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Brighton, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex



Brighton, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex



The original Cat Pet feeder in Brighton & Hove for more than 12 years. Giving you true peace of mind to enjoy your weekend or holidays away knowing that your pet is safe and content in their own home.
Regardless of what type of animal you have or how old they are, Pet Pa is a very flexible service which can accommodate a feed , the odd weekend, a whole summers of feeding, or any length if you work away.


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Julia Baverstock

28 May 2018

Cat and pet visiter, pa, great service :)


We specialise in caring for Cats and small animals, we don't offer a dog walking service because this takes alot of time away from our other visits and would be unfair on our feline friends!
However we do sometimes do a wee walk which means that a we can let your little dog out in the garden for a wee if you are going to be back late etc.
Please get in touch for more information on this.

Visits include
Litter cleaning
Minimum 30 mins company time and cuddles
Additional pets free of charge
Fish feeding
Plant watering
Bringing post, parcels in, lights/curtains done to increase live in look to outsiders
No branded Pet Feeding vehicle to alert potential outsiders to the fact you are away
Photos and messages daily to give you peace of mind all is ok back at home, so you can enjoy your holiday or time away
Proudly supporting the Cats Protection Charity and offer a discount to any re-homed cats


Service We offer a friendly and caring pet feeding services at Pet PA. When you hire us, you can be assured that your dear pet will be in loving hands and cared for with respect and calmness. Over the years, we've been lucky enough to have looked after some amazing animals ranging from prize Stick Insects to 30 British Blue cats, boxing Maincoon's, Devon Rex's who ride in cardboard tanks, gorgeous tabbies who like to eat the tops of the hot cross buns! Prize carp and many more! So contact Pet-PA to book in your pets personal assistant. Fully insured and DBS checked