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Brad Wilkinson

10 August 2018

Dan is extremely professional and responds quickly to any questions I have. His knowledge of the area is second to none. He always knows where to take the best photos for whatever type of pictures you need. Highly recommended! More...


Erik Sherwood

10 August 2018

Dan Quinones not only takes INCREDIBLE photos, he taught ME how to take incredible photos!! I bought a DSLR camera right before my daughter was born and realized after I got it that I had no idea how to use it . I took Dan's photography workshop and he not only taught me how to use my camera, he taught me how to create and capture beautiful moments that my family and I will cherish for a LIFETIME. I will never be a victim of "auto mode" again thanks to Dan Quinones. More...


Stephen Barlow

10 August 2018

As a web designer I need more than just pretty pictures. I need beautiful photos that elicit certain feelings in the visitors of a website, and nobody does this better than Dan! His ability to tell a story through photography is often breath-taking. On a technical level he's incredible, but it's the combination of his technical ability with a deep artistry that makes Dan's work so engaging. More...


Tiffanie Burrage

10 August 2018

I was able to talk my husband and my large family with 5 kids and 2 great danes into getting a new family photo. It is not that easy to work with that many people and with those who don't like to do photo's at all. Dan not only made it fun but got everyone to enjoy the process with him. Our photo's turned out AMAZING! I love the way he works outdoors and using outdoor light. After those photo's I also hired him for new business photo's which he hit out of the park! After I got those done I even used them all it a 1/4 page ad in a local business magazine around Sonoma County. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking for good quality photo's. More...


Caleb Ridgway

10 August 2018

Daniel is an absolute master of his craft. His ability to tell stories with his photos makes Daniel an easy pick for anyone looking to promote their business, attract new clients, or create timeless photos that they can keep for a lifetime. I have used Daniel several times and he continues to impress me. Highly recommend!!! And if you have seen his videos, check them out!!! He does phenomenal work with video as well. �� More...


Roni Brown

10 August 2018

I recently had the pleasure of working with Dan on a video for a local nonprofit, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Dan was a great listener and quickly understood the scope of the project. He demonstrated patience as we interviewed a number of people featured in the video and especially when working with multiple decision makers. Having worked with many creative professionals over the past 3 decades, Dan is the real deal. He is talented and uber professional. He takes extra steps to make sure you are happy with the end result. In addition to an awesome video, he donated one of his photographs to be used in our silent auction.

I highly recommend his services.


Blake Schmidt

10 August 2018

From his work it is easy to tell that Dan is an expert photographer. When I reached out to him he immediately responded with some dates that we could get together. Working with Dan is a great experience, not only do you get amazing photos, but he is fun to work with. He understands what you are looking for and comes up with great ideas to capture that perfect photo. You can tell that he has a passion for photography from his excitement while taking pictures. I would recommend him to anyone for any type of job. I look forward to seeing more of his work as he continues to grow into the future. More...


Arden Miller

10 August 2018

Dan walks the walk and talks the talk. With pure talent and dedication to his craft, he captures images that show the heart and soul and story of people and things. The positive vibe and professionalism that Dan exhibits makes him easy to communicate with. He is simply the best and I would recommend him to anyone!!! He goes above and beyond to make sure he can make his clients happy and accommodate their needs. His gallery showings at local breweries are always a great time! Cheers to Dan!! More...

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