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Mitch F.

11 May 2019

Brandon is the very best. He is the perfect mix of professional and personable. Professionally he has delivered great videography and photography from multiple events. He creates a final product I have been proud to share with my entire sphere. Personally, he has done some work with my family and I can tell you it's a great choice to hire him. I'm impressed by his ability to make even the most important clients at ease. I encourage you to hire him. More...


Rebecca Cafiero

28 April 2019

Brandon is a total professional! Their work is great and they are SO versatile! I'd recommend him and his team for all of your corporate needs to help your team look (and feel) their best!


Darren Jordan

30 October 2018

Busa is diligent, easy going, and great to work with. He will provide you with superb service, great personality, and great satisfaction for the price he charges. Definitely recommended!


Jessika Haisley

17 August 2018

I have 5 year old twin boys, & ever since they were born, getting a picture of them both looking at the camera has been tough... let alone both smiling! When we went to the Busa's for pictures, I was (as usual), hoping for at least one "ok" shot. Brandon & Jennifer were SO good with kids, that we ended up having a hard time choosing from all of the amazing shots they captured for us! We got THE perfect picture for our Xmas cards, and loved almost every picture in the group! In that one sitting, the Busa's 100% became our photographers for all events & holidays going forward! Not only were they great with the kids, but their carefree, easy going, happy personalities made our picture day so much less stressful & more fun! I've been to countless stuffy studios & walked out with awkward looking photos & I can rest aassured knowing that we won't ever deal with that again! On top of the beautiful photos & their cheery personalities, they also helped me when I had an issue ordering my pics. It was entirely (Entirely!!!) my fault that I couldn't get it figured out on my end, but they still offered to cover the cost because of my own inconvenience to myself! Hands down best customer service I've had in years! They were an all around joy to work with & I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer! More...


Steven Sorrell

17 August 2018

Brandon always does a fabulous job capturing the memories that will last lifetimes.
Thank you!


Nicole Paradice

17 August 2018

Brandon and his team are excellent. We have used them twice for family photos and each time has been an absolute pleasure. They are great with kids and make the entire process care free and easy. Not to mention produce amazing memories for our family! We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer!!! More...


Edgar Martinez

17 August 2018

Love love love working with him ;)


Katie Herd

17 August 2018

The most amazing photographer!


Mattie Lane

17 August 2018

The Busa's are amazing, and their work is absolutely fantastic!


Erin McCool

17 August 2018

So kind, patient and professional. They're the best!


Shannan Brengle

17 August 2018

The best!! Friends and family still talk about what an amazing photographer Brandon was at my wedding! Now we love bringing our daughter in! Amazing people who produce outstanding work! More...


Brooke Lazzarini

17 August 2018

Brandon is such a talented photographer and he is really good with children. I have used him many times and I have always been happy.


Nova Kopitar

17 August 2018

Amazing pictures, talented photographer, great with infants. Definitely found my photographer to document all the milestones in my family's life.


Denielle Hagen

17 August 2018

My husband and I have been using them for years. They have been there for our engagement photos, our wedding and now our infant photos. The sessions are always a blast as well as profesent. They always have create props and ideas. The printed photos, books created with custom designes, videos and metal images have all been spectacular. Thank you for being awesome you guys! -hagens More...


Kenyana McDonald

17 August 2018

Outgoing, professional and tons of fun! Our families and guest as well as ourselves are still talking about the awesome photographers we had at our wedding. The photographer duo went above and beyond and we couldn't asks for anything more from them at our wedding. #TwoThumbsUp #ForPhotographyByBusa. We can't wait to see the pictures!!! More...


Jacquelyn Martinez

17 August 2018

Super friendly and flexible. Worked hard to get great photos of our 4 month old baby. Was very patient to catch the perfect moments. Highly recommend.


Ken Van Doren

17 August 2018

I love what we do! We spend a lot of time and effort learning the latest techniques for creatively designing and implementing solutions that are tailored to each client's unique photo/video needs. It's so fulfilling to hear client reactions when they first see how far our work has exceeded their wildest expectations! More...


