18 November 2016

Just ordered Pizza Tree for the first time. I was excited because they deliver to where I live, and nobody else does except the national chain restaurants. Those get old after a while. I ordered the truffled crimini pizza. It is delicious! The delivery fee is also a bit higher, but for better quality pizza, it's worth it. It also took a long time to deliver, but I imagine on a Thursday night in a college town, that's pretty much expected. Will definitely eat here again. Can't wait to try other kinds of pizza! More...


Sean P Brown

28 October 2016

Excellent pizza, cookies, people and everything. Locally brewed beers. High quality cheese and other toppings. Not just freezer-truck food. 2-3 times per week for years does me right! More...


Deena Hulen

17 October 2016

Yummy pizza. Love that you can get it by the slice so you can try a variety!


Kristin Grace Duchmann

15 October 2016

Great service, really good pizza. Small dining area, and the pretzel with mustard sauce was not so great. Next time I'll be doing carry out or delivery probably.


Adam Speer

15 October 2016

Literally the best pizza I've ever had! Staff is friendly, beer selection is on point.


Siobhán H.

10 October 2016

Solid. We ordered six pies for a crew from New York City (I know, I know. I'm rolling my eyes, too) and nobody had anything to say but praise. The truffled crimini was my favorite but we all enjoyed the classic cheese, pepperoni, veggie and margherita. I was torn between Shakespeare and Pizza Tree and ultimately looking through pictures here on Yelp, it was the thin crust here that won me over. We asked for a cup of garlic butter which the friendly person on the other end of the phone told me they typically do not offer to customers since it's literally just garlic-flavoured butter however armed with this knowledge I gave them the green light on it and it was the right decision. After a few minutes in the box with a pizza, it liquified and became liquid gold to dip that excellent pizza crust into. Pizza Tree made a bunch of drunk touring musicians very happy campers. We'll be seeing them again. More...


Byron Thompson

4 October 2016

Good flavor. I was surprised with the variety and combinations they use. Will go back and a fresh change to the usual downtown flavor.


Matt Thornburg

3 October 2016

Taste explosion! I can't believe I haven't been here before. Waiting for bus to go to roots and blues. Hungry and decided to eat at pizza tree. Good call. I'll be back.


Dave Hockett

21 September 2016

My first visit to Pizza Tree was very good. Staff very friendly. I asked what would be the spiciest and they recommended Flyin Hawaiian. It was good, but not that Spicey. Compared to other slice pizza places, pretty expensive. Luckys up the street has bigger slices for $2.50. Competition guys! More...


Megan Sondgerath Hall

20 September 2016

It's my favorite. I always get the secret margherita, unless they're serving the corne asada, then I ALWAYS get that.


Dylan Painter

19 September 2016

Pizza tree is the best como pizza hands down and there really is no wrong choice with what you get! The staff there is always friendly and they take good care of their customers. I can't say enough good things about the place the only problem i can think of is that I've introduced so many people to pizza tree that I hope they open another location. Thank you guys!!!!!! More...


Dennis Lugo

19 September 2016

Just moved here from Florida, and it's been hard to find a good pizza. Pizza Tree has filled that void.


John Hubbs

5 August 2016

Great artisianal pizzas. Great service. Some of the best pizza in the state


Julianna K.

20 July 2016

LOVE this place. Wether you're craving a slice of pizza in the afternoon or need some good drunk food, this is your go to. Their classic Cheese, Pepperoni, and Margherita slices are great! They also have speciality slices that change daily that are unique and fab! Highly recommend this pizza place. More...


Jay D.

28 May 2016

Best Pear cider and Truffled Crimini pizza I've ever had. My daughter and I rate the pizza at least a 9/10. I've never had a bad pizza here and I want to try them all.



24 May 2016

LOVE the pepperoni!! Best pizza in Columbia. Eating in is fun but take out is the way to go. The pizza with arugula is also yummy.


Spencer Kane Thompson

12 May 2016

Pizza made by unicorns. It tastes like how magic tastes.


Mary Korth-Lloyd

23 April 2016

Totally yummy! Hot, fresh, exceptional! The sauce is heaven!


Rebekah Ellington

15 April 2016

My favorite little pizza place! The closest thing I've had to a NY slice since I moved back to CoMo! Yummy!


Nickie Davis

4 April 2016



Bianca R.

18 March 2016

Honestly this is probably the best pizza in Columbia. They have pretty big slices for cheap, I've never had to pay more than $6.00 for two slices. Get the house made ranch with your pizza, it's the  best thing I've ever put in my mouth. More...


