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Lee Malo

22 September 2019

If you want the perfect shot with a great price this company is the one !! He will spend the time with you to get the shot you want !!


Ellen Donellon Rinklin

12 June 2019

Jeremy was amazing!! Was so easy to work with the banners he created for the team were amazing.... Would recommend him to anyone!


Angela Norton

7 June 2019

Jeremy is so incredibly talented in creating pictures/works of art that capture each person uniquely! He had my my daughter posing naturally within a couple clicks. - Angela


Lydia Rossi

6 June 2019

Jeremy and team are amazing. Highly recommend!


victoria m

1 June 2019

Some of the most professional and creative work I have ever seen! The creativity makes for fantastic keepsakes. Such a pleasure to work with.


Samantha Sarah

1 June 2019

I met Jeremy at CAPE 2018 and he was excellent! We did a Sailor Jupiter shoot and he added the lightning effects of her signature move. He watched an old school clip several times to get it just right.Later the next day he reached out and sent me an updated version, stating he wasn't satisfied with the first lightning effects.He's truly dedicated to his craft and really into making cosplay pop with his added effects! More...


Andrew Laguna

1 June 2019

Jeremy is one fo the best Cosplay Photographers I've met! He knows what he's doing both with his camera and with special effects. His prices are also reasonable.


Jennifer Bull

1 June 2019

Jeremy is fantastic to work with! He makes it a lot of fun, and the turn around time is amazing. I reccommend him highly!!


Shannon Gemma

1 June 2019

Angry Elf Studios did a fantastic job capturing my White Rabbit cosplay at Granite State Comic Con last year! Everyone was as excited about this shoot as I was, it's one of my all time favorite cosplay photos!


BNH Photography

1 June 2019

He's very talented and somehow manages to get editing done onsite. I've only ever heard positive comments from my friends who have had composites done by Jeremy.


ldycat1170 .

1 June 2019

Jeremy did an amazing job. He didn't have the backdrop I was looking for, but he managed to find a picture of the Winter Soldier so this Black Widow could face off against him.



1 June 2019

Jeremy has done a phenomenal job bringing to his clients the photographic artistry they deserve. A true talent!


Craig Rourke

1 June 2019

The best dance pictures my daughters have taken have been with Jeremy. His easy going nature is balanced with his professionalism and has created such works of art! We recommend him to everyone and proudly display his work in our home! More...


Kasey Myers

31 May 2019

Jeremy has one of the BEST eyes for cosplay photography, and he enhances that skill with digital backgrounds & effects that are just perfection. He's my first stop with new costumes & cosplays. More...


Sara Herrera

15 May 2019

His cosplay photos are fantastic! He researches the characters and helps you pose if you are worried about that. His edits are incredible. Best cosplay photographer around.


Christine DiMartino Beals

18 October 2018

Loving the football pictures Jeremy has done of my son. Can't wait to book him for Baseball season in the Spring!


Mark Pinksten

14 October 2018

Best photographer. Ever!!!


Andi Denis Standring

2 October 2018

Great eye for pictures. The quality of finished product is perfect. He delivers quality product in record time.