Alexis Contreras

17 August 2018

I've known Brandon for about 5 years now and I had the opportunity to see him start his photography back then, into what it is now. Back when he actually needed guinea pigs for his photography to build his portfolio, I took solo pictures for him. Since then, word of mouth has truly made Brandon as busy as he is today. He has only gotten better with time. His work is amazing and he makes you feel so comfortable when you are taking pictures with him. I'm not just saying this because he's a dear friend of mine. He is beyond gifted and anyone would be more than lucky to have him capture their precious moments for them, whether it be engagement photos, wedding photos, newborn baby photos, etc. We are beyond in love with our engagement photos he did for us and HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! :) More...


etchset 0

28 May 2018

Brandon is a great photographer! Our 1 yr old daughter had a melt down and taking any (good) pics wouldn't have been possible. Brandon suggested we come back a few hours later, squeezed us in, and then she had a great time, and we wound up with great pics too!! More...


Jennifer W.

29 April 2018

Brandon Busa and his team were so detailed and professional. He was like a event planner. He knew everyone's positions and what was coming next before we all did. He captured my son's wedding so we can relive it time and time again. I will never use another professional photographer when it matters to capture the moment. Thank you photos by Busa. I will always be so thankful to you. More...


Walter S.

11 March 2018

Brandon was extremely professional and easy to work with. We can't wait to see the finished product. The maternity photos came out incredible. Until next time!-JD & Brooke


Jill A.

16 August 2017

Brandon is great!  I was referred to Photography by Busa by one of my close friends who used them for their wedding photos.  I used Photography by Busa for newborn photos for my daughter that was born on August 6th.  I called Brandon 3 weeks before my daughter's due date (August 7th) to book the photography and Brandon was very easy to get a hold of and answered all of my questions in advance.  Once my daughter was born, I just had to let Brandon know of her arrival and then we confirmed the actual session date for a few days after her birth.  Brandon and Ken brought all props and photography items to our house which was a lifesaver!  Initially I had been looking at photographers where the newborn photo session would have been in a studio but in hindsight that would have been a nightmare with diaper changes and figuring out breastfeeding.  As a first time mom, I really appreciated having the photos taken in the comfort of my own home because it meant that I didn't have to worry about packing up the baby and I could also feed her in her nursery where I was most comfortable (especially since baby and I were still figuring out the whole feeding thing).  Another benefit of having it in our home was that we got to incorporate the family dog into one of the photos.  It would have been far too difficult to bring the dog to a studio so having the photos done in my home was a major benefit.  Brandon and Ken were very professional.  They showed up right on time and utilized different areas of the house for staging the photos.  Final edited photos were sent quickly within just a week which is great because now I can work on sending out birth announcements.  Brandon and Ken were also very patient with a crying baby and bowel movements that kept reoccurring during the photos.  They brought a white noise machine and heating pad to calm the baby so I really didn't need to do much besides make sure that baby was fed.  Last but not least, the photo packages were a great match for what I was looking for in a newborn photo session both with prices, digital, and print options when I was comparing different photographers.  I would highly recommend Photography by Busa!  I've only used them for newborn photos but I imagine that their other photo services are just as great. More...


Sarah C.

19 July 2017

Brandon and his team are true professionals!  They are not only easy to work with, but the final result of their work is breathtaking!  I have had nothing but rave reviews from friends and family about how we couldnt have picked a better photographer for our wedding.  Everyone has said they are top notch photographers and the pictures are unlike anything they have ever seen.  Which I couldnt agree with more!Thank you Brandon, Ken and Kamran for an unforgettable day and for amazing pictures!  We had so much fun with you guys and thank you for all of your hard work.  Thanks to your pictures, we will always be able to look back at our breathtakingly beautiful our day was!-Sarah & Vince More...