James G.

18 March 2016

Hands down best pizza in Columbia. Even on a busy night you never have to wait in line for long. Pizza is always fresh and you can see them make it right in front of you. Personally I don't think this place gets the credit it deserves, I will be back for years to come. More...


Tony M.

8 March 2016

Pizza Tree is by far the best pizza in Columbia. Signed and sealed. Pepperoni pizza is my personal favorite, but there are a variety of pies to choose from, and best of all is you can get it by the slice. Slices are big and long and packed with flavor, and not to greasy. I also recommend getting some house made ranch and dipping your little piece of heaven in there. It's honestly good enough to drink. Has a hint of onion in my opinion. Atmosphere is cool but this is a small joint. You can sit and eat, never had a problem, but capacity can't be more than 25 people I suspect. More of a grab and go place. The pizza pairs with drinking like the stars align with the planets. More...


Amy D.

8 March 2016

Most delicious pizza in town, by far. Fun staff, zippy-fast service. Music is sometimes too loud, but still well worth it. If they'd switch to non-GMO crust we'd eat here all the time. Just to be clear, basically all wheat flour that's not organic is GMO these days, so this is not unique to Pizza Tree, but it's a big deal to us. I don't want to feed my kid Round-Up every day. LOVE that they use local/humanely raised pork! More...


Jade Reynolds

5 March 2016

The love affair that I have with this little pizza joint, I swear!!! 1.) The quality of their product is over the moon, and 2.) Their customer service is pretty out of this world as well. Every time I have dealt with them over an issue with my pizza (which has been twice, and they're human beings too) they have not only never questioned my complaint, but immediately credited my order purchase price for my next visit. 3.) Their employees are always friendly, and smiling. They're the best place to eat in CoMo as far as I'm concerned. More...



19 February 2016

No one does pizza better in Columbia,MO. The margherita pizza is the best I've had since returning from Italy. Definitely a place you have to go at least once or you'll be missing out!! Great beer too, and who doesn't love pizza & beer? More...


Chris Luong

9 February 2016

Their banh mi pizza is incredible! I would eat here every day if I could


Y Y.

26 January 2016

My personal favorite pizza place in town. At risk of sounding like a snob, I mean the following as a compliment: If you plopped Pizza Tree in the middle of San Francisco, LA or NYC, no one would kick it out of town. Secret Margherita: a cross between a classic Neapolitan pizza (topped with fresh mozzarella) and a classic NYC slice (well-seasoned, zesty tomato sauce, thin foldable chewy crust). The sauce and crust are solid enough that you don't need fancier toppings. I always order this one. Banh Mi: Sweet, Creamy, rich and meaty. You'll be left with an aftertaste of garlicky kimchi. I don't know that it's reminiscent of banh mi, but the flavor combination works well and provides a nice counterpoint to tomato-sauce based pizzas. Truffled Crimini: I could use even more truffle oil, but I admit that I prefer more truffle oil than good taste dictates. Corne Asada (not a typo): An off-menu item with carne asada, corn and a pico-de-gallo like mixture. Not my personal favorite, but I appreciate that this place is experimental and introduces new combinations to keep things interesting.The restaurant interior is not very spacious, and there aren't many seats, but it's easy to order for pickup. More...


George F.

21 January 2016

This is my favorite pizza place in ALL OF THE MIDWEST! I came to Como expecting to not get very good pizza anywhere. There is Shakespeare's, but EVERYBODY who is anybody in Columbia has tried it before. And of course there is crappy places like Papa Johns. But overall Pizza Tree is a shining star in a galaxy of mediocre pizza places. My favorite pizza personally at this place is the Secret Margarita. The sauce is incredibly rich and flavorful, and the cheese is truly a treasure to put into your mouth. To put it quite simply, Pizza Tree is heaven on a plate, and while Shakespeare's is good, it doesn't even come close to Pizza Tree's quality and taste. More...


Candice N.

11 January 2016

What a cute, eccentric pizza joint. I'm going to sound like a bore here but I got the salad. It was great! Loved the tomato dressing. The chicken on it was tender and tasty too and the pickled red onions gave the salad a flavorful kick without being overwhelming. My salad was $10. Pretty standard. It was filling. It's been a few hours and I'm still full. My friends really enjoyed their pizza and liked that they could order by slice. Thumbs up! More...


Heather D.

