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- Ultrasound Therapy

- Manipulations

- Manual therapy

- Ultrasound therapy

- Exericse Prescription

- Trigger point therapy

- Myofascial Release

- Electrotherapy

- Taping

​- Traction

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Sean Preston

29 July 2019

Raluca did a great job concentrating on my lower back, neck and right shoulder issues after a RTA. Recommended.


Ashly Reeves

23 July 2019

This lady is brilliant at what she does and so lovely too. Felt completely at ease from the first appointment and helped me massively after suffering whiplash. She is a credit.. Patient and understanding above all else. Works wonders!! More...


Florica Panescu

25 May 2019

Este bine venit pentru romanii de acolo !


Michael De-sousa

7 May 2019

I’ve previously been to other physio’s but nothing will beat the experience i’ve had with Raluca. Highly recommended!


Naz Senoglu

7 May 2019

Raluca has helped so much with my neck injury. She is so caring, knowledgable, determined and always puts 100% into every session! Thank you Raluca.


Jayson Luba

28 April 2019

Raluca is a true professional and has helped me in every way since I had a stroke in January 19. I am slowly regaining mobility and help in everyday tasks since I have started receiving treatment definitely recommend 5 *


Mohammed Yeahia

28 April 2019

Raluca is a brilliant physiotherapist, she truly cares about her patients and wants to help them in facing difficulties due to musculoskeletal problems, which has serious impact on the patient's daily life. She has a great personality and a good sense of humour, which makes her an exceptional and professional individual. I would highly recommend Raluca to anyone needing physiotherapy. It has been a pleasure to know her and a wonderful experience for me. More...


claudia almeida

28 April 2019

I have been going to see Raluca for the past 3 weeks after a car accident. Raluca is very professional and makes me feel so at ease. I enjoy and more important feel the benefits of my treatments as I feel looked after for my physical needs and also emotional for some reason. She is not just professional, she is caring and very knowledgeableas i come from sports science backgound. I recommend her services to anyone. See you saturday. More...


Nitu Johal

29 March 2019

I was referred to Raluca after being involved in a serious road traffic collision, from the very first session she worked wonders with my back and neck. I have never come across a Physio who is so dedicated to her patients well being. She was professional and friendly and pushed me to build my strength back up. She was extremely patient and very supportive and accommodating. She is a credit to the profession. More...


Rada Ceremus

15 March 2019

When I was first referred to Raluca for physio I was a bit skeptical that it would work, as the NHS physio has not helped a bit. Suffering with muscle tension and continuous pain for so long due to scoliosis, after a few sessions with Raluca I genuinely started feeling an improvement, with lots of patience and respect for her clients,including myself ,I can 101% recommend Raluca as a physio therapist and trust that you will be in good hands under her professional care!!!! More...


Monica Brent

28 January 2019

Very professional and friendly. Very happy with the treatment. God bless you Raluca


Brian Tracy

28 January 2019

I am very happy with the treatment.
Professional, can I recommend to anyone Physio Raluca
Thank you very much


Tanya Tanya

30 December 2018

Highly recommended, thank you very much Physio Raluca



29 November 2018

A clean and well established clinic set in a friendly and professional environment. I was very happy with treatment I received. Raluca is the best physiotherapist .
All the best


louis louis

29 November 2018

Best physio I have had for a long time. She has always told me exactly what was going on and what needed to be done.Very friendly physio and fantastic in quickly and correctly identifying the cause of my pain and talking me through all my options of treatment. thanks Raluca .



16 October 2018

I highly recommend Raluca.She is an excellent listener and has been extremely supportivecthroughout my treatment,as well as providing guidance on exercises in between sessions


Gavanescu Costi

7 October 2018

The best clinic!



31 March 2018

I have suffered from chronic back pain for the past 2 years and Raluca is the first person to understand my pain and relieve it. Raluca has really managed to relieve my muscles and relax my nervous system so my pain has now decreased radically and I no longer consider it to be chronic. I can highly recommend her. Thank you very much indeed Raluca More...

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Transforming people's lives:the most powerful effect of really great physiotherapy is its ability to help people feel different:to give them confidence to try something that's been too painful or frightening to do for a long time,to take control of their lives,to breathe more easily,to stand on their own again,to move more freely...to be happier

I've been starting to work as a physiotherapist since 11 years ago, I used to work with patients who have range of conditions including neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory,diagnose,assess and treat their physical condition,educate patient how to prevent and/or improve conditions.