Samantha Lou V.

15 June 2017

I recently rented a photobooth for a baby shower and Brandon did a wonderful job! The set up was fast and effective, he brought plenty of fun props and also kept up with the photopaper and even my guests! I plan on hiring him for family pictures in the near future because he has a talent for capturing raw and organic moments. He's a pleasure to be around and I look forward to hiring him again :-) More...


Roxana Jones

28 May 2017

I feel so lucky that I found Ken and Brandon as my new photographers. They did such an amazing job! I love the fact that their website is very user friendly and with all the info I needed to make quick decisions. They are the perfect team. Great professional photos at a great price! You'll love them too! More...


Elnaz M.

21 December 2016

Brandon is awesome. He is very professional and patiently works with u until u get the best shot.


Mike S.

16 July 2015

Photography By Busa recorded photos and video of our wedding August 2014. We watched the video today and have been enjoying the photos repeatedly. My wife cried while we watched the video. I don't need to say more but I will. Brandon and his wife and crew were very professional and the quality of their work was exceptional. The Busa's have delivered everything promised and so much more. A price cannot be placed on the importance of preserving such an important day. More...


Sarah M.

10 May 2015

Brandon and Jennifer!! Where do I begin?! You guys are so unbelievably awesome. I couldnt have imagined anyone else doing our wedding. Not only were you guys professional, and comforting, but you guys are the coolest people I've ever had the pleasure meeting. I will forever recommend you to everyone. Chris and I were very sad when you guys left. I honestly cannot thank you enough for everything. You being excited, made me excited. From the bottom of my heart, I believe that if anyone else did our wedding, it wouldnt have been as fun, and memorable. Our paths need to cross again for sure. You accepting to do our wedding so last minute, and to do everything that you did for us, we are forever grateful. We cannot wait to see the awesome photos. Again, thank you. If I could give you a million stars, I would. 5 is nowhere near enough stars. We love you guys, and for the millionth time, thank you!Ps. Damnit Wendy!!! Lol jk. Even though I haven't seen the photos yet, I am still so satisfied with your work. The photos could be total crap (which I know they won't), and I would still give you 5 stars. All the way. More...


Marna T.

25 February 2015

We just got our pictures from our son's wedding.  They are SPECTACULAR!!.  Brandon and his team were awesome throughout the wedding day, and his attention to detail has created some priceless memories for our family.  I would hire him for any special event or occasion. Thank you a million times over Brandon. More...



22 November 2013

Brandon and Jennifer are amazing photographers!!!! I hired them along with Videomadness ( who are also amazing!!) for my Wedding in May of 2013. They spent the whole day with me, and got the most amazing pictures! I was a very stressed and frantic bride that day, and the whole day was running late. Brandon and Bob (from Videomadness) are a great team. I highly recommend highering them together! They both tried to keep us on track as much as possible so they could get every shot in they could, and they couldn't have been more sweet about it! Brandon and Jennifer got to know the property and made sure that they got great shots in with our short amount of time. I was so stressed that day, that I think if I hired anyone else and didn't have all of their guidance I wouldn't have got any pictures.

Brandon also held on to my water bottle for me the whole time because I was coughing due to being so nervous! So I could always go to him if I needed some. He made sure I had it at any time!!!! I even got sick in the middle of my reception and threw everything off even more, but they completely stayed on track! I loved that I was able to have soo much trust in them, that I think they are the only thing I didn't worry about that day!

My Pictures came out amazing! They captured every single moment during the ceremony, and you could see so much of our emotion that the photos look like they speak to you. We got an amazing deal for everything they did and they do amazing edits. They really know their stuff! . I highly recommend them to everyone and I plan on using them again in the future!



31 October 2013

Brandon was such a joy to work with for our wedding. We are from out of state and he communicated with us excellently prior to our event. He was very relaxed and made everyone feel comfortable. Best pricing we found in the area! More...


Tina A.