16 November 2015

I went to pizza tree for a quick bite to eat before leaving town, based on reviews I was going to go to another pizza place in town but decided to give the lesser known pizza tree a try and I am glad I did.This is a no frills pizza place with a good beer selection and a substantial enough pizza menu.I ordered the margarita pizza, and one of the local beers (ship head?) the service was quick and friendly and the pizza was super tasty. The perfect amount of crunch and a great amount of toppings.I would definitely recommend pizza tree if you are looking for a quick slice and a pint, you won't be disappointed. More...


Kelli J.

22 October 2015

Hands down the BEST pizza in town! Maybe even Missouri... maybe even the whole world! They are always coming up with new and exciting slices so if you've been here already, check back and try something new!


Vanessa Renee

12 October 2015

Finally a pizza place in Columbia that I like!! By far the best pizza Ive eaten here. I can tell the toppings are fresh and the pizza just tastes great! Not to mention delivery was super quick. 5/5 More...


Stephen Piening

22 September 2015

Best. Pizza. On. Earth....and the music is always pretty rad


Thalia S.

20 September 2015

The best locally owned pizza place in Columbia! They use quality ingredients to make an amazing product. The staff is friendly and by far the best late night place down town. Highly recommend going during lunch to grab a slice. More...


Ellen C.

13 September 2015

Yum! For someone who doesn't really enjoy pizza (sorry!) I do love this place! They find a way to add certain ingredients and flavors and turn it into one of the best pizza slices you'll ever eat! Yes yes, the place is tiny and sometimes seating is an issue but I've never had too much of a problem or been so uncomfortable that I wouldn't go back. And, I've had their salads which are very delicious too! More...


Aleksandra Kinlen

8 September 2015

BOMB ASS PIZZA. as a veg head there are actually options, and not just the plain old sad cheese pizza. with the rotating slice specials there's plenty to choose from. A++++++


Melissa Ann

6 August 2015

Best pizza around!! Love the different daily slices.


Kaitlyn A.

17 July 2015

Not your average pizza stop... While they do carry traditional slices everyday (cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and margarita), they switch up 2-3 slices everyday. If you want to check out the daily menu follow their Twitter. My personal favorites are Steven Cheese, Mac Attack, and whatever the Mexican one is called. More...


Kelsea Schreiber

15 July 2015

They can put all of their pizzas on a gluten free crust! Best food in town for a celiac. Add on the amazing staff and atmosphere, 5 stars!


David E.

8 July 2015

Hands down the best pizza in Columbia. I'm a relocated native NY-er and very particular about my pizza. Pizza Tree makes both traditional pies as well as creative ones (Bahn Mi, for example). The pizza is always fantastic, they make everything from scratch, including their mozzarella. The owner, John, is extremely personable and knows the business having done it for years and years. I can't say enough about how great this place is. Perfect for lunch or dinner as well as delivery. Deliver is always fast and just as good as eating the pizza in house. More...


Lynn H.

3 July 2015

My mouth just waters thinking about Pizza Tree! Best in town!


Erin S.

29 June 2015

Every student at Mizzou jokes about how they never actually go to Shakespeare's but it is "the tourist" spot we tell visitors to go to. However, on weekend nights you will find lines out the door of Pizza Tree, and no students at Shakespeare's.Pizza Tree is HANDS DOWN the best pizza place in Columbia. Shakespeare's is what I think of as completely average pizza. (And I'm from Chicago, so I know pizza) However, Pizza Tree takes only the freshest ingredients and creates unique combinations of ingredients to really stand out. I recommend anything with their homemade ranch or mozzarella! Also, there are occasional complaints that the pizzas are too oily! (Nothing that can't be fixed with a napkin)Overall 5/5! Give Pizza Tree a shot and you'll be a convert too. More...


Tupelo H.

