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Anthony Giannetti

30 June 2019

Nick is very knowledgeable and professional. He’s especially great at explaining why you’re doing something instead of just telling you to do it, which makes sticking to any regimen he gives much easier. I’ve been to a number of other doctors for the pain in my neck\trap and it never went away. With the help from nick, my pain is finally fading. More...


Matt Hartigan

29 November 2018

I had very limited time to work with Nick due to my schedule but in the short amount of time I did work with him he was able to completely turn around the issues I have been having. He took his time and seemed genuinely concerned and willing to help me fix the issue. Would highly recommend to anyone who is truly interested in fixing whatever injury they have been dealing with. More...


Eric Petroski

30 September 2018

Every time I work with Nick, I find something new about how my body works and what to do to move in the most efficient ways possible. He is super thorough in all his assessments and appointments and after working with him, I always feel like I got the most out of my body. My injuries go away, I become stronger and I learn about my specific body. I have been all over the place working with PT's but the 1-on-1 atmosphere has 100% been the most beneficial experiences in my life. More...


Sean Burns

30 September 2018

I had the opportunity to experience the unique, one-on-one approach Dr. Petroski utilizes when treating his patients. I have to say that the results I have seen at Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance far surpass the gains I have experienced at other standard physical therapy practices. When designing a distinct plan for each patient, he keeps in mind that not all patients are the same and that certain types of treatment may not be suitable for everyone. This approach is definitely at the benefit of the patients, allowing them to experience successes at a rate that they may not have gotten somewhere else. Overall, Nick is a very thorough, detailed-oriented PT who wants nothing but the best possible outcome for each and every single one of his patients. More...


Dan Candelaria

31 August 2018

The things he taught me about breathing, no doctor or massage therapist has ever shown me. The time and effort he puts in shows his only mission is to help get me to the physical shape I strive for.


James Mellon

31 August 2018

Great 1 on 1 help, very informational. I was given videos of stretches to do and a synopsis of what was going on with my knee. Easy to communicate with.


Marc Ramer

1 August 2018

Nick has been outstanding in my rehab since having bicep surgery. I work a labor job and there’s no doubt in my mind that nick won’t have me back asap! Even more exciting will be to be able to compete in powerlifting again. I have full confidence in the intelligence and guidance nick brings to the table. Only 6 weeks post-op and I’m already having a great comeback! More...


Michael Piotrowicz

1 August 2018

Coming off a full thickness rotator cuff surgery two months ago, I wanted to find a therapist that would get me back on track without all the nonsense. That person is Dr. Nick Petroski. He is a very knowledgable and hands on therapist that gets the job done. If you are a former athlete wanting to get back in the game or an individual that wants to get back to their former self, I highly recommend Petroski Physiotherapy. More...

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