16 October 2013

If you need pictures, a kick ass picture booth or memories captured in general and you want it to be fun you gotta call Busa! Granted I'm slightly biased the Busa's are auntie and uncle to my son, but no joke Brandon and Jenny kick some serious @$$!They always get great shots out if my less than cooperative 3.5 yr old, even when I swear it's not possible. They're very professional without being stuffy or uptight and they are very patient! Like I said very spirited 3.5yr old to deal with. The studio is a blast and their on location shoots are even more fun! If you want photography with personality you HAVE to call photography by Busa! Not only will all of your memories be captured by you'll gain two amazing friends friends. I can guarantee you won't find another pair (husband and wife) that work so well together and that are this passionate about what they do and giving you what you want. So seriously, go call em! More...


Shannan B.

11 February 2013

Brandon was the first call I made after I told my parents I got engaged and I could not be happier with the whole experience with his company! I had seen his work through another friend that had hired him for her wedding about a year previous. I loved her photos so I check out his website. What beautiful work! I knew I had to hire him. What I didn't know was how amazing the whole process with him would be. From the first time we met over drinks to hugging him goodbye at the end of my wedding I felt completely taken care of. He is someone who loves what he does and it shows! Everyone that attended my wedding is still talking about how easy he was to work with, but still so professional!OK, now that I have gushed about what an amazing person he is, I can talk about the actually pictures. Words cannot express how happy I am with his work. The engagement pictures were simply perfect. He met my husband and I at a winery and captured some amazing shots that completely captured our personality. Every one was simply stunning. And the wedding! Oh the wedding. I got married in January at night. I was so worried that any pictures that were captured would be so limited, but Brandon proved me wrong! Despite the freezing temps and the construction he captured so many beautiful shots! Anyone looking at the pictures would never know that it was anything other than a beautiful day! He even took us out at the end of the night in the rain and handed us sparklers and captured the most breath taking shots.I cannot say enough good things about Brandon and his company! Thank you again Brandon! Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories! More...


B. L.

2 August 2012

I would give Brandon 20 stars if I could. He is truly a talented photographer and has a great knack for making you feel at ease and comfortable on your wedding day. My Mom even referred to him as the "mother hen" because he was so helpful, patient and nurturing the day of my wedding. So many people in my wedding party complimented him and how funny and great he was to work with. I haven't seen the photos yet because we just got married a few days ago, but I know they will be fantastic! Our engagement photos came out phenomenally too, and I know we will definitely hire him for pregnancy/family photos when we decide to start a family....We truly couldn't be happier with him and his work and recommend him to anyone!! Thanks Brandon! More...


Gina F.

26 June 2012

I recently hired Brandon to shoot my moms surprise 60th birthday party and WOW!   Not only did he capture amazing moments of the party he managed to do family portraits in the middle of chaos.  He was calm the entire time!! When I realized we needed a photo booth as well he came to the rescue!!  His setup was very professional, fun and elegant. ... .man did people have fun with his props!!  It was the perfect token for all of our guest.  The family portraits were the best that my family has taken.  I recommend anyone to Photography by Busa for any occasion!!! More...


Nolan D.

25 March 2012

Not only can this guy talk the talk, he can walk the walk. The family photoshoot came out so great! And even though we had some scheduling issues on our end, Brandon was more than accomodating and understanding of our busy schedule. We were able to schedule a photoshoot just in time for getting christmas cards mailed out before the holidays. He did such a great job working with my son who like most newborns can be really difficult to get the perfect photos of. He was extremely patient and professional.  I'll be glad to refer Brandon to any of my friends or family members. And I'll definitely be hiring him again for future photoshoots, events, and creative works. If anyone who reads this would like to verify my glowing referral please email me - nolandempster@gmail.com More...


Tdub W.

27 September 2011

This guy knows what he is doing, that is for sure. Incredibly professional, easy to work with and a master behind a lens. By far one of the top wedding photographers around. He really should be your only call when looking for a photographer. More...