29 June 2015

Interesting place. I adored all the pizza-inspired artwork. I had a great appreciation of the mood of the place, which I would describe as stripped-down-having-some-casual-eats-at-my-friends'-friend's-place. There isn't anything fancy about the place but that means there isn't anything pretentious to it, either. I enjoyed a slice of the Charredachoke pizza which I found to be an interesting mix of toppings as well as delicious. Mister isn't as adventurous as myself when it comes to 'interesting' mixes of pizza toppings, so we also ordered a regular pie, which was equally delicious and ENORMOUS! The Garlic Baguette was good, I liked the dipping sauce that accompanies the order. I've read other reviews that complain about the size of the space, don't let that scare you away.... Unless, of course, you are hosting a luncheon for 100 people, then you should reconsider. However, based upon the friendly and helpful nature of all the staff I encountered, I'd bet you five bucks if you told them ahead of time your desire was to host a luncheon for 100 people starring their menu? They'd probably find a solution, that would be my bet. The people I saw working there yesterday were just the laid-back, happy-go-lucky people I appreciate in a professional atmosphere. [Why are some people so stuffy ] Seriously, they make you feel welcomed. I wanted to drink a beer with them and chat.What in the world would I chat about with these perfect strangers? For starters, I'd raise my glass and toast their awesome pizza skills. Secondly, I'd leave my glass held high to give props to the artiste behind the (f-word expletive inserted here) GREAT playlist that fills the space. It's always a treat to go somewhere to enjoy nosh and libations and not have to deal with the annoying irritations of MUZAK. Lastly, I don't know, perhaps I'd ask how the whole Pizza Tree even came about... Who knows? The point is, I felt like I could do that and wouldn't have been taken out of there in a white coat... You can tell they enjoy your presence as well. Very friendly.I will definitely go back... The place is perfectly situated right around the corner from a really cool venue that makes a Sunday afternoon fun, and Pizza Tree provides the perfect lunch spot to kick off the afternoon. It's worth your while to stop in. More...


Nicole Battershell

22 June 2015

best pizza in the whole wide world. thats alot of pizza to beat. but, this one is by far the best.


John Randall

1 April 2015

This place is the most! Go there and eat some 'za! You won't be disappointed!


Jordan Paul Peters

16 March 2015

Slices or whole pies. Ya can't go wrong with darn good pizza from Pizza Tree.


Myra M.

8 March 2015

Pizza tree has creative and delicious slices. Good local beer on tap and healthy tasty salads. Don't miss the adorbs cat themed bathroom. Their customer service is the shizz. We were shorted a slice and they have us a $10 gift certificate! More...


Cara S.

26 February 2015

I really love interesting pizzas and was nervous when I heard about their Bahn Mi pizza because I make a damn good one myself. Turns out, IT WAS AMAZING. So good, even tasted great the next day for lunch. I am now only eating craft pizza at Pizza Tree. Totally worth every dollar I paid, and I can't wait to try more. More...


Sarah B.

17 February 2015

Outstanding pizza. Best locally owned place in town. Great for all occasions. Do it. Fiendishly,  I forever go for the ranch hands. It's a perfect ending after a long day. More...


Brian Adermann

28 January 2015

So I may be biased working for Johnny saying this is the best pizza in town. But hands down everything we do in there is for the love of pizza and the customers. And it shows in the finished product!! So come eat a slice, it's we worth your while. More...


Vernice Santos

27 January 2015

Yummy beautiful tasty pizza!!! And other delicious food stuffs! :-)


Andy Boyles

24 January 2015

Ranch hands hands down the best --


Gary D.

31 December 2014

Ordered on a whim and we were not let down. This place was fast and the pizza is great! We'll definitely order again!


Ged Homer

24 December 2014

best pizza of all time made by the best pizza proprietors of all time. Deserving of superlative.


Ian B.

15 December 2014

I have only had slices late in the night, but every time iv had pizza tree it has been great. High quality pizza and lots of ingredients. Much better then chains!


Bruce T.

14 December 2014

So glad Pizza Tree is back. Damn good pizza that is a lot more inspired than most pizza places.Wish it were bigger.   And the cookies weren't very good when I've been there (twice) but the pizza is fantastic.Really enjoyed the Ranch Hands pizza. More...


Jackson Harper

8 December 2014

We went there for the first time Saturday night. It has a dive atmosphere. Not much room either. No free refills on drinks or anything. BUT.....the pizza....THE PIZZA was the best I have had in a LONG time. (We love pizza too so we eat it often) Holy cow! No joke....this is the best pizza in town and that is saying something in CoMo which has so many great pizza places. Hands down...this place will rock your taste buds! Well done Pizza Tree. We will be back soon! More...


Daniel Hernandez

6 December 2014

Probably...well definitely the best pizza I've had in Columbia. I'll be back


Michael S.

3 December 2014

Super delicious, very fresh ingredients. Would recommend the banh mi if you're feeling adventurous.


Karen Mareck Grundy

22 November 2014

Best pizza in town! By far!


Josh Thompson

19 November 2014

The most superb pizza in columbia. Accept no substitutes. Great vibe, great people, and the best pizza.



15 November 2014

It's Back!. Pizza Tree is back and life is sooooo much better now. Loved when they were in Mojo's but the new location is a quaint, friendly hangout spot now. Oh, and they have local beer from Logboat and Bur Oak. #Awesome. Still dig the Ranch Hands pizza. Hands down fav. The mix of sirloin, bacon and white cheddar cheese is a flavor explosion that must be tried. Everything is quality ingredients, fresh-tasting and woth the price. Pro Tip: If you happen to have leftover Lonnie Ray's brisket to go with your leftover Pizza Tree....COMBINE FORCES! Did that and woah. Wow. God. Bless. America. -----15 Nov, 2014----- Ranch Hands Pizza. Pizza sauce, buttered onions, ground sirloin, peppered bacon, lawry's, white cheddar and a dash of Heaven. More...


Naomi Park

14 November 2014

Not bad, but the crust needs work.. They have a unique selection of toppings (truffle oil?! Yes please!) and I think they have great customer service, but the pizza leaves much to be desired. They pizza only comes in two sizes: 12inch and 18 inch, which is fine because I can put away a whole pizza by myself, but it would be nice if they had a third option. The problem with Pizza tree is the cooking temperature. I've ordered from them for delivery twice, and both times, the bottom was pretty badly burned. I don't mind a little char, but half of the already thin crust was burnt. It would also be nice if they put a little more sauce on there as well (Something that can probably be remedied by ordering double sauce though). They're new, so I'm giving them a little time to work things out, but at 35 bucks for a pizza, they've got to work on that crust. More...


Smashlee D.

10 November 2014

For quite some time I have been burned out on the pizza scene here in town, not being a fan of Shakespeare's tangy sauce, the over sized, greasy Brooklyn portion, or any of the other corporate chains disgracing this nation with cardboard pizzas. While Pizza Tree is a small, clean, open, hipster space I have to say it has restored my faith in the pie! They have a small but amazing menu, The Fortnight being my favorite. Don't pass up the fry dough either! They have beer and delivery and now the pizza to beat here in Columbia! More...


Derek T.

5 November 2014

Im so glad they are back. Someone is finally giving Shakespeare's a run for its money. All the pizzas are good so try a slice of whatever they have ready don't be scared. Or hang for a minute and have them create something special for you. More...


Brett Gilpin

2 November 2014

Amazing pizza.


Sue Reed

1 November 2014

Best pizza choices and taste sooooo good. Excellent!! 6 + stars.


Joel Sager

30 October 2014

The! Best!


Ivy Lee

29 October 2014

Pizza that makes you want to be a better person


Lauralee Lovely Sparling

29 October 2014



David Smith

28 October 2014

Some of the BEST pizza I have had in a long time. Definitely recommend!


Alberto O. Baltazar

28 October 2014

Pizza is damn good, me gusta.


Rebecca Smith

28 October 2014

Typically, in our house, pizza is pizza. But our first visit to Pizza Tree last night was a wonderful surprise. Great pizza that sets a new bar for other pizza places to live up to. Pizza Tree is our new go-to for pizza. Loved it. If I could click more stars here, I would. More...


John Robert Holmes

25 October 2014

Great pizza, great people, gonna get some now!


Electra Lorraine Botts

21 October 2014

I haven't tried all the pizzas yet but everything I've tried was great. Best mushrooms ever! Getting a Pizza Tree pizza is an event to celebrate.


Jessey Quinlan

18 January 2014

Agree with BC, Best Pizza On the Planet!


BC Brian Craig

3 December 2013

Best pizza on this planet. I love you Pizza Tree. I worship you like the gods you are! Thank you for showing me true salvation.


Brad Williamson

3 October 2013

Best pizza in town and would put it up against anything else. Fresh ingredients, funky combos that just work, and homemade hot sauce. Staff is super cool, too.


Michael Wuest

19 September 2013

Had Pizza Tree for the first time this weekend at #SWCOMO and it was absolutely amazing. Easily the best pizza in COMO. Coming from a family that has been in the pizza industry for 20+ years, that's saying a lot.


Adam Wagner

7 August 2013

Best pizza evah


Benji Bockting

28 July 2013

Great people! Great Pizza, great vibe! I go there at least once a week!!!!!!!!!!!


Jayme Gardner

13 July 2013

Pizza tree not only make fantastic pizza and will custom make whatever you want, but the guys who work there are characters! Loved going there today.


David Elman

6 June 2013

Innovative. Delicious. Addictive. Simply the best pizza in Columbia.