Adam C.

4 June 2011

Brandon is an AMAZING photographer! He was the reason I got back into skateboarding again by asking me to take pictures doing so. Not only did they turn out great, they captured the emotion and the skill of what it takes to Skateboard. Not only has he done phenomenal wedding photography, he has shot my friends band Pepper...they gave him full photo credit for the whole show and have asked him to come back and shoot them again. pepperlive.com/photos/ga… More...


Sara L.

5 March 2011

Brandon has been an absolute pleasure to work with so far! We have done our engagement photos, and they turned out absolutely fabulous! More then we wanted for sure! I can't wait to see how our wedding pictures turn out! I must also say, that I'm camera shy and he was able to open my personality up no problem to get the perfect shoots! He definitely takes the time to get to know his clients and what they are looking to get out of their pictures and their time spent with him. He is also very straight-forward, and even does special things for his brides to make their days even more special! More...


Lydia H.

14 January 2011

Brandon is one of the most talented photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He recently photographed a wedding I was a bridesmaid in, and all I can say is AMAZING!!! Brandon is extremely professional and was able to produce beautiful pictures that will definitely be treasured forever.   Brandon made taking pictures for a jam-packed day, relaxing and fun.  Someday, I will definitely book him for my own wedding! :) More...


Angela R.

22 December 2010

Brandon is one of the best photographers in the bay area. He took family pictures of my husband and two kids (age 1 & 3), and also wedding pictures! He has been taking pictures for use when my first born was just one. He is extremely patient with children who in my case like to have melt downs when the camera comes out! He always manages to come out with great photographs of kids smiling and having fun, even with all the meltdowns. My wedding was also this past November and I had the pleasure of working with Brandon and his team of people. They all showed up well before we asked them and never seemed intrusive at all. Brandon kept me on my schedule throughout the whole day. His assistants made sure that I was doing all right the whole time, even getting me food and drinks when I was feeling a little lightheaded. I never had to ask for a thing, they just knew when I needed something and had it there before I could open my mouth. My Husband and I still can't stop talking about how lucky we are to have hired Brandon for our wedding. I never saw a photographer work so hard in my life. Brandon takes great pride in his work and wants to make sure he captures every amazing moment! I have some of the best wedding pictures in the world! If you are looking for a photographer that is going to care as much as you are about these special occasions, I would stop your search now and call Brandon. everyone at my wedding was amazed at how hard he works and all with a smile on his face! When my my in laws and parents took a look at the pictures they all cried. If that's not saying how great his work is then I have no idea what will. I will never go to a mall for photos again; instead I will call Brandon to capture all my wonderful family moments  Thank you Brandon for being a part of my wedding day and taking the most beautiful pictures of my wedding and family! More...


Empathy, connection with the subject, coaching them in a relaxed way. Understanding light and composition. The camera is just a tool.

Who is the target viewer? What is this going to be used for? Do you have any creative vision you would like us to work with?

Each job is unique, and presents a new set of challenges.

The lifestyle and freedom were appealing. Photo and video offer a balance of technology and creativity. It's nice using both sides of the brain.

One of the few studio with a brick and mortar remaining. We do this full time, not as a hobby. We understand clients needs. We are passionate. You will look your best.



Journalistic event photography. Comprehensive coverage with impressive results. Portrait and photobooth options available.

We help organize and execute, start to finish, headshots for your entire group. Perfect for Silicon Valley tech companies and startups. Capable of groups up to 1500+. Our experience is unlike any other. See your results immediately on our portable iPad display and decide what you like best!

Polished portraits and intimate experience generates a headshots that show you in your best light! Studio or on site. See your results before you leave.

Video is powerful. We offer solutions designed around your needs and budget. Our team of talented scriptwriters, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, special FX artists, animators, voiceover artists and more will create video to deliver your message and reach your goals. Perfect for small business and enterprise level companies. Our hot product with tech startups is our customer testimonial/case